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Approximation Theory and Applications PX922 Module
Astrophysics Laboratory I PX151 Module
Astrophysics Laboratory II and Skills PX283 Module
Biomolecular simulation PX923 Module
CO901:Networks, Self-Organisation & Emergence CO901 Module
CO902:Probabilistic and Statistical Inference CO902 Module
CO903:Complexity & Chaos in Dynamical Systems CO903 Module
CO904:Statistical Mechanics & its Applications to Complex Systems CO904 Module
CO905:Stochastic Models of Complex Systems CO905 Module
CO907:Quantifying Correlation & Complexity CO907 Module
CO908:Research Project: Chemistry CO908 Module
CO909:Research Project: Mathematics CO909 Module
CO910:Research Project: Biology CO910 Module
CO911:Research Project: Physics CO911 Module
CO912:Research Project: Computer Science CO912 Module
CO913:Research Project: Engineering CO913 Module
CO914:Research Project: Statistics CO914 Module
CO915:Research Project: Business Studies CO915 Module
CO916:Research Project: Economics CO916 Module
CO917:Research Project: Medical Education CO917 Module
CO918:Research Project: Systems Biology CO918 Module
CO919:Research Project: Psychology CO919 Module
CO920:Research Project: Complexity CO920 Module
CO921:Research Project: Manufacturing CO921 Module
CO923:Computational Methods for Complex Systems CO923 Module
Computational Plasma Physics PX917 Module
Dissertation PX916 Module
DST Module 10: Biomedical Optics and Advanced Microscopy Techniques PX908 Module
DST Module 2: Properties and Characterization of Materials PX904 Module
DST Module 3: Defects and Dopants PX905 Module
DST Module 5: Manufacturing the Future: Industrial Diamond PX906 Module
DST Module 8: Diamond Photonics and Quantum Devices PX907 Module
Electricity and Magnetism PX157 Module
Electronic structure theory for experiments and models PX918 Module
Environmental Physics PX280 Module
Galaxies and Cosmology PX3A6 Module
Homogenisation of Nonlinear Heterogeneous Solids PX920 Module
Introduction to Scientific Software Development PX913 Module
Micro & Nano Flows across Scales & Phases PX921 Module
Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems Group Project and Peer-to-peer Project Evaluation (PX915-30) PX924 Module
Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems Group Project and UQ Project Evaluation PX915 Module
Multiscale Modelling Methods & Applications I PX911 Module
Multiscale Modelling Methods & Applications II PX912 Module
Physics of Life and Medicine PX3A8 Module
Predictive Modelling and Uncertainty Quantification PX914 Module
PX101:Quantum Phenomena PX101 Module
PX110:Physics Laboratory PX110 Module
PX118:Waves PX118 Module
PX121:Thermal Physics I PX121 Module
PX129:Tutorial PX129 Module
PX140:Electronics Workshop PX140 Module
PX144:Introduction to Astronomy PX144 Module
PX145:Physics Foundations PX145 Module
PX146:Key Skills for Physics PX146 Module
PX147:Introduction to Particle Physics PX147 Module
PX148:Classical Mechanics & Special Relativity PX148 Module
PX149:Mathematics for Physicists PX149 Module
PX150:Physics programming workshop PX150 Module
PX152: Physics Laboratory PX152 Module
PX153: Maths for Physicists PX153 Module
PX154: Physics Foundations PX154 Module
PX155: Mechanics and Relativity PX155 Module
PX156: Quantum Phenomena PX156 Module
PX158: Astronomy PX158 Module
PX159: Programming Workshop PX159 Module
PX160: Tutorial PX160 Module
PX260:Mathematical Methods for Physicists I PX260 Module
PX261:Mathematical Methods for Physicists II PX261 Module
PX262:Quantum Mechanics and its Applications PX262 Module
PX263:Electromagnetic Theory and Optics PX263 Module
PX264:Physics of Fluids PX264 Module
