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21st Century Challenges and Public Policy Solutions PO256 Module
Britain and the European Union PO9A8 Module
Diasporas and States in World Politics PO9E5 Module
Doctoral Thesis Writing in Politics and International Studies PO961 Module
Doctoral Thesis Writing in Politics and International studies PO981 Module
Dynamics of Nuclear Proliferation PO3A1 Module
Economic Cultures and Global Flows: Rethinking International Political Economy PO9B6 Module
Gender, War and Militarism PO3A7 Module
Global Energy Challenge PO3A4 Module
Governing Islamic Economies PO9B8 Module
Introduction to Causal Inference in Quantitative Political Analysis PO22Q Module
Introduction to Comparative Public Policy PO255 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Political Analysis I PO136 Module
Issues and Actors in the Global Economic Governance PO9C2 Module
Issues and Cases in the Politics of International Trade PO9C1 Module
Issues in International Development PO9C3 Module
Issues in IPE PO9C4 Module
Justice and Future Generations PO9C6 Module
PAIS Double Masters Dissertation PO9E3 Module
PO102:Political Research in the 21st Century PO102 Module
PO107:Introduction to Politics PO107 Module
PO11Q: Introduction to Quantitative Political Analysis I PO11Q Module
PO12Q: Introduction to Quantitative Political Analysis II PO12Q Module
PO131:World Politics PO131 Module
PO132:Contemporary Themes in Comparative Politics PO132 Module
PO133:Foundations of Political Economy PO133 Module
PO134: Justice, Democracy and Citizenship PO134 Module
PO135:Nine Ideas in International Security PO135 Module
PO201:Political Theory From Hobbes PO201 Module
PO203:Politics of International Development PO203 Module
PO206:Politics in the United Kingdom PO206 Module
PO207:Politics of the U.S.A. PO207 Module
PO212:French Politics PO212 Module
PO213:Politics and Policy PO213 Module
PO219:Theories of International Relations PO219 Module
PO21Q: Replication, Replication, Replication: Putting the Science into Political Science PO21Q Module
PO222:Politics of Contemporary China PO222 Module
PO225:Europe: Politics and Ideas PO225 Module
PO230:States and Markets: An Introduction to International Political Economy PO230 Module
PO231:International Security PO231 Module
PO233:Core Issues in Comparative Politics PO233 Module
PO234:Hong Kong Exchange 1 PO234 Module
PO235:Hong Kong Exchange 2 PO235 Module
PO236:Hong Kong Exchange 3 PO236 Module
PO237:Hong Kong Exchange 4 PO237 Module
PO238:Themes in European Integration PO238 Module
PO239:African Politics in Comparative Perspective PO239 Module
PO240:Capitalism and Its Alternatives PO240 Module
PO241:Gender Matters in Politics and International Studies PO241 Module
PO242:Political Economy and the Liberal-Democratic State PO242 Module
PO243:Power and Resistance in World Politics PO243 Module
PO2C9:Political Geography PO2C9 Module
PO2D0: Public Policy for 21st Century Challenges PO2D0 Module
PO301:Issues in Political Theory PO301 Module
PO333:Political Economic and Legal Problems of European Integration PO333 Module
PO33Q: Determinants of Democracy: Analysing Emergence, Survival, and Fall PO33Q Module
PO353:Gender and Development PO353 Module
PO355:Governing Britain PO355 Module
PO358:European Union Policy-Making PO358 Module
PO364:The Shape and Shadows of The Cold War PO364 Module
PO365:Middle East Regional Relations PO365 Module
PO366:Dissertation PO366 Module
PO374:Politics of Globalization PO374 Module
PO379:United States Foreign Policy PO379 Module
PO380:Britain & the War on Terror PO380 Module
PO381:Critical Security Studies PO381 Module
PO382:Vigilant State: Understanding Secret Intelligence PO382 Module
