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Benjamin, Lukacs, Brecht, Adorno: The Search for Revolutionary Aesthetics PH967 Module
Bergsonism PH9GH Module
Classics of Analytic Philosophy PH9G2 Module
Classics of Analytic Philosophy PH374 Module
Colour and Meaning HA958 Module
Contemporary Biopolitical Thought PH257 Module
Democracy and Authority PH9GG Module
Emerson, Thoreau and Philosophy as a Way of Life PH9GJ Module
Feminism PH9G9 Module
Introduction to Chinese Philosophy PH3A6 Module
Key Debates in Moral and Political Philosophy PH149 Module
Making Decisions PH9G3 Module
Making Decisions PH375 Module
Origins of Mind: Philosophical Issues in Cognitive Development PH9GF Module
PH102:Introduction to Ancient Philosophy PH102 Module
PH107:Problems in Philosophy and Literature PH107 Module
PH121:Issues In Philosophy PH121 Module
PH122:Doing Philosophy PH122 Module
PH123:Elements of Scientific Method PH123 Module
PH126:Logic 1: Introduction to Symbolic Logic PH126 Module
PH128:Descartes and Mill PH128 Module
PH130:Meaning and Communication PH130 Module
PH131:Doing Philosophy of Mathematics PH131 Module
PH132:Ideas of Freedom PH132 Module
PH133:Introduction to Philosophy PH133 Module
PH134:Introduction to Philosophy (for outside students) Without Logic PH134 Module
PH135:Introduction to Philosophy (for Philosophy and Literature) PH135 Module
PH136:Logic 1. Introduction to Symbolic Logic for Non-Philosophy Students PH136 Module
PH137:Philosophy in Practice PH137 Module
PH138:Descartes and Mill (for non-Philosophy students) PH138 Module
PH139:Doing Philosophical Psychology PH139 Module
PH140:Introduction to Ancient Philosophy PH140 Module
PH141:Issues in Philosophy (for non-Philosophy Students) PH141 Module
PH142:Central Themes in Philosophy PH142 Module
PH143:Existence, Experience, History: Key Topics in Continental Philosophy PH143 Module
PH144:Mind and Reality PH144 Module
PH145:Plato and Descartes PH145 Module
PH146:Reason, Argument and Analysis PH146 Module
PH147:Introduction to Philosophy, Politics and Law PH147 Module
PH1xx: Chinese Philosophy PH1XX Module
PH201:History of Modern Philosophy PH201 Module
PH210:Logic II : Metatheory PH210 Module
PH211:Ethics I PH211 Module
PH212:Ethics II PH212 Module
PH214:Philosophy of Science PH214 Module
PH238:Consciousness & Reality PH238 Module
PH240:Philosophy of Mind I PH240 Module
PH243:The Rationalists PH243 Module
PH244:Words and Things PH244 Module
PH248:Aesthetics: Art, Beauty and the Sublime PH248 Module
PH249:Aesthetics II PH249 Module
PH251:Metaphysics PH251 Module
PH252: Epistemology PH252 Module
PH253:Philosophy of Mind PH253 Module
PH255:Interdisciplinary Topics PH255 Module
PH304:Textual Studies PH304 Module
PH307:Philosophy of Religion PH307 Module
PH313:Dissertation PH313 Module
PH325:Wittgenstein PH325 Module
PH329:Truth, Consequence, and Paradox PH329 Module
PH330:Philosophy of Social Science PH330 Module
PH331:Principles of Political Economy PH331 Module
PH332:Sartre and Existentialism PH332 Module
PH333:Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy II PH333 Module
PH334:Nietzsche in Context PH334 Module
PH335:Hegel in Context PH335 Module
PH336:Principles of Political Economy: Economics & Politics PH336 Module
PH337:Principles of Political Economy: Economics & Philosophy PH337 Module
PH338:Principles of Political Economy: Philosophy & Politics PH338 Module
PH339:Ancient Philosophy PH339 Module
PH340:Logic III: Incompleteness and Undecidability PH340 Module
PH341:Modal Logic PH341 Module
PH342:Philosophy of Mathematics PH342 Module
PH344:Contemporary Political Philosophy: Rawlsian Liberalism & Justice PH344 Module
PH345:Philosophy of Computation PH345 Module
PH346:Issues in Contemporary Aesthetics PH346 Module
PH347:Philosophy of Photography PH347 Module
PH348:Genealogy and Critique of Neoliberalism: Foucault and Bataille PH348 Module
PH349:Heidegger's Ontology PH349 Module
PH351:Actions, Reasons and Values PH351 Module
PH352:Authority and Democracy PH352 Module
PH353:Independent Project PH353 Module
PH354:Aristotle PH354 Module
PH355:Philosophy of Education PH355 Module
PH356:Post-Kantian Social and Political Philosophy: Hegel and Marx PH356 Module
PH357:Origins of Mind: Philosophical Issues in Cognitive Development PH357 Module
PH358:Feminism PH358 Module
PH359:Joint Action: Which Forms of Shared Agency underpin our Social Nature PH359 Module
PH360:Business Ethics PH360 Module
PH361:Perception and Cognition: What does Psychology tell us about the Nature of Perception? PH361 Module
PH362:Hobbes and Rosseau PH362 Module
PH364:Social Cognition: What makes others' minds and actions intelligible to us? PH364 Module
PH365:Philosophy, Literature and Film PH365 Module
PH366:The Ethics of Sociability PH366 Module
