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Cyber Security Incident Management WM3A6 Module
ACES (Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Shared) WM01H Module
Activating Health and Wellbeing WM330 Module
Advanced Fluid Dynamics WM3A5 Module
Advanced Thermodynamics WM368 Module
AEP Individual Work-Based Project WM3A2 Module
Aerodynamics WM302 Module
Aerodynamics WM376 Module
Agile Project Management WM263 Module
Agile Software Development WM351 Module
Applied Behavioural Science WM224 Module
Applied Maths - II WM260 Module
Applied Programming 1 WM116 Module
Applied Programming 2 WM216 Module
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning WM9B7 Module
Automotive Communication Networks WM386 Module
Automotive Control Systems WM390 Module
Automotive Electronics Networks & EDS WM00Y Module
Automotive Hybridisation and Electrification WM985 Module
Automotive Powertrain Electrification Fundamentals WM987 Module
Automotive Powertrain Electrification Fundamentals WM990 Module
Automotive Research, Strategy and Environment WM998 Module
Battery Electrochemistry, Design and Manufacturing WM995 Module
BEng Apprenticeship Work Based Project WM350 Module
Big Data & Marketing Technology WM9B2 Module
Big Data in Healthcare, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence WM220 Module
Big Data Technology & Visualisation WM9B1 Module
Business Analytics & Visualisation WM382 Module
Business Management for Cyber Security Engineers WM130 Module
CAE (CFD, FEA) & Physical Correlation WM305 Module
Circular (eco)design and Life Cycle Engineering WM9D3 Module
Commodity Planning, Organisation and Delivery WM01C Module
Company Based Project WM009 Module
Computational Statistics with Python WM933 Module
Concept to Realisation: Geometric Dimensional Control WM01G Module
Contributing to a Health and Wellbeing Service WM331 Module
Control Theory and its Applications WM213 Module
Creating a Digital Brand WM9A8 Module
Customer Experience & Consumer Insight WM9A7 Module
Cyber Forensics WM3E5 Module
Cyber Risks in Organisations WM267 Module
Cyber risks in organisations WM353 Module
Cyber Security WM01K Module
Cyber Security Consultancy WM9B9 Module
Cyber Security Management of Information WM394 Module
Cyber Security Project WM3B1 Module
Cyber Systems Architecture and Organisation WM140 Module
Cyber-Physical Systems Characteristics, Performance and Interactions WM131 Module
Cybrer Risks in Organisations WM262 Module
Data Science & Machine Learning WM931 Module
Data Science, Algorithms and Complexity in the Cyber Context WM3B2 Module
Degree Apprenticeship End Point Assessment, Healthcare Science Practitioner Standard WM3D8 Module
Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics- I WM383 Module
Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics- II WM384 Module
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly WM170 Module
Design of Digital Health Systems WM221 Module
DHS year 1 DA WM166 Module
DHS year 1 FT WM165 Module
DHS year 2 DA WM247 Module
DHS year 2 FT WM246 Module
DHS year 3 DA WM3D7 Module
DHS year 3 FT WM3D6 Module
Digital Engineering WM01D Module
Digital Engineering Lifecycle WM395 Module
Digital Entrepreneurship & Digital Disruption WM930 Module
Digital Entrepreneurship & Financing WM9A2 Module
Digital Forensic Investigation WM9C1 Module
Digital Healthcare Science Final Assessment WM3D9 Module
Digital Retail Strategy WM9A1 Module
Discrete Structures for Cyber Security WM141 Module
Dissertation MSc in Sustainable Automotive Electrification WM844 Module
Dissertation MSc in Sustainable Automotive Electrification WM996 Module
