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Advanced Theory in Criminology and Social Justice SO255 Module
Beyond the Binary: Trans-forming Gender SO260 Module
Beyond the Binary: Trans-forming Gender SO262 Module
Comparative Sociology: South Asia SO251 Module
Creative Research Methods SO9D5 Module
Criminology & Criminal Justice SO9C7 Module
Criminology: Theories and Concepts SO129 Module
Cultures of Diaspora SO252 Module
Decolonising Music: Popular, World and Folk Forms SO352 Module
Dissertation SO359 Module
Environmental Sociology SO2G6 Module
Ethnography and the Anthropological Tradition PGT SO9D7 Module
Experiments in the Social Sciences and Humanities QS306 Module
Feminist Pedagogy/Feminist Activism SO9D0 Module
Feminist Pedagogy/Feminist Activism SO353 Module
Gender and Violence SO261 Module
Gender and Violence SO263 Module
How sociology can save the environment: Sociology of wildlife conservation and sustainability SO357 Module
HP322:Migrant Stories: Exophonic Texts in Contemporary Spain HP322 Module
Indigenous and Global South Feminisms SO366 Module
Introduction to Social Analytics in Social Inequalities Research SO364 Module
Introduction to Social Analytics in Social Inequalities Research SO130 Module
Media, Audiences and Social Change SO254 Module
Multivariate Secondary Analysis of Social Data SO2G7 Module
PO91Q: Fundamentals in Qunatitative Research PO91Q Module
Postcolonial Theory and Politics SO356 Module
Postcolonial Theory and Politics SO9C8 Module
Powerful Feelings: Emotion as Social and Political SO264 Module
QS106:Understanding Social Inequalities: Issues and Methods QS106 Module
QS903:Advanced Quantitative Researach QS903 Module
QS904:Research Design, Workflow and Data Management QS904 Module
QS906:Big Data Research: Hype or Revolution? QS906 Module
Queering Sociology SO9D1 Module
Queering Sociology SO358 Module
Religion, Rights and Social Justice SO354 Module
Religions in Contemporary Western Societies SO9D9 Module
Researching inequality: race, class and gender in global perspective SO9D4 Module
SO110:Social Welfare in Britain SO110 Module
SO112:International Perspectives on Gender SO112 Module
SO113:Media Sociology SO113 Module
SO114:Sociological Perspectives SO114 Module
SO115:Researching Society & Culture SO115 Module
SO116:Sociology of Gender SO116 Module
SO118:Life of Media: Past, Present and Future SO118 Module
SO119:Media, Audiences and Social Change SO119 Module
SO120:Researching Society and Culture SO120 Module
SO121:Understanding Social Research SO121 Module
SO122:Race and the Making of the Modern World SO122 Module
SO123:Sociology of Education SO123 Module
SO124:War, Memory and Society SO124 Module
SO126:Class and Capitalism in the Neoliberal World SO126 Module
SO127:Crime and Society SO127 Module
SO128:History of Sociological Thought SO128 Module
SO201:Surveys, Secondary Analysis and Social Statistics SO201 Module
SO221:Theoretical Ideas in Sociology SO221 Module
SO223:Sociology of Knowledge, Science and the Intellectuals SO223 Module
SO227:Contemporary Health Issues SO227 Module
SO228:Politics of Food and Nutrition: National and International Perspectives SO228 Module
SO231:Transformations: Gender, Reproduction and Contemporary Society SO231 Module
SO232:Money SO232 Module
SO234:Visual Sociology SO234 Module
SO236:Gender, Culture and Popular Media: Femininities, Feminisms and the Social Construction of Masculinities SO236 Module
SO238:Social Research Methods SO238 Module
SO239:Bodies, Property and Politics SO239 Module
SO240:Commercial Cultures in Global Capitalism SO240 Module
SO241:Political Sociology SO241 Module
SO242:Practice of Qualitative Research SO242 Module
SO243:Practice of Quantitative Research SO243 Module
SO244:Educational Inequalities SO244 Module
SO245:Modern Social Theory SO245 Module
SO246:Methods and Practice of Quantitative Research SO246 Module
SO247:Relationship and Family Change: Demographic and Sociological Perspectives SO247 Module
SO248:Sociology of Health and Medicine SO248 Module
SO249:Becoming Yourself: The Construction of the Self in Contemporary Western Societies SO249 Module
SO256:Gender Crime and Justice SO256 Module
SO258: Surveillance and Security: Race, Gender, Class SO258 Module
SO259: Disability Inequality and the Life Course SO259 Module
SO2G5: Culture and the Arts in Education and Society SO2G5 Module
SO2G8: Policing and Society SO2G8 Module