PO383:The Politics of Religion PO383 Module
PO384:East Asian Transformations: A Political Economy Perspective PO384 Module
PO385:Political Geography PO385 Module
PO386:PPE Dissertation PO386 Module
PO387:State, Power, Freedom: European Political Theory PO387 Module
PO390:Violence and Reconciliation in Eastern Africa PO390 Module
PO391:The Political Economy of Money PO391 Module
PO392:The Cultural Political Economy of Sport PO392 Module
PO393:The Politics of Economic Policy Making PO393 Module
PO394: Democratic Design PO394 Module
PO396:International Relations of the Americas PO396 Module
PO397:Latin America: Democratization and Development PO397 Module
PO398:Politics and Culture in the Middle East PO398 Module
PO399:Violence, Rights, Justice and Peace in the Middle East PO399 Module
PO3A5: Politics of Climate Change PO3A5 Module
PO3A9: International Politics of Migration, Refugees and Diasporas PO3A9 Module
PO3B1: Discrimination and Appearance PO3B1 Module
PO3B3: Determinants of Democracy PO3B3 Module
PO3B6: Open Political Ideas PO3B6 Module
PO901:Theories and Issues in International Development PO901 Module
PO902:East Asian Development Models and the Political Economy of the Asia/Pacific Region PO902 Module
PO906:Quantitative Data Analysis and Interpretation PO906 Module
PO907:European Security PO907 Module
PO908:Politics of International Trade PO908 Module
PO909:Justice and Equality PO909 Module
PO910:European Integration PO910 Module
PO911:Democratization and Development PO911 Module
PO913:International Relations of the Middle East PO913 Module
PO919:Politics of Global Finance PO919 Module
PO91Q: Fundamentals in Qunatitative Research PO91Q Module
PO920:International Relations of the Asia-Pacific PO920 Module
PO921: Explanation in Social Science PO921 Module
PO923:The Political Theory of Welfare PO923 Module
PO926:Theories and Issues in International Relations PO926 Module
PO92Q: Advanced Quantitative Research PO92Q Module
PO930:Problems of British Economic Management PO930 Module
PO934:Comparative Politics PO934 Module
PO939:Qualitative Methods PO939 Module
PO942:Theories and Issues in International Political Economy PO942 Module
PO943:Dissertation PO943 Module
PO962: Europe and the World PO962 Module
PO966:Concepts and Theories of International Security PO966 Module
PO967:New Security Challenges PO967 Module
PO970:European Security PO970 Module
PO972: Insurgency and Counter-Insurgency: From Sun Tzu to Hybrid War PO972 Module
PO973:Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism PO973 Module
PO974:Theories and Issues in Global Ethics PO974 Module
PO975:New Rising World Powers PO975 Module
PO977:Theories and Traditions in Public Policy PO977 Module
PO978:The CIA and Covert Action PO978 Module
PO979:US Security Policy PO979 Module
PO980:United States Foreign Policy PO980 Module
PO982:The Political Economy of US Security PO982 Module
PO984:The Global Food System PO984 Module
PO985:Civilisation(s), the West and World Order PO985 Module
PO986:Violence in Eastern Africa PO986 Module
PO988:Energy in World Politics PO988 Module
PO989:Global Governance PO989 Module
PO992:Economic Cultures and Global Flows: Rethinking International Political Economy PO992 Module
PO994:Democratic Design PO994 Module
PO995:Social Mobility, Educational Justice and the Family PO995 Module
PO997:The Global Political Economy of the Household PO997 Module
PO998:The Politics of Development in Southeast Asia PO998 Module
PO9A1:Citizenship, Migration and Cultural Diversity PO9A1 Module
PO9A2:Borders and Migration PO9A2 Module
PO9A3:Global Economic Governance PO9A3 Module
PO9A4:Normative Analysis PO9A4 Module
PO9A6:Secrecy and Spies: British Intelligence in the Modern World PO9A6 Module