e-Business Management WMG_MSC_E-BUSINESS_MANAGEMENT Course
Eating Behaviour WM120 Module
Electrical and Electronic Application WM212 Module
Electrical and Electronic Circuits and Devices WM132 Module
Electrical and Electronic Systems WM306 Module
Electrical Drivetrains WM994 Module
Electrical machine design and manufacturing WM983 Module
Emerging Technologies for Business WM948 Module
Energy Storage Systems WM357 Module
Energy Storage Systems WM986 Module
Engineering Leadership (Licence to Lead) WM920 Module
Engineering Mathematics and System Modelling WM111 Module
Engineering Mathematics and System Modelling WM133 Module
Engineering Mathematics and Technical Computing WM211 Module
Engineering Mathematics and Technical Computing WM230 Module
Engineering Mechanics II ? Dynamics and Vibration WM214 Module
Engineering Systems WM269 Module
Engineering Systems WM231 Module
Engineering Thermofluids WM215 Module
ES919:eBusiness Fundamentals ES919 Module
ES91J:Creating Business Excellence ES91J Module
ES91K:Leadership and Excellence ES91K Module
ES91L:Process Improvement using Six Sigma ES91L Module
ES91M:Product Excellence Using Six Sigma ES91M Module
ES91P:Knowledge-Based Asset Management ES91P Module
ES91Q:Achieving Personal Excellence ES91Q Module
ES91U:Digital Design and Collaboration ES91U Module
ES91X:Information Modelling and Systems Analysis ES91X Module
ES91Z:The Virtual Factory ES91Z Module
ES921:Digital Marketing Systems & Techniques ES921 Module
ES922:Finance for e-Business ES922 Module
ES923:Supply Chain Integration ES923 Module
ES924:e-Customer Relationship Management ES924 Module
ES925:Collaborative Product Development ES925 Module
ES928:MSc Dissertation ES928 Module
ES92K:Improving Business Performance - Network Rail ES92K Module
ES92L:Inventory Optimisation ES92L Module
ES92M:Physical Logistics ES92M Module
ES92N:Arising Rate Management ES92N Module
ES92P:Supply Chain Solution Development ES92P Module
ES92V:Business Awareness, People and Influence for HSE Inspectors ES92V Module
ES92Y:Sourcing Strategy ES92Y Module
ES92Z:Contract Management ES92Z Module
ES93A:Strategic Decision Making ES93A Module
ES93B:Personal Leadership and Change ES93B Module
ES93C:Performance Evaluation & Control ES93C Module
ES93D:Supply Chain Strategy ES93D Module
ES93E:Operations Management in Lean Supply Chains ES93E Module
ES93F:Compliance Management ES93F Module
ES93G:Product Life-Cycle Management ES93G Module
ES93L:Information Risk Management ES93L Module
ES93M:Information Security Governance ES93M Module
ES93N:Global Business Environment ES93N Module
ES93V:Globalisation & Outsourcing ES93V Module
ES93Y:Computer Graphics & Visualisation ES93Y Module
ES93Z:Service Design & Delivery ES93Z Module
ES946:Automation and Robotics ES946 Module
ES949:Applied Statistical Methods ES949 Module
ES94A:Post-Experience Project ES94A Module
ES94B:Developing Organisational Capability ES94B Module
ES94C:e-Health Technologies ES94C Module
ES94D:Supply Chain Operations Management ES94D Module
ES94E:Enterprise Resource Planning Integration ES94E Module
ES94K:Lean Sigma - Basics ES94K Module
ES94N:Cryptosystems & Data Protection ES94N Module
ES94P:Security Architectures and Network Defence ES94P Module
ES94Q:Eco Design & Sustainable Manufacturing ES94Q Module
ES94R:Programme and Project Strategy ES94R Module
ES94S:Lean Sigma - Intermediate ES94S Module
ES94T:Fundamentals of Patent Drafting ES94T Module
ES94U:Legal & Financial Environment ES94U Module
ES950:Business and Operations Design ES950 Module
ES954:Improving Personal Performance ES954 Module
ES956:Innovation ES956 Module
ES959:Leadership ES959 Module
