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Dear students,

• Reading lists for 2023/2024 modules running in Terms 1, 2, 3 & Summer modules should now be published and visible on this platform.
• You can search for reading lists by module code, title, or convenor.
• If you can’t find a reading list for your module, please contact your module convenor.
• You can easily report any broken links by pressing the ellipsis (three vertical dots) at the far right of any item and selecting "Report broken link" from the resulting menu. Please include your contact details so that the Library can support you.

If you are having trouble accessing e-books or articles, please try the following troubleshooting:
-Clearing cache/cookies on your browser history
-Make sure cookies are not being blocked on your browser
-Try from another browser (ideally Chrome if possible)
-Try "Incognito" mode on Google Chrome or “InPrivate” browsing on Microsoft Edge

Dear teaching staff,

The deadline for Term 3 & Summer Term lists for 23/24 was Tuesday April 2nd. Please publish your list(s) as soon as possible to ensure that the library can check list(s) and make purchases as needed. If you will not be able to submit your list(s) until very close to the start of term, the library recommends selecting readings from the existing catalogue collection.

Rollover successfully took place on May 7th, 2024, to create the new draft lists for the 24/25 cycle. From May 7th, please ensure you are editing the correct version of the list because any changes made to the 23/24 version will not be reflected on the draft for 24/25.

The Reading List Team is excited to announce that we will be launching a new procedure for requesting scans for items on your reading lists! From Rollover in May 2024, to request a scan, please fill out a Request Digitisation form for the item, as outlined in the “Request Digitisation (Scans)” section of our brand new guide Reading Lists: Information and Guidance for Academic Staff. Please request digitisations before publishing your reading list. Scans from 23/24 lists will rollover automatically and shouldn’t need to be re-requested.

Please note that from July 2023, we have started using auto-upgrades for additional e-book licenses on the Proquest platform. This means that in many cases extra access (if available) will be automatically triggered based on simultaneous usage.

→If your reading list is not visible, or if you are not listed as the list owner, please contact us with any queries.

→Reading lists for 22/23 have been archived, however, if this causes you an issue, please contact us.

→The Reading List Team or your Research & Academic Support Librarian can also offer further help and advice.