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20th Century Irish Theatre TH344 Module
Acting in Character TH346 Module
Adaptation TH998 Module
Adapting Shakespeare for Performance TH256 Module
Applying Theatre: Histories, Geographies, Practices TH347 Module
Audience Development and Marketing TH345 Module
Dissertation TH990 Module
Dramaturgical Thinking for Script Development TH999 Module
Enhancing Your Professional Profile TH994 Module
Final Project TH9A5 Module
Final Project TH9A2 Module
Final Project (practical) TH997 Module
Final Project (written) TH996 Module
Immersive TH245 Module
Immersive (3rd Year Variant) TH348 Module
Mad, Bad, and Sad: Madness and Cultural Representation TH254 Module
Media, Policy and Markets TH991 Module
Medieval and Early Modern Theatre TH246 Module
Performing Travel TH247 Module
Placement (Creative Arts & Cultural Industries) TH339 Module
Placement (Creative Arts & Cultural Industries) TH252 Module
Politics and Performance: Interdisciplinary Perspectives TH253 Module
Post-War British Theatre and Social Abjection TH250 Module
Practice-based Research Project TH342 Module
Researching Performance/Performing Research TH992 Module
Socially Engaged Performance: Interventions and Provocations TH993 Module
Socially-Engaged Performance TH933 Module
Sustainable Creativity for the Cultural Industries TH985 Module
TH111:Introduction to Theatre TH111 Module
TH112:Introduction to Performance Studies TH112 Module
TH113:Contemporary Performance Practices TH113 Module
TH114:Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies TH114 Module
TH115:From Text to Performance TH115 Module
TH116:Performance Analysis TH116 Module
TH205:Theatre in the Community TH205 Module
TH208:Performance and Text TH208 Module
TH210:Marketing Theatre TH210 Module
TH214:Improvisation TH214 Module
TH216:Aspects of Theatre and Performance TH216 Module
TH219:Writing for Theatre and Performance TH219 Module
TH220:Outside the Walls: European Street Theatre TH220 Module
TH221:Radical and Mainstream Theatre of the 1960s TH221 Module
TH222:Theatre in the African Context TH222 Module
TH223:Composing, Listening, Performing TH223 Module
TH224:Contemporary American Theatre TH224 Module
TH226:20th Century Irish Theatre TH226 Module
TH227:Performing Masculinities TH227 Module
TH228:Nineteenth-Century Melodrama in Context TH228 Module
TH229:Pantomime, Culture and Ideology TH229 Module
TH230:Performing Online TH230 Module
TH231:Plays, Playing Places and Performances in Elizabethan and Jacobean England TH231 Module
TH232:European Renaissance Festivals and Performance TH232 Module
TH234:South African Theatre TH234 Module
TH236:Independent Project TH236 Module
TH237:Audiovisual Avantgardes TH237 Module
TH238:Live Art and Performance TH238 Module
TH240:Religion, Secularity and Affect in the Modern World TH240 Module
TH241:Medieval and Elizabethan Playing Places and Performances TH241 Module
TH242:Mad, Bad, and Sad: Madness and Cultural Representation TH242 Module
TH243:Post-War British Theatre and Social Abjection TH243 Module
TH244:Tragedy in Performance: Conventions | Discourses | Dramaturgies TH244 Module
TH248: Inter-Performance TH248 Module
TH249: You, the Performer TH249 Module
TH255:Wired TH255 Module
TH257: On Its Feet: Approaches to Devising and Developing Ensemble Performance TH257 Module
TH258: Post-War British Theatre and Social Abjection TH258 Module
TH260: Audience Development TH260 Module
TH304:Theatre and Ideology TH304 Module
TH313:Staging Shakespeare Since 1960 in Britain and Abroad TH313 Module
TH316:Theatre and National Identities TH316 Module
TH318:Performance and the Contemporary City TH318 Module
TH319:Interpreting the Theatrical Past: Approaches to Theatre Historiography TH319 Module
TH320:Intercultural Theatre Practices TH320 Module
TH321:Theatre of the "New" Europe TH321 Module
TH326:Dramaturgy TH326 Module
TH327:Food & Performance TH327 Module
TH328:Theatres of Intelligence, Espionage and Surveillance TH328 Module
TH329:Third Year Independent Research Option TH329 Module
TH330:Adaptation and Transformation TH330 Module
TH331:Design for Shakespeare TH331 Module
TH332:Performing Gender and Sexuality TH332 Module
TH333:You, Me, and Everyone We Know: Identity and Performance TH333 Module
TH334:Love: Performance, Theory and Criticism TH334 Module
TH335:Post-War British Theatre and Social Abjection TH335 Module
