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Advanced workshop for nurses: Clinical scenarios for managing warfarin and direct oral anticoagulants NT956 Module
Anticoagulation Management - practice and theory NT900A02 Module
Anticoagulation Management - practice and theory NT900A01 Module
Anticoagulation Management for HCAs and Assistant Practitioners NT952 Module
Anticoagulation Update Day NT954 Module
Artrial Fibrillation Management and Stroke Prevention NT963 Module
Assessment in Medical Education NT910 Module
B706:Diabetes Care (External) B706 Course
B709:Diabetes Care (On-Site Courses) B709 Course
B710:Diabetes Care (Distance Delivery Courses) B710 Course
B716:Management of Diabetes in Hospital Clinical Areas B716 Course
B720:Management of Diabetes in Hospital Clinical Areas (Online) B720 Course
B722:Diabetes Care (Blended Learning) B722 Course
B723:Optimising Glycaemic Control B723 Course
Certificate in Diabetes Care Blended Course NT958 Module
Certificate in Diabetes Care Online NT959 Module
Certificate in Diabetes Care Onsite NT957 Module
Core Principles of Diabetes NT902 Module
Diabetes in Special Circumstances NT907 Module
Digital Communication for Health NT950 Module
Dissertation (Health and Wellbeing) ME956 Module
Effective Teaching in Medical Education NT911 Module
Essentials of Medical Education NT915 Module
Evidence and Values in Medical Education NT914 Module
Frontier Techniques and Research Skills in Biomedicine MD997 Module
Getting Mindfulness into Clinical Practice MD303 Module
Infant Mental Health Online NT951 Module
Introduction to Anticoagulation NT953 Module
Introduction to Management in Health Service Organisations MH928A1 Module
Introduction to Management in Health Service Organisations MH928A2 Module
Learning Technologies in Medical Education NT912 Module
Macrovascular Complications of Diabetes NT906 Module
Management and Leadership in Medical Education NT913 Module
Management of Diabetes in Hospital Clinical Areas NT961 Module
Management of DVT and PE within Primary Care NT955 Module
Mathematical Modelling of Biomedical Systems MD9A5 Module
MD900:Assessment in Clinical Education MD900 Module
MD900A01:Assessment in Clinical Education MD900A01 Module
MD906:Evidence and Values in Clinical Education MD906 Module
MD907:Becoming an Effective Teacher MD907 Module
MD907A01:Becoming an Effective Teacher MD907A01 Module
MD908:Core Concepts in Philosophy, Psychopathology and Ethics of Mental Health MD908 Module
MD909:Ethics, Jurisprudence, Mental Health & Society MD909 Module
MD90A:Pathways to the Public Health Workplace MD90A Module
MD910:Health Care Ethics MD910 Module
MD911:Philosophy of Mind & Mental Health MD911 Module
MD912:Philosophy of Science and Mental Health MD912 Module
MD913:Design, Analysis and Interpretation of Epidemiological Research MD913 Module
MD915:Understanding Research & Critical Appraisal in Health Care (Distance Learning) MD915 Module
MD915A01:Understanding Research & Critical Appraisal in Health Care (Distance Learning) MD915A01 Module
MD916:Occupational Health and Hygiene for HSE Inspectors - Part 1 MD916 Module
MD917:Occupational Health and Hygiene for HSE Inspectors - Part 2 MD917 Module
MD918:Safety and Risk Assessment for HSE Inspectors MD918 Module
MD919:Safety and Risk Assessment for HSE Field Operations Directorate Inspectors MD919 Module
MD920:Safety and Risk Assessment for HSE Hazardous Installations Directorate Inspectors MD920 Module
MD922:Developing Leaders in Healthcare Education MD922 Module
MD924:Biomedical Sciences & Oral Biology MD924 Module
MD925:The Principles of Orthodontic Therapy MD925 Module
MD926:Removable Orthodontic Appliances MD926 Module
MD927:Fixed Orthodontic Applicances MD927 Module
MD928:Interdisciplinary Orthodontic Care MD928 Module
MD929:Clinical Practice in Orthodontic Therapy MD929 Module
MD933:Leadership for Doctors MD933 Module