PH367:Philosophy through Film PH367 Module
PH368:Philosophy of Religion PH368 Module
PH369:Philosophy and the Good Life PH369 Module
PH370:Montaigne's Essays PH370 Module
PH371:The Aesthetics of Music PH371 Module
PH372:The Ethics of Sociability PH372 Module
PH373:Philosophy of Time PH373 Module
PH380: Moral Psychology PH380 Module
PH381: Philosophy of the Emotions PH381 Module
PH382: Democracy and Authority PH382 Module
PH387: Finding a Way Through Life: Daoism and Chinese Philosophy PH387 Module
PH3A9: Philosophy of Nature PH3A9 Module
PH3B6: Moral Epistemology PH3B6 Module
PH917:The Problems of Modernity PH917 Module
PH919:Consciousness and Reality PH919 Module
PH922:Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit PH922 Module
PH923:Hegel's Science of Logic PH923 Module
PH924:Nietzsche PH924 Module
PH925:Bergsonism PH925 Module
PH929:Foucault as an Ethicist PH929 Module
PH936:Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigations PH936 Module
PH948:Kant's Critique of Pure Reason PH948 Module
PH955:Origins of Phenomenology PH955 Module
PH975:Dissertation (10,000) PH975 Module
PH980:Consciousness and Self-Consciousness l PH980 Module
PH995:Topics in Continental Philosophy PH995 Module
PH996:Literature and Knowledge PH996 Module
PH997:Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology PH997 Module
PH998:Topics in Philosophy of Mind and Language PH998 Module
PH999:The Rationalists PH999 Module
PH9A5:Topics in 20th Century French Philosophy I PH9A5 Module
PH9A6:Topics in 20th Century French Philosophy II PH9A6 Module
PH9A9:Self-Knowledge PH9A9 Module
PH9B1:Kant's Aesthetics PH9B1 Module
PH9B3:History of Modern Philosophy PH9B3 Module
PH9B5:Ethics I PH9B5 Module
PH9B6:Ethics II PH9B6 Module
PH9B7:Philosophy of Science PH9B7 Module
PH9B9:Philosophy of Thought and Language I PH9B9 Module
PH9C1:Aesthetics I PH9C1 Module
PH9C2:Metaphysics PH9C2 Module
PH9C4:Philosophy of Mind PH9C4 Module
PH9C6:Philosophy of Religion PH9C6 Module
PH9C8:Philosophy of Logic PH9C8 Module
PH9C9:Philosophy of Social Science PH9C9 Module
PH9D0:Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy I PH9D0 Module
PH9D1:Post-Kantian Continental Philosophy I PH9D1 Module
PH9D2:Post-Kantian Continental Philosophy II PH9D2 Module
PH9D3:Ancient Philosophy PH9D3 Module
PH9D4:Modal Logic PH9D4 Module
PH9D5:Philosophy of Mathematics PH9D5 Module
PH9D6:Contemporary Political Philosophy: Rawlsian Liberalism & Justice PH9D6 Module
PH9D8:Issues in Contemporary Aesthetics PH9D8 Module
PH9E1:Heidegger's Ontology PH9E1 Module
PH9E3:Topics in Moral and Political Philosophy PH9E3 Module
PH9E4:Time and Experience PH9E4 Module
PH9E5:Descartes' Meditations PH9E5 Module
PH9E6:Post-Kantian Social and Political Philosophy: Hegel and Marx PH9E6 Module
PH9E7:Authority and Democracy PH9E7 Module
PH9F0:Origins of Mind: Philosophical Issues in Cognitive Development PH9F0 Module
PH9F1:Logic III: Incompleteness and Undecidability PH9F1 Module
PH9F2:Research Methods PH9F2 Module
PH9F3:Deleuze and Philosophy: Empiricism and Naturalism PH9F3 Module
PH9F4:Aristotle's Physics PH9F4 Module
PH9F5:Hegel's Aesthetics PH9F5 Module
PH9F6:Critiques of Enlightenment in Post-Kantian German Philosophy PH9F6 Module
PH9F7:Topics in Philosophy and the Arts PH9F7 Module
PH9F8:Philosophical Psychology: Action, Perception and Metarepresentation PH9F8 Module
PH9GA:Philosophy of Photography PH9GA Module
PH9GB:Philosophy through Film PH9GB Module
PH9GE: Genealogy, Epistemology and Critique PH9GE Module
PH9GP: Moral Epistemology PH9GP Module
Philosophical Anthropology PH377 Module
Philosophical Issues in Behavioural Science PH378 Module
Philosophical Issues in Behavioural Sciences PH9G5 Module
Philosophy and the Good Life: The Hellenistics and the Moderns PH9G8 Module
Philosophy for the Real World: Knowledge, Ignorance and Bullshit PH148 Module
Philosophy in a Time of Crisis PH383 Module
Philosophy of Evil PH3A7 Module
PHxxx: Philosophy of Comparisons PHXXX Module
Post-Kantian Social and Political Philosophy: Hegel and Marx PH9GK Module
PPL Dissertation PH3A8 Module
Practical Knowledge PH9G0 Module
Race and Philosophy PH260 Module
Study Year Abroad PH258 Module
The Ethics of Sociability PH9G7 Module
The History of Scepticism PH3A5 Module
The Philosophy of Love and Sex PH9G4 Module
The Philosophy of Love and Sex PH376 Module
The Philosophy of Nature PH363 Module
The Philosophy of Terrorism and Counterterrorism PH379 Module
The Philosophy of Terrorism and Counterterrorism PH9G6 Module
The ‘Religion of Art’ in Post-Kantian Philosophy PH9GM Module
Topics in Philosophy and Literature PH384 Module
Work Placement Year PH259 Module
World Philosophies PH150 Module

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