ES961:Logistics and Operations Management ES961 Module
ES965:Problem Solving with Statistics ES965 Module
ES966:Product Design and Development Management ES966 Module
ES968:Project Planning Management and Control ES968 Module
ES969:Quality Reliability and Maintenance ES969 Module
ES972:Supply Chain Management ES972 Module
ES973:Technology Management ES973 Module
ES977:Business Strategy & Strategic Management ES977 Module
ES979:Financial Analysis & Control Systems ES979 Module
ES980:Financial Strategy ES980 Module
ES981:Organisations, People and Performance ES981 Module
ES982:International Joint Ventures ES982 Module
ES983:Legal Aspects of a Global Business ES983 Module
ES984:Management of Change ES984 Module
ES985:Operations Strategy for Industry ES985 Module
ES986:People in Organisations ES986 Module
ES987:Strategic Marketing ES987 Module
ES997:Process Modelling ES997 Module
ES9A6:Competitive Design Management ES9A6 Module
ES9A9:Design Management ES9A9 Module
ES9AB:Strategic Marketing ES9AB Module
ES9AC:Supply Chain Management ES9AC Module
ES9BA:SAFEA Programme ES9BA Module
ES9C1:Logistics Planning ES9C1 Module
ES9C3:Manufacturing Process Capability ES9C3 Module
ES9C4:Manufacturing, Planning & Control ES9C4 Module
ES9C7:Process Analysis ES9C7 Module
ES9C8:Process Improvement ES9C8 Module
ES9C9:Production and Material Control ES9C9 Module
ES9D1:Production Management and Control ES9D1 Module
ES9D3:Project Planning Management and Control ES9D3 Module
ES9D4:Quality Management ES9D4 Module
ES9D8:Supply Chain Operations ES9D8 Module
ES9E1:Teamworking and Communications ES9E1 Module
ES9E3:Total Productive Maintenance ES9E3 Module
ES9E4:Working in Teams ES9E4 Module
ES9E5:Business Awareness ES9E5 Module
ES9E6:Collaborative Product Development ES9E6 Module
ES9E7:Commercial & Industrial Law ES9E7 Module
ES9F1:Corporate Management ES9F1 Module
ES9F3:Decision Making & Financial Management ES9F3 Module
ES9F4:Human Resource Management ES9F4 Module
ES9F7:International Joint Ventures ES9F7 Module
ES9G6:Financial Analysis & Decision Making ES9G6 Module
ES9H5:Computer Programming ES9H5 Module
ES9I4:Enterprise Information Systems ES9I4 Module
ES9I5:Information & Communications Technologies ES9I5 Module
ES9I6:Information Systems Management ES9I6 Module
ES9J1:Manufacturing Technology ES9J1 Module
ES9J8:Innovation ES9J8 Module
ES9K8:Advanced Materials & Processes ES9K8 Module
ES9K9:Machining Technology ES9K9 Module
ES9L1:Manufacturing Process Technology ES9L1 Module
ES9L2:Materials Engineering ES9L2 Module
ES9M2:Quality Management and Techniques ES9M2 Module
ES9M9:Implementing Business Improvement ES9M9 Module
ES9N1:Induction and Strategic Decision Making ES9N1 Module
ES9N5:Developing People ES9N5 Module
ES9Q6:Design for the Environment ES9Q6 Module
ES9Q7:Project (Postgraduate Certificate) ES9Q7 Module
ES9Q8:Packaging Technology & Development ES9Q8 Module
ES9R2:e-Commerce ES9R2 Module
ES9R5:Business Policy and Strategic Management ES9R5 Module
ES9R7:Project Financial Management ES9R7 Module
ES9T1:Fundamentals of Process Engineering ES9T1 Module
ES9U1:Managing the Multi-Project/Programme Environment ES9U1 Module
ES9U8:Legal & Financial Environment ES9U8 Module
ES9V8:Industrial Engineering ES9V8 Module
ES9V9:Industrial Engineering for Business Improvement ES9V9 Module
ES9W6:Lean Principles & Application ES9W6 Module
ES9W8:Procurement and Inventory Management ES9W8 Module
ES9X3:Storage and Warehousing Techniques ES9X3 Module
ES9X5:Transport Techniques and Management ES9X5 Module
ES9Y5:MSc Induction and Study Skills ES9Y5 Module
ES9Y9:Research Methods ES9Y9 Module
ES9Z6:Automation & Robotics ES9Z6 Module