PX265:Thermal Physics II PX265 Module
PX266:Geophysics PX266 Module
PX267:Hamiltonian Mechanics PX267 Module
PX268:Stars PX268 Module
PX269:Galaxies PX269 Module
PX270:C Programming PX270 Module
PX271:Physics Skills PX271 Module
PX272:Global Warming PX272 Module
PX273:Physics of Electrical Power Generation PX273 Module
PX274:Principles of Particle Detection PX274 Module
PX275:Mathematical Methods for Physicists PX275 Module
PX276:Methods of Mathematical Physics PX276 Module
PX277:Computational Physics PX277 Module
PX279: The Solar System PX279 Module
PX281: Computational Physics PX281 Module
PX282: Stars and the Solar System PX282 Module
PX284: Statistical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory and Optics PX284 Module
PX285: Hamiltonian and Fluid Mechanics PX285 Module
PX286: Methods of Mathematical Physics PX286 Module
PX308:Physics in Medicine PX308 Module
PX319:Physics Project PX319 Module
PX350:The Weather and the Environment PX350 Module
PX366:Statistical Physics PX366 Module
PX370:Optoelectronics and Laser Physics PX370 Module
PX376:Communicating Science PX376 Module
PX382:Quantum Physics of Atoms PX382 Module
PX384:Electrodynamics PX384 Module
PX385:Condensed Matter Physics PX385 Module
PX386:Nuclear and Particle Physics PX386 Module
PX387:Astrophysics PX387 Module
PX388:Magnetic Resonance PX388 Module
PX389:Cosmology PX389 Module
PX390:Scientific Programming PX390 Module
PX391:Nonlinearity, Chaos and Complexity PX391 Module
PX392:Plasma Electrodynamics PX392 Module
PX393:Crystal Physics PX393 Module
PX394:Electrons in Solids PX394 Module
PX395:The Standard Model PX395 Module
PX396:Nuclear Physics PX396 Module
PX397:Galaxies PX397 Module
PX3A2: Quantum Physics of Atoms PX3A2 Module
PX3A7: Statistical Physics PX3A7 Module
PX3A9-15: Black Holes, White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars PX3A9 Module
PX402:Project PX402 Module
PX408:Relativistic Quantum Mechanics PX408 Module
PX416:High Energy Astrophysics PX416 Module
PX420:Solar Magnetohydrodynamics PX420 Module
PX421:Relativity & Electrodynamics PX421 Module
PX423:Kinetic Theory PX423 Module
PX424:Physics Group Project PX424 Module
PX425:High Performance Computing in Physics PX425 Module
PX428:Physics Laboratory PX428 Module
PX429:Scattering and Spectroscopy PX429 Module
PX430:Gauge Theories for Particle Physics PX430 Module
PX431:Structure & Dynamics of Solids PX431 Module
PX432:Functional Properties of Solids PX432 Module
PX434:The Standard Model of Particle Physics PX434 Module
PX435:Neutrino Physics PX435 Module
PX436:General Relativity PX436 Module
PX437:Exo-Planets PX437 Module
PX438:Physics for Fusion Power PX438 Module
PX439:Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems PX439 Module
PX440:Mathematical Methods for Physicists III PX440 Module
PX441:Quantum Theory of Interacting Particles PX441 Module
PX442:Laboratory for Mathematics & Physics Students PX442 Module
PX443:Planets, Exo-planets and Life PX443 Module
PX444:The Distant Universe PX444 Module
PX445:Advanced Particle Physics PX445 Module
PX446:Condensed Matter Physics II PX446 Module
PX453: Advanced Quantum Theory PX453 Module
PX454: Theoretical Particle Physics PX454 Module
PX455: Frontiers of Particle Physics PX455 Module
PX456: Solar and Space Physics PX456 Module
PX457: High Performance Computing PX457 Module
PX902:The Application of Physical Principles in Medicine PX902 Module
PX903:Advanced Electron Microscopy PX903 Module
Quantum Chemistry Quantum Chemistry PX919 Module
Quantum Computation and Simulation PX447 Module
Study Year Abroad PX278 Module
The Distant Universe PX458 Module
The Earth and Its Atmosphere PX399 Module

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