MD934:NHS Strategy Policy & Organisation MD934 Module
MD935:Comparative Health Care Systems MD935 Module
MD936:Clinical Systems Improvement MD936 Module
MD937:A Systems Approach to Patient Safety MD937 Module
MD938:Critical Care: Advanced Emergency Practice MD938 Module
MD939:Critical Care Transfer MD939 Module
MD940:Critical Care - Pre Hospital Special Incident Management MD940 Module
MD941:Public Mental Health & Well-Being: Measurements, Determinants & Promotion MD941 Module
MD942:Understanding Childhood MD942 Module
MD945:Diabetes & the Eye: Other Ocular Diseases MD945 Module
MD947:The Principles of Orthodontic Dentistry MD947 Module
MD951:Bone Grafting and Augmentation MD951 Module
MD953:The Principles of Implant Dentistry MD953 Module
MD954:Dissertation MD954 Module
MD957:Clinical Practice in Lingual Orthodontics MD957 Module
MD960:Surgical Education MD960 Module
MD961:Case Studies in Philosophy and Mental Health MD961 Module
MD962:Essentials of Clinical Education MD962 Module
MD962A02:Essentials of Clinical Education (Cohort A02) MD962A02 Module
MD962A03:Essentials of Clinical Education (Cohort A03) MD962A03 Module
MD962A1:Essentials of Clinical Education (Cohort A01) MD962A1 Module
MD963:Perinatal & Infant Mental Health MD963 Module
MD964:Clinical Practice in Endodontics MD964 Module
MD965:Principles of Endodontics MD965 Module
MD966:Surgical Endodontics MD966 Module
MD967:Evidence & Values in Clinical Education MD967 Module
MD968:Clinical Investigations and Interpretation in Acute Care MD968 Module
MD969:Learning Technologies in Healthcare Education MD969 Module
MD970:Research Methods in Clinical Education MD970 Module
MD973:The Principles of Restorative Dentistry MD973 Module
MD974:Clinical Practice in Restorative Dentistry MD974 Module
MD975:Complex Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry MD975 Module
MD978:Research Topics in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research MD978 Module
MD979:Laboratory Project 1 MD979 Module
MD980:Laboratory Project 2 MD980 Module
MD981:Clinical Investigations and Diagnostics for Health Care Professionals MD981 Module
MD981A01:Clinical Investigations and Diagnostics for Health Care Professionals MD981A01 Module
MD982:Clinical Examination Skills for Health Care Professionals MD982 Module
MD982A01:Clinical Examination Skills for Health Care Professionals MD982A01 Module
MD982A02:Clinical Examination Skills for Health Care Professionals MD982A02 Module
MD983:Psycho-social Management of Children and Young People with Diabetes MD983 Module
MD984:Aesthetic Surgery MD984 Module
MD985:Plastic Surgical Reconstruction of Limb Injuries MD985 Module
MD986:Burns and Wound Healing MD986 Module
MD987:Community-based Care MD987 Module
MD988:Essentials in Primary Care MD988 Module
MD989:Implantation and Early Pregnancy MD989 Module
MD990:Introduction to Health Economics (for non-Economists) MD990 Module
MD991:Physical Biology of the Cell MD991 Module
MD994:Advancing Diabetes Care MD994 Module
MD995:Clinical observations MD995 Module
MD996:Prevention of Diabetes Complications: An Evidence Base Approach MD996 Module
MD999:Global Health MD999 Module
MDX91:Medical School exemption MDX91 Module
ME914:MSc Dissertation ME914 Module
ME917:Reproductive Health in the Community ME917 Module
ME932:Hypertension and Nephropathy ME932 Module
ME937:International Child Health ME937 Module
ME939:Safeguarding Children ME939 Module
ME951:Diabetic Retinopathy ME951 Module
ME955:Infant & Family Wellbeing ME955 Module
MH100:Understanding & Facilitating Health Behaviour Change MH100 Module
MH900:Epidemiology and Statistics MH900 Module
MH901:Issues in Public Health MH901 Module
MH902:Disease Prevention and Health Protection MH902 Module
MH903:Sociology of Health, Health Policy and the Social Determinants of Health MH903 Module
MH904:Type 1 Diabetes in Children MH904 Module
MH905:Management of Diabetes in Adolescence MH905 Module