ES9Z9:Financial Analysis & Control Systems ES9Z9 Module
Finance Fundamentals WM9G6 Module
Financial Analysis & Control Systems WM909 Module
Full-Lifecycle Software Engineering WM134 Module
Functional Systems WM326 Module
Fundamentals of Automotive Research, Development and Management WM991 Module
Fundamentals of Predictive Modelling ES98A Module
GRADE and Electronic Hardware WM01J Module
Health Ergonomics and Human Systems Integration WM332 Module
High Performance Electric Drives WM300 Module
Human Behavior in Cyber Systems WM241 Module
Human Behaviour in Cyber-Physical Systems WM232 Module
Human Technology Interaction WM992 Module
Implementing Secure Systems WM242 Module
Individual Work Based Project (Year 4) WM401 Module
Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems WM396 Module
Industrial Financial Decision Making and Risk Analysis WM322 Module
Industrial Mechatronics & Automation WM397 Module
Industrial Statistics WM385 Module
Industrial Vision & Processing WM391 Module
Information Assurance WM3E1 Module
Information Management WM243 Module
Information Risk Management WM142 Module
Information Security Management WM244 Module
Information Systems for Business Processes WM261 Module
Innovative Simulation Design and Development WM9G2 Module
Instrumentation and Control WM205 Module
Instrumentation and Control WM233 Module
Intelligent Organisations at Work WM929 Module
Intercultural Management ES96P Module
International Acquisition and Collaboration WM921 Module
International Joint Ventures (Lectures) WM9C7 Module
Internet of Things WM358 Module
Internet of Things WM380 Module
Introduction to Applied Management and Design WM172 Module
Introduction to Digital Healthcare WM121 Module
Leadership and Change in the Defence and Security Sector WM922 Module
Leading Change WM907 Module
Lean Principles & Applications WM906 Module
Lean Principles and Application ES9W601SI Module
Lifecycle Engineering of Manufacturing Systems ES3E4 Module
Logistics WM308 Module
Low Level Tools and Techniques for Cyber Security WM9B3 Module
Low Level Tools and Techniques for Cyber Security WM3B3 Module
Machine Intelligence WM275 Module
Management Accounting WM900 Module
Management of Cryptosystems WM9C5 Module
Management of Major Projects WM945 Module
Managing Cyber Risk, Audit & Compliance WM9C4 Module
Managing in a Defence & Security Multi-Project/Programme Environment WM923 Module
Material Properties and Selection Criteria WM9C9 Module
Materials and Manufacturing Processes WM171 Module
Materials and Manufacturing Processes WM105 Module
Materials for Advanced Applications WM309 Module
Mechatronics and Systems Control WM311 Module
Mental Health, Addiction, and Sleep WM222 Module
Metrology, Identity, Data and Uncertainty WM135 Module
Modelling and Simulation of Engineering Materials WM17918 Module
Modelling and Simulation of Systems WM993 Module
MSc Group Project with Individual Dissertation WM9C6 Module
MSc Project ES9U9 Module
MSc Project and Dissertation ? Analysis and Discussion WM973 Module
MSc Project and Dissertation ? Context & Method WM972 Module
Negotiated Learning for Degree Apprenticeships WM959 Module
Network Security WM389 Module
Networking, Infrastructure Communication and Interoperability of Systems (NICIS) WM327 Module
Networks and Communications in Engineering Systems WM234 Module
Networks, Communications and Cyber Defence WM143 Module
Nutrition, Metabolism, and Physical Activity WM122 Module
Operating Systems in the Cyber Context WM144 Module
Operating Systems in the Engineering Systems Context WM235 Module
Operational and Strategic Finance WM901 Module
