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Advanced Issues in Mental Health Research PS936 Module
Aggression and Violence PS374 Module
Behavioural and Data Science Project PS928 Module
Consumer Psychology and Marketing PS377 Module
Core Foundations of Mental Health and Wellbeing PS937 Module
DTC Social Science Research Dissertation PS929 Module
Evolution and Primate Origins of Human Behaviour PS375 Module
Exploring Minds: Biological, Digital, and Mystical Varieties of Knowing PS373 Module
From Stress to Health in the Workplace PS932 Module
Health and Wellbeing Interventions in the Real-World: What Helps and What Harms PS934 Module
Interventions and Technologies for Behaviour Change PS935 Module
Linguistics and Psychology Project PS369 Module
Placement, Outreach and Engagement PS376 Module
PS111:Brain & Behaviour PS111 Module
PS112:Psychology in Context PS112 Module
PS113:Statistical Methods in Psychology PS113 Module
PS114:Research Methods in Psychology PS114 Module
PS115:Topics in Psychology PS115 Module
PS116:Academic Skills for Psychologists PS116 Module
PS117: Becoming a Psychologist PS117 Module
PS120: Neuropsychology & Psychopathology PS120 Module
PS121: Brain & Behaviour PS121 Module
PS122: Psychology in Context (Terms 1 & 2) PS122 Module
PS123: Psychology in the Real World 1 PS123 Module
PS124: Psychology in the Real World 2 PS124 Module
PS125: Research and statistical methods for psychology students PS125 Module
PS201:Individual Differences PS201 Module
PS210:Language and Cognition PS210 Module
PS211:Perception, Planning and Action PS211 Module
PS215:Methods in Psychology II PS215 Module
PS216:Second Year Project PS216 Module
PS218:Developmental Psychology PS218 Module
PS219:Psychobiology PS219 Module
PS220:Social Psychology PS220 Module
PS302:Third Year Project PS302 Module
PS321:Ethology and Sociobiology PS321 Module
PS332:The Self in Social Psychology PS332 Module
PS341:Cognitive Science PS341 Module
PS342:Memory & Cognition PS342 Module
PS343:Health Psychology PS343 Module
PS346:Perspectives in Clinical and Counselling Psychology PS346 Module
PS347:Applied Cognitive Science PS347 Module
PS348:Issues in Families and Development PS348 Module
PS349:Psychology of Ageing PS349 Module
PS350:Body Perception: Neurons to Experience PS350 Module
PS351:Psychology and the Law PS351 Module
PS353:Developmental Psychopathology PS353 Module
PS355:Attention PS355 Module
PS358:Theories and Research on Emotion PS358 Module
PS359:Persuasion and Influence PS359 Module
PS360:Theoretical Issues in Nonverbal Behaviour PS360 Module
PS361: Words and Reading PS361 Module
PS362:Sleep and Health PS362 Module
PS363:Genes and Behaviour PS363 Module
PS364:Human Sexuality PS364 Module
PS365:Animal Communication and Cognition PS365 Module
PS366:Implications and Applications of Behavioural Science PS366 Module
PS367:Psychology across Cultures PS367 Module
PS371: Animal Behaviour PS371 Module
PS372: The Psychology of Intellectual Disabilities and Sensory Impairments PS372 Module
PS378: Positive Psychology PS378 Module
PS379: Negotiation and Influence PS379 Module
PS901:Computational Modelling in Psychology PS901 Module
PS902:Research Project in Psychology PS902 Module
PS903:Communication, Dissemination, and other Professional Issues PS903 Module
PS904:Practical Research Skills for Psychology PS904 Module
PS906:Experimental Design and Data Collection PS906 Module
PS907:Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis PS907 Module
PS910:Clinical Psychology in Adult Mental Health PS910 Module
PS911:Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology PS911 Module
PS912:Clinical Psychology of Older Adults PS912 Module
PS914:Case Study Seminar PS914 Module
PS915:Audit Placement Project PS915 Module
PS916:Research Project PS916 Module
PS917:Project Proposal PS917 Module
PS918:Psychological Models of Choice PS918 Module
PS919:Behavioural Science: Implications & Applications PS919 Module
PS922:Issues in Psychological Science PS922 Module
PS923:Methods & Analysis in Behavioural Science PS923 Module
PS924:Psychological Research Laboratory Placement 1 PS924 Module
PS925:Psychological Research Laboratory Placement 2 PS925 Module
PS926:Psychological Research Short Laboratory Placement PS926 Module
PS927:Neuroeconomics PS927 Module
PS931: Bayesian Approaches in Behavioural Science PS931 Module
Psychology and Linguistics Project PS370 Module
Study Abroad Part Year PS224 Module
Study Year Abroad PS222 Module
Work Placement and Project PS930 Module
Work Placement Full Year PS223 Module
Work Placement Part Year PS221 Module
Workplace Skills PS933 Module

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