MH906:Other Forms of Diabetes (From Genetics to Obesity) MH906 Module
MH907:Diabetes in Pregnancy MH907 Module
MH909:Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion Therapy: Principles and Practice MH909 Module
MH910:International Health Policy MH910 Module
MH912:Organisational Behaviour and Health Service Policy MH912 Module
MH913:Accounting and Finance in Health Service Organisations MH913 Module
MH915:Managing People in Health Service Organisations MH915 Module
MH916:Information Systems in Health Service Organisations MH916 Module
MH920:Experiential Learning MH920 Module
MH923:Understanding Research & Critical Appraisal in Health Care MH923 Module
MH923A01:Understanding Research & Critical Appraisal in Health Care MH923A01 Module
MH923A02:Understanding Research & Critical Appraisal in Health Care MH923A02 Module
MH924:Child Development and Disability MH924 Module
MH926:Communicable Diseases and Immunisation MH926 Module
MH928:Introduction to Management in Health Service Organisations MH928 Module
MH929:Parenting and Child Health: Determinants, Interventions and Outcomes MH929 Module
MH930:Qualitative Research Methods in Health MH930 Module
MH931:Diabetes in Pregnancy (Distance Learning) MH931 Module
MH932:Leadership in Child Health Services MH932 Module
MH933:Health Screening MH933 Module
MH934:Mixed Methods for Health Research MH934 Module
MH935:Health Care & Environmental Sustainability MH935 Module
MH936:Obesity and Weight Management in Diabetes MH936 Module
MH937:Evidence & Values in Clinical Leadership MH937 Module
MH938:Diabetes & the Foot (Blended Learning) MH938 Module
MH939:Leading & Commissioning in Health Care MH939 Module
MH940:Improving Safety & Quality in Health Care MH940 Module
MH940A01:Improving Safety and Quality in Health Care MH940A01 Module
MH941:Finance and Productivity in Health Care MH941 Module
MH941A01:Finance and Productivity in Healthcare MH941A01 Module
MH942:Introduction to Leadership for Healthcare MH942 Module
MH942A01:Introduction to Leadership for Healthcare (Cohort A01) MH942A01 Module
Microvascular Complications of Diabetes NT905 Module
Mixed Methods Analysis and Integration MH944 Module
Mixed Methods Design MH943 Module
ML901:Evidence Based Musculoskeletal Care: External Fixation ML901 Module
ML902:Evidence Based Musculoskeletal Care: Managing Upper Limb Pain ML902 Module
ML903:Evidence Based Musculoskeletal Care: Managing Lower Limb Pain ML903 Module
ML904:Evidence Based Musculoskeletal Care: Managing Back Pain ML904 Module
ML905:Evidence Based Musculoskeletal Care: Intramedullary Nailing ML905 Module
Molecular Biology: Principles and Techniques MD998 Module
NT201: Improving Diabetes Care (onsite) NT201 Module
NT202: Improving Diabetes Care (blended) NT202 Module
NT203: Improving Diabetes Care (online) NT203 Module
NT900:Anticoagulation Management - practice and theory NT900 Module
NT901:Induction NT901 Module
Optimising Glycaemic Control (type 2 diabetes) NT960 Module
Parent-Infant Interaction Observation Scale NT962 Module
PC205:Management of Diabetes in Hospital & Clinical Areas PC205 Module
PC903:Diabetes and the Foot PC903 Module
PC929:Applied Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Diabetes Care PC929 Module
PC930:Patient and Public Involvement in Health Care PC930 Module
PC950:Professional Project PC950 Module
PC950A01:Professional Project PC950A01 Module
PC950A1: Professional Project PC950A1 Module
Programming for Biomedical Data Analysis NT908 Module
Research in Diabetes Care NT964 Module
Research in Medical Education for Healthcare Professionals NT909 Module
Self-Management of Diabetes NT904 Module
Treatment of Diabetes NT903 Module
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Evidence into Practice MH945 Module

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Management of Diabetes in Hospital Clinical Areas 2017/18 Ended 30/06/2018 08/11/2018 12:32:59