Operational Security Management WM3B4 Module
Operations Strategy for Industry WM905 Module
Particle Based Modelling ES98D Module
Penetration Testing WM9C3 Module
People in Context: Determinants of Health and Wellbeing WM223 Module
People in Organisations WM912 Module
Performance Management for Success WM977 Module
Personal and Professional Development (1) WM124 Module
Personal and Professional Development (1) WM154 Module
Personal and Professional Development (2) WM225 Module
Personal and Professional Development (3) WM334 Module
Personalised Health and Wellbeing Stratification WM123 Module
Personalised Health and Wellbeing Stratification WM153 Module
PG Dip Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing - Individual Dissertation WM978 Module
Postgraduate Diploma Dissertation ES927 Module
Power electronic converter design and manufacturing WM982 Module
Power Electronics WM377 Module
Problem Solving WM01B Module
Product Design & Development Management WM911 Module
Programme Management ES9AW Module
Programming Languages for Cyber Security WM245 Module
Project Management in Practice WM9G3 Module
Project Planning Management and Control for Defence and Security WM924 Module
Project, Programme and Portfolio Management- Delivery WM914 Module
Project, Programme and Portfolio Management- Environment WM913 Module
Psychology of Mental Health and Behavioural Change WM226 Module
Quality Management & Techniques WM903 Module
Quality Methods WM167 Module
Rail Infrastructure 1 - Civil and Mechanical WM314 Module
Rail Infrastructure 2 - Power Distribution & Signalling WM315 Module
Rapid Prototyping and CAD/CAM WM268 Module
Real Time Operating Sytems WM392 Module
Reliability, Maintenance & Operability WM925 Module
Reputation & Relationship Managment WM989 Module
Research Project WM335 Module
Robotics WM3A1 Module
Rotating Machinery WM366 Module
Science and Clinical Decision-Making WM155 Module
Science of Clinical Decision-making WM125 Module
Science of Wellbeing WM126 Module
Self Help across the Lifespan WM333 Module
Signal Processing WM360 Module
Smart Solutions Development-II (Databases) WM264 Module
Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Fundamentals WM997 Module
Software Delivery WM01E Module
Software Development and Security WM145 Module
Software Development for Engineers WM361 Module
Static Mechanics and Energy Methods WM174 Module
Strategic Business Management WM713 Module
Strategic Business Management WM981 Module
Strategic Thinking in the Supply Chain WM958 Module
Structural Integration WM01F Module
Study, Professional & Analytical Skills WM9H6 Module
Supply Chain Design WM979 Module
Supply Chain Fundamentals WM980 Module
Supply Chain Management WM910 Module
Supply Chain Management WM317 Module
Supply Chain Transformation WM9H4 Module
Sustainable Automotive Research WM9D7 Module
Sustainable Energy Systems WM318 Module
Systems and Network Architecture WM362 Module
Systems Engineering WM00Z Module
Systems Engineering WM9D6 Module
Systems Engineering and Functional Safety WM984 Module
Systems Integration, Verification & Validation WM946 Module
Systems Modelling and Control WM363 Module
Systems Thinking & Systems Engineering WM926 Module
Systems Thinking and Systems Engineering WM950 Module
Techniques and Tools for Cyber Security WM349 Module
Technology Consultancy Project WM974 Module
Technology Management WM951 Module
Technology Management and Innovation for Defence & Security WM927 Module
Technology Strategy WM928 Module
The Cyber Context of Software Engineering WM240 Module
The Digital Workplace WM932 Module
The External Financial Environment WM902 Module