TH336: European Theatre and Performance Landscapes TH336 Module
TH338: Sound Walks, Site and Landscape TH338 Module
TH340:Theatre and the Creative Industries TH340 Module
TH343: Applying Theatre TH343 Module
TH350: Matters of Life and Death: Care in Times of Crisis TH350 Module
TH353: Drama and Healing TH353 Module
TH354: Playwriting TH354 Module
TH903:Creativity & Organisation TH903 Module
TH904:Marketing and Markets TH904 Module
TH905:Managing Intellectual Property TH905 Module
TH906:Creativity: From Myth to Management TH906 Module
TH908:Major Project TH908 Module
TH909:Cultural Theory TH909 Module
TH910:Cultural Policy TH910 Module
TH913:Audience Development and Digital Media Strategy TH913 Module
TH914:Policy in Practice TH914 Module
TH919:Cultural Entrepreneurship TH919 Module
TH921:Marketing and Markets TH921 Module
TH923:Placement and Case Study TH923 Module
TH926:The Global Audience TH926 Module
TH932:Creative Business Project TH932 Module
TH934:International Performance Research: Thematics & Modalities II (Warwick) TH934 Module
TH935:Summer School: International Performance Research (Warwick) TH935 Module
TH936:International Performance Research: Dissertation/Practical Project (Warwick) TH936 Module
TH938:Theories of Theatre, Performance & Performativity (Amsterdam) TH938 Module
TH939:Audience & Reception Research (Amsterdam) TH939 Module
TH942:Theatre & History: Theatre and the Presence of History (Amsterdam) TH942 Module
TH944:Performance Research in a Global Context (Tampere) TH944 Module
TH946:International Performance Research: Dissertation/Practical Project (Tampere) TH946 Module
TH947:International Performance Research: Induction (Tampere) TH947 Module
TH948:International Performance Research: Internship/Placement (Tampere) TH948 Module
TH949:Summer School: Internatinal Performance Research (Tampere) TH949 Module
TH950:Summer School: International Performance Research (Amsterdam) TH950 Module
TH951:Special Topics in International Performance Research (Amsterdam) TH951 Module
TH952:International Performance Research: Induction & Guest Lectures (Amsterdam) TH952 Module
TH953:International Performance Research: Internship/Placement (Amsterdam) TH953 Module
TH954:Art Critisism (Tampere) TH954 Module
TH955:Performance Theory & Analysis (Tampere) TH955 Module
TH956:Historiography (Tampere) TH956 Module
TH957:Theatre & Globalisation (Amsterdam) TH957 Module
TH958:International Performance Research: Dissertation/PracticalProject (Amsterdam) TH958 Module
TH959:Artistic Research: Vocabulary, Disclosure, Epistemology, Methodology (Amsterdam) TH959 Module
TH960:Performance & Theatre Analysis: Concept in Music Theatre (Amsterdam) TH960 Module
TH962:Approaching Global Media TH962 Module
TH963:Cultural Policy outside Cultural Policy TH963 Module
TH964:Performance Spaces: Historical & Contemporary Developments TH964 Module
TH965:Theatre Auditoria, Sensory Perception, Regulation & Legislation TH965 Module
TH966:Venue Management: Programming, Infrastructure & Audience Experience TH966 Module
TH967:Dissertation (Postraduate Diploma) TH967 Module
TH968:Dissertation (MA) TH968 Module
TH969:Creative Communication Strategy TH969 Module
TH971:The Global City TH971 Module
TH972:Applied Communication Project TH972 Module
TH973:Art, Culture & Society TH973 Module
TH974:Managing Cultural Organisations TH974 Module
TH975:The Dynamics of Cultural Change TH975 Module
TH976:Ideas, Politics & Policy TH976 Module
TH977:Brands and Meanings: Theory & Practice TH977 Module
TH978:Culture in Development TH978 Module
TH979:Arts, Community and Enterprise TH979 Module
TH980:Culture and Social Innovation TH980 Module
TH981:Cultural Management TH981 Module
TH982:The Mediated Self Project TH982 Module
TH983:Museums and Heritage: Policy and Practice TH983 Module
TH984:Understanding Cultural Work TH984 Module
TH986:Theoretical Thematics for Theatre and Performance Studies TH986 Module
TH987:Research Methods TH987 Module
TH988:New Directions in Theatre and Performance Research TH988 Module
TH989:Research in Theatre and Performance-Making Practices TH989 Module
The Author Dies Hard TH337 Module
Theatre and the Creative Industries TH251 Module
Theorising and Facilitating Applied Theatre: Ethics and Reflective Practice TH995 Module
Writing for Live Performance TH9A3 Module
Writing for Screen and Beyond TH9A4 Module

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