PO9A7:The Nuclear Question PO9A7 Module
PO9A9:Comparing Rising Powers PO9A9 Module
PO9B1:Contemporary Challenges in Global Economic Governance PO9B1 Module
PO9B2:Critical Issues in the Politics of Global Finance PO9B2 Module
PO9B3:Democratisation and Development PO9B3 Module
PO9B4:East Asian Development: National and regional perspectives PO9B4 Module
PO9B5:East Asian Development Policies PO9B5 Module
PO9B7:Examining Rising Powers PO9B7 Module
PO9B9:International Relations and Security of the Middle East PO9B9 Module
PO9C5:Issues in International Relations PO9C5 Module
PO9C7:New Issues in International Security PO9C7 Module
PO9C9:Politics of the Rise of Global Finance PO9C9 Module
PO9D1:The Changing Nature of War PO9D1 Module
PO9D2: The EU as an International Actor: Engaging with the Neighbourhood PO9D2 Module
PO9D5:The Value of Democracy; What is Democracy for? PO9D5 Module
PO9D7:Theories in International Relations PO9D7 Module
PO9D9:Transitional Justice and International Development PO9D9 Module
PO9E6:Cyber-security: War, Spies, Crime and Protest on the Internet PO9E6 Module
PO9E7: Data Visualization for International Politics PO9E7 Module
PO9E9:Urban Warfare: Past Present and Future PO9E9 Module
PO9F4: Climate Justice and the Transition to a Sustainable World PO9F4 Module
PO9F5: Energy Security PO9F5 Module
Politics in Eastern Africa PO2D1 Module
Politics of International Trade PO9D4 Module
QS104:Introduction to Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences I QS104 Module
QS105:Introduction to Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences II QS105 Module
QS202:Intermediate Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences I QS202 Module
QS203:Intermediate Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences II QS203 Module
QS204:Intermediate Social Analytics: Survey Design and Data Collection QS204 Module
QS205: Intermediate Social Analytics: Survey Analysis and Reporting QS205 Module
QS305:Numbers in the Workplace (Placement) QS305 Module
QS308: Public Opinion QS308 Module
QS309:Determinants of Democracy: Analysing Emergence, Survival, and Fall QS309 Module
QS901:Index Construction in International Development QS901 Module
QS902:Issues of Missing Data in Development Studies QS902 Module
Quantitative Approaches to the Environment PO9F1 Module
Quantitative Dissertation PO3A3 Module
Race and International Politics PO3A8 Module
Religion in Global Politics PO9E8 Module
Russia in World Politics PO3B2 Module
Socio-Political Transformation in the Middle East PO9E2 Module
Study Abroad North America Module 1 PO2D2 Module
Study Abroad North America Module 2 PO2D9 Module
Study Abroad North America Module 3 POD28 Module
Study Abroad North America Module 3 PO2D8 Module
Study Abroad North America Module 4 PO2D7 Module
Study Abroad North America Module 5 PO2D6 Module
Study Abroad North America Module 6 PO2D5 Module
Study Abroad North America Module 7 PO2D4 Module
Study Abroad North America Module 8 PO2D3 Module
Study Abroad Part-Year PO250 Module
Study Year Abroad PO251 Module
The EU in International Affairs: Concepts and Themes PO9E1 Module
The Future of Work PO3A6 Module
The Global Politics of Nuclear Weapons PO9C8 Module
The New Diplomacy PO9E4 Module
The Nuclear Question PO9D3 Module
The Political Economy of Islam in Southeast Asia Term 1 PO3A0 Module
The Political Economy of Southeast Asia PO254 Module
Theories in IPE PO9D6 Module
Theories of and Actors in International Development PO9D8 Module
United States Foreign Policy and National Security PO983 Module
War in the Twenty-First Century PO3A2 Module
Work Placement Part-Year PO253 Module
Work Placement Year PO252 Module

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