Thermal Aerodynamics Systems Engineering WM00X Module
Thermal Energy Systems WM114 Module
THWS_Y1B1: Digital Health and wellbeing A_THAWS-YB Module
To be confirmed WM271 Module
User Experience & Applications Development WM398 Module
Value Based Management ES96N Module
Vibration and Rotordynamics WM367 Module
WM001:Hybrid Vehicles: Hybrid System Technologies WM001 Module
WM002:Hybrid Vehicles: Practical Component Testing WM002 Module
WM003:Automotive Networking WM003 Module
WM004:Automotive Diagnostics WM004 Module
WM005:Advanced Test Techniques for Electrical Systems and Software WM005 Module
WM006:Principles of Perceived Quality WM006 Module
WM007:Automotive Body Joining for Lightweight Structures WM007 Module
WM008:Lightweight Materials for Automotive Applications WM008 Module
WM00D:Electronic Health Records Systems WM00D Module
WM00E:Introduction to Health Informatics WM00E Module
WM00F:Resource Management in Healthcare Service Delivery WM00F Module
WM00G:Lightweight Materials and Structure WM00G Module
WM00H:Big Data, Analytics & Visualisation WM00H Module
WM00I:Cyber Security for Virtualisation Systems WM00I Module
WM00P:Epidemiological and Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement WM00P Module
WM00Q:TRIZ Theory and Applications WM00Q Module
WM00R:Introduction to Intelligent Vehicles' Features (Workshop) WM00R Module
WM010:Robust Decision Making WM010 Module
WM011:Industrial Processes WM011 Module
WM014:Lloyds BG Manufacturing Awareness Workshop WM014 Module
WM015:Supply Network Relationships in Defence WM015 Module
WM016:Leading Change WM016 Module
WM017:Efficient & Effective Through Life Support WM017 Module
WM018:Capability Management in Defence WM018 Module
WM019:Establishing a New Business WM019 Module
WM020:Sales & Sales Management WM020 Module
WM021:Dimensional Measurement & Management WM021 Module
WM022:Business Model Generation WM022 Module
WM026:Automotive Electrical and Electronics (Workshop) WM026 Module
WM029:JLR Graduate Scheme: Technical Immersion WM029 Module
WM031:International Patent Fundamentals WM031 Module
WM032:Robust Automotive Software WM032 Module
WM033:Introduction to Digital Healthcare: Biomedical Engineering WM033 Module
WM034:Introduction to Digital Healthcare 2: Informatics and Information/Communication Technologies WM034 Module
WM035:Biomedical Signal Processing for Digital Healthcare WM035 Module
WM036:Clinical Knowledge Management and Decision Support WM036 Module
WM037:Computational Intelligence Techniques for Biomedical Signals WM037 Module
WM038:Contemporary Topics in Digital Healthcare WM038 Module
WM039:Going Beyond Lean: Healthcare Delivery System Modelling WM039 Module
WM040:MATLAB Programming for Biomedical Signal Analysis WM040 Module
WM041:Introduction to Physiological Modelling WM041 Module
WM042:Exploring and Improving the Public's Understanding of Health and Disease WM042 Module
WM043:Evaluation and Research Methods in Digital Healthcare WM043 Module
WM044:Robust Automotive Electronics WM044 Module
WM045:Sheet Metal Forming WM045 Module
WM046:Digital Forensics WM046 Module
WM047:Service Support Technologies WM047 Module
WM048:Leading Performance WM048 Module
WM049:Creating Change Capability WM049 Module
WM050:Reputation and Relationship Management WM050 Module
WM051:Management of Change WM051 Module
WM052:Managing the Multi-Project Environment WM052 Module
WM053:System Modelling & Simulation WM053 Module
WM054:Industrial Espionage and Counterfeiting WM054 Module
WM055:Information Risk Management and Governance WM055 Module
WM056:Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing WM056 Module
