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Advanced Topics in Data Science ST916 Module
Advanced Topics in Data Science ST419 Module
Data Science Masters Dissertation ST421 Module
Financial Derivatives ST957 Module
Financial Statistics ST959 Module
Generalised Linear Models for Regression and Classification ST346 Module
Introduction to Probability ST120 Module
Life Contingencies ST345 Module
Life Tables ST336 Module
MSc Mathematical Finance Dissertation ST960 Module
MSFM Dissertation ST915 Module
Probability 1 ST118 Module
Professional Practice of Data Analysis ST344 Module
ST104:Statistical Laboratory I ST104 Module
ST105:Essay/Project ST105 Module
ST108:Applications of Algebra and Analysis ST108 Module
ST111:Probability (Part A) ST111 Module
ST112:Probability (Part B) ST112 Module
ST113:Statistical Computing ST113 Module
ST114:Games and Decisions ST114 Module
ST115:Introduction to Probability ST115 Module
ST116:Mathematical Techniques ST116 Module
ST117: Introduction to Statistical Modelling ST117 Module
ST119: Probability 2 ST119 Module
ST121: Statistical Laboratory ST121 Module
ST202:Stochastic Processes ST202 Module
ST204:Essay/Project ST204 Module
ST208:Mathematical Methods ST208 Module
ST213:Mathematics of Random Events ST213 Module
ST215:Forecasting and Control ST215 Module
ST217:Mathematical Statistics ST217 Module
ST218:Mathematical Statistics Part A ST218 Module
ST219:Mathematical Statistics Part B ST219 Module
ST220:Introduction to Mathematical Statistics ST220 Module
ST221:Linear Statistical Modelling ST221 Module
ST227: Stochastic Processes ST227 Module
ST228: Mathematical Methods for Statistics and Probability ST228 Module
ST229: Probability for Mathematical Statistics ST229 Module
ST230: Mathematical Statistics ST230 Module
ST231: Linear Statistical Modelling with R ST231 Module
ST232: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics ST232 Module
ST233: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics ST233 Module
ST234: Games and Decisions ST234 Module
ST236: Python for data-analytic tasks ST236 Module
ST300:Statistics Masters Project ST300 Module
ST301:Bayesian Statistics and Decision Theory ST301 Module
ST305:Designed Experiments ST305 Module
ST313:Essay/Project ST313 Module
ST318:Probability Theory ST318 Module
ST323:Multivariate Statistics ST323 Module
ST329:Topics in Statistics ST329 Module
ST332:Medical Statistics ST332 Module
ST333:Applied Stochastic Processes ST333 Module
ST334:Actuarial Methods ST334 Module
ST335:Finance & Financial Reporting ST335 Module
ST337:Bayesian Forecasting and Intervention ST337 Module
ST338:Actuarial Models ST338 Module
ST339:Introduction to Mathematical Finance ST339 Module
ST340:Programming for Data Science ST340 Module
ST341:Statistical Genetics ST341 Module
ST342:Mathematics of Random Events ST342 Module
ST401:Stochastic Methods in Finance ST401 Module
ST402:Risk Theory ST402 Module
ST403:Brownian Motion ST403 Module
ST404:Applied Statistical Modelling ST404 Module
ST405:Bayesian Forecasting and Intervention with Advanced Topics ST405 Module
ST406:Applied Stochastic Processes with Advanced Topics ST406 Module
ST407:Monte Carlo Methods ST407 Module
ST409:Medical Statistics with Advanced Topics ST409 Module
ST410:Designed Experiments with Advanced Topics ST410 Module
ST411:Dynamic Stochastic Control ST411 Module
ST412:Multivariate Statistics with Advanced Topics ST412 Module
ST413:Bayesian Statistics and Decision Theory with Advanced Topics ST413 Module
ST414:Advanced Topics in Statistics ST414 Module
ST415:Statistics Masters Dissertation ST415 Module
ST416:Advanced Topics in Biostatistics ST416 Module
ST417:Topics in Applied Probability ST417 Module
ST418:Statistical Genetics and Advanced Topics ST418 Module
ST420: Statistical Learning and Big Data ST420 Module
ST903:Statistical Methods ST903 Module
ST906:Financial Time Series ST906 Module
ST908:Probability & Stochastic Processes ST908 Module
ST909:Continuous Time Finance for Interest Rate Models ST909 Module
ST910:An Invitation to Graduate Probability ST910 Module
ST911:Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Inference ST911 Module
ST912:Statistical Frontiers ST912 Module
ST913:MASDOC Dissertation (Statistics) ST913 Module
ST914:Statistical Modelling & Chemometrics ST914 Module
ST952:An Introduction to Statistical Practice ST952 Module
ST955:Dissertation ST955 Module
Study Abroad and Work Placement Year ST225 Module
Study Year Abroad ST223 Module
Topics in Data Science ST343 Module
Topics in Mathematical Finance ST958 Module
Visualization and Communication of Data ST237 Module
Work Placement Year ST224 Module

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