SO301:Dissertation SO301 Module
SO305:Sociology of Developing Societies SO305 Module
SO306:Sociology of Education SO306 Module
SO307:The Sociology of Health and Illness SO307 Module
SO310:Political Sociology SO310 Module
SO323:Sexuality, Power and Discourse SO323 Module
SO326:Population and Social Change SO326 Module
SO328:Creating Social Europe: Comparative Social Policy SO328 Module
SO329:Youth and Society: Problems and Policies SO329 Module
SO330:'Race', Difference & the Inclusive Society SO330 Module
SO331:Technologies of the Gendered Body SO331 Module
SO333:Global Sociology SO333 Module
SO334:Animals, Society and Culture SO334 Module
SO336:Social Movements and Political Action SO336 Module
SO337:Racism and Xenophobia SO337 Module
SO338:Ethnography and the Anthropological Tradition SO338 Module
SO339:Capitalism and Religion SO339 Module
SO340:Economic Sociology SO340 Module
SO341:Transnationalism and New Media SO341 Module
SO342:Race, Resistance and Modernity SO342 Module
SO344:Sociology of Knowledge, Science and Intellectuals SO344 Module
SO345:Beastly Sociology SO345 Module
SO348:Multivariate Secondary Analysis of Social Data SO348 Module
SO349:Sociology of Mental Health and Illness SO349 Module
SO350:Punishment, Justice & Control SO350 Module
SO351:Politics of Asylum SO351 Module
SO363: Sociology of End Times SO363 Module
SO907:Research Process and Research Design SO907 Module
SO914:Researching Society SO914 Module
SO915:Qualitative Methods in Social Research SO915 Module
SO916:Quantitative Methods in Social Research SO916 Module
SO917:Critical Health and Social Policy SO917 Module
SO918:Restructuring Welfare: European Perspectives SO918 Module
SO923:Gender, Imperialism and International Development SO923 Module
SO929:Gender Analysis and Development Practice SO929 Module
SO944:Dissertation SO944 Module
SO945:Social Theory and Politics I SO945 Module
SO947:Sociology of Modernity SO947 Module
SO949:Social Theory and Politics II SO949 Module
SO954:Sociology of Modernity II SO954 Module
SO960:International Perspectives in Sociology of Education Policy & Practice I SO960 Module
SO967:The Sociology of Body, Pain and Emotions SO967 Module
SO996:Feminist Epistemologies in Action SO996 Module
SO997:Critical Issues in National and International Food Policy SO997 Module
SO998:Sex, Gender & Power: Social Processes at Work SO998 Module
SO9A1:Sociology and Postcolonialism SO9A1 Module
SO9A4:Researching Science: Media & Public Policy in the 21st Century SO9A4 Module
SO9A5:Animals in Society SO9A5 Module
SO9A6:Philosophies of Social Science SO9A6 Module
SO9A7:Critical Readings in Social Theory SO9A7 Module
SO9A8:Neuroscience, Self and Society: Sociological Agendas SO9A8 Module
SO9A9:Media and Social Theory SO9A9 Module
SO9B0:Feminist Theory and Epistemology: Debates and Dilemmas SO9B0 Module
SO9B1:Death, Sovereignty and Power in the (Post) Colony SO9B1 Module
SO9B2:Cultures of Life, Authority and Power in Modernity SO9B2 Module
SO9B3:Capitalism, State and Market SO9B3 Module
SO9B4:Market Life: Wealth and Poverty in Global Capitalism SO9B4 Module
SO9B6:Religion, Rights and Social Justice SO9B6 Module
SO9B7:Researching Cities, Communities and Urban Life SO9B7 Module
SO9B8:Social Research for Social Change SO9B8 Module
SO9B9:Sociology in a Biological Age: Power, Sociality, and Difference SO9B9 Module
SO9C0:Sociology of Human Rights SO9C0 Module
SO9C1:State of the Art of Sociology SO9C1 Module
SO9C2:Understanding Social Science SO9C2 Module
SO9C3:The Sociology of End Times SO9C3 Module
SO9C4:Religion, Militancy and Terror SO9C4 Module
SO9C5:The Sociology of Urban Life SO9C5 Module
SO9C6:Social Theory and Social Justice SO9C6 Module
SO9D2: Indigenous and Global South Feminisms SO9D2 Module
SO9D3: Prisons, Punishment and Penal Policy: A comparative perspective SO9D3 Module
Social Data Science SO9D6 Module
Social Data Science SO365 Module
Sociology in the Workplace SO361 Module
Sociology in the Workplace (Placement) SO362 Module
State Crime, Human Rights and Global Wrongs SO360 Module
Study Year Abroad SO257 Module
The Reproducibility Crisis: A Survival Course for Social Scientists QS307 Module
The Sociology of Green Transformations SO368 Module
The Sociology of Urban Life SO355 Module
Transnational Media Ecologies SO9C9 Module
War, Memory and Society SO253 Module
Youth, Crime and Criminal Justice SO265 Module

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