WM057:BJAST Executive Management WM057 Module
WM060:Concepts of Advanced Programme and Project Management WM060 Module
WM061:Health and Safety, Risk and Environment WM061 Module
WM065:CATDEC Executive Management WM065 Module
WM066:Innovation Business Leadership WM066 Module
WM067:Collaborative Leadership WM067 Module
WM068:Automotive Hybridisation and Electrification WM068 Module
WM071:Opportunity Development Realisation WM071 Module
WM073:Collaborative Working WM073 Module
WM074:Communications for Connected Car WM074 Module
WM075:Energy Storage and High Voltage Systems for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Applications WM075 Module
WM076:Leading Change in Healthcare WM076 Module
WM077:Aircraft Systems Integration WM077 Module
WM078:Aircraft Systems Verification WM078 Module
WM079:Delivering Through Operations WM079 Module
WM080:Platforms and Major Systems WM080 Module
WM081:Requirements Management and High-Level Design WM081 Module
WM082:Systems Engineering Management WM082 Module
WM084:Embedding and Sustaining Business Improvement WM084 Module
WM085:Operational Management and Clinical Systems Improvement WM085 Module
WM086:Propulsion Technology for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Applications WM086 Module
WM087:Quality and Productivity in Health Service Systems WM087 Module
WM088:Enterprise Cyber Security WM088 Module
WM089:Cyber-Physical Systems WM089 Module
WM094:Automotive Hybridisation and Electrification (Workshop) WM094 Module
WM095:Connected Car (Workshop) WM095 Module
WM096:Battery Technology (Workshop) WM096 Module
WM097:International Trade WM097 Module
WM098:Cyber Physical Systems WM098 Module
WM099:China Programme WM099 Module
WM101: Applied Engineering Design WM101 Module
WM102:Electrical and electronic principles WM102 Module
WM103:Engineering Business Management & Operations WM103 Module
WM104: Engineering Mathematics WM104 Module
WM106: Static Mechanics and Energy Methods WM106 Module
WM10x: Battery Electrochemistry, Design and Manufacturing WM10X Module
WM112: Electrical and Electronic Circuits and Devices WM112 Module
WM113 Engineering Mechanics I Mechanics and Structures WM113 Module
WM115:Engineering Materials WM115 Module
WM160: Applied Maths- I WM160 Module
WM161:Information Business Management Operations WM161 Module
WM162: Network Protocols & Infrastructure WM162 Module
WM163:Personal Skills for Professional Excellence WM163 Module
WM164:Smart Solutions Development - I (Programming) WM164 Module
WM169: Planning Personal and Professional Development (APEP) WM169 Module
WM176: Electrical and Electronic Systems 1 WM176 Module
WM177: Planning Personal and Professional Development (DTS) WM177 Module
WM1xx: Y1Digital and Technology Solutions WM1XX Module
WM201: Numerical Methods for Modelling WM201 Module
WM202: Design for Manufacturing WM202 Module
WM203: Dynamic Mechanics and Thermofluids WM203 Module
WM204:Engineering Systems WM204 Module
WM206:Quality Methods WM206 Module
WM270 WM270 Module
WM301:Advanced Quality Techniques. WM301 Module
WM303:Asset Management (AM) WM303 Module
WM304: CAD/CAM WM304 Module
WM307: Industrial Processes WM307 Module
WM310: Measurement Systems and Metrology WM310 Module
WM312: Productionising Designs WM312 Module
WM313:Project Management and Leadership WM313 Module
WM316: Stress Analysis WM316 Module
WM324: Individual Work Based Project WM324 Module
WM325:Factory Line Simulation WM325 Module
WM345: Embedded Systems WM345 Module
WM352: Analogue Systems WM352 Module
WM354: Data Science and Machine Learning WM354 Module
WM355: Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly WM355 Module
