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Dear students,

• Reading lists for Terms 1, 2 , 3 and Summer modules should now be published and visible on this platform.
• You can search for reading lists by module code, title, or convenor.
• If you can’t find a reading list for your module, please contact your module convenor.

Dear teaching staff,

22/23 Term 3 & Summer School Lists
• The recommended deadline for submitting Term 3 and Summer reading lists was Monday April 3rd, however we are still accepting lists.
• Submitting lists is done by publishing them in Talis, which alerts the library that they are ready to be checked.
• We will still check lists received after the deadline, but due to the workload involved we may not be able to ensure that we have purchased the relevant items before the beginning of the relevant term.

23/24 Reading Lists
•Rollover was completed on May 3rd, which created new draft lists for 23/24.
•If the status of your 22/23 list was draft on Sunday April 23rd, we archived it in preparation for the Rollover. If this causes you an issue, please contact us.
•If the status of your 22/23 list was published with unpublished changes on May 2nd, we published it on your behalf to ensure that the most recent version carried over into the new draft for 23/24.
•As of May 3rd 2023, please ensure you are making any changes to the 23/24 version of the list.
•The deadline for Term 1 lists for 23/24 will be Monday July 31st.

→If your reading list is not visible, or if you are not listed as the list owner, please contact us with any queries.

→Reading lists for 21/22 have been archived, however, if this causes you an issue, please contact us.

→The Reading List Team or your Academic Support Librarian can also offer further help and advice.