WM356: Embedded Systems WM356 Module
WM359: Manufacturing and Metrology WM359 Module
WM364: Vision and Processing WM364 Module
WM365: Acoustics WM365 Module
WM378: High Performance Drives WM378 Module
WM387: Distributed Network Architectures WM387 Module
WM388: Network Routing and Switching Technologie WM388 Module
WM393: Agile Software Development WM393 Module
WM3B6: Advanced Structural Analysis WM3B6 Module
WM3B7-30: Data Science and Machine Learning WM3B7 Module
WM3C8: Electronics Design and Development Principles WM3C8 Module
WM7135: Strategic Business Management WM7135 Module
WM8446: Dissertation MSc in Sustainable Automotive Electrification WM8446 Module
WM904: Logistics and Operations Management WM904 Module
WM908:Fundamentals of Computing and Programming WM908 Module
WM915:Robust Automotive Embedded Systems WM915 Module
WM916:Human-Technology Interation WM916 Module
WM917: Networks and Communications for the Connected Car WM917 Module
WM918:Automotive Sensor and Sensor Fusion WM918 Module
WM919: Machine Intelligence and Data Science WM919 Module
WM947:Lean Operations Design and Management (FT) WM947 Module
WM949: Managing Innovation and Change WM949 Module
WM952-10: Cloud Native Computing WM952 Module
WM953-10: Digital Consultancy WM953 Module
WM954: Digital Marketing Strategy and Management (FT) WM954 Module
WM955: Emerging Digital Technologies WM955 Module
WM956: Enterprise eCommerce Solutions WM956 Module
WM975: Supply Chain and Operations Management WM975 Module
WM988: System Engineering, Safety and Automotive Standards (FT) WM988 Module
WM999-15:Study, Professional, and Analytical Skills WM999-15 Module
WM9A9: Big Data, Analytics & Optimisation (FT) WM9A9 Module
WM9C2: Proactive Cyber Defence WM9C2 Module
WM9D9: International Business Development (FT) WM9D9 Module
WM9E1: Financial Aspects of International Trade (FT) WM9E1 Module
WM9E2: Trade Policy (FT) WM9E2 Module
WM9E4: Global Marketing Strategy (FT) WM9E4 Module
WM9E5: Accounting and Finance for Management (FT) WM9E5 Module
WM9E6: Supply Chain Financial Aspects (FT) WM9E6 Module
WM9E8: Strategy and Finance for Engineering Organisations (FT) WM9E8 Module
WM9E9: Reflective Practice in Managing for Business Excellence (FT) WM9E9 Module
WM9F4: Logistics & Operations: Strategy & Management (FT) WM9F4 Module
WM9F7: Managing Design and Manufacturing Technology (FT) WM9F7 Module
WM9G1: Big Data and Analytics for Industry (FT) WM9G1 Module
WM9G4: Research and Development in Digital Lifecycle (FT) WM9G4 Module
WM9G5: Manufacturing Systems and Process Selection (FT) WM9G5 Module
WM9G7: Research and Development in Automation Systems (FT) WM9G7 Module
WM9G8: Cyber-Manufacturing Design Project (FT) WM9G8 Module
WM9G9: System Reliability and Diagnosis (FT) WM9G9 Module
WM9H1: Manufacturing Planning and Control for Cyber-Operations (FT) WM9H1 Module
WM9H2: Smart Networked Manufacturing (FT) WM9H2 Module
WM9H3: Management for Global Manufacturing Operations (FT) WM9H3 Module
WM9H5: Finance for Entrepreneurs (FT) WM9H5 Module
WM9H7: International Business Strategy, Analytics and Management (FT) WM9H7 Module
WM9J8: Business Model Generation (BMG) WM9J8 Module
WM9J9: Enabling a New Venture (FT) WM9J9 Module
WM9K2: Cloud Development with Python (FT) WM9K2 Module
WM9K3: Digital Product Development with Cloud (FT) WM9K3 Module
WM9K4: Digital Analytics & Marketing Technology (FT) WM9K4 Module
WM9xx: Study Skills and Research Methodology WM9XX Module
WMG Battery School WM11X Course
WMXXX: Doctoral Research Methodologies WMXXX Module
Work Based Project (DTS) WM3D5 Module

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