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CH936:Research Project: Chemistry CH936 Module
CH937:Research Project: Mathematics CH937 Module
CH938:Research Project: Biological Sciences CH938 Module
CH939:Research Project: Physics CH939 Module
CH940:Research Project: Computer Science CH940 Module
CH941:Research Project: Engineering CH941 Module
CH942:Research Project: Horticultural Research CH942 Module
CH943:Research Project: Medical Education CH943 Module
CH945:Research Project: Systems Biology CH945 Module
CH946:Research Project: Statistics CH946 Module
CH949:Research Project: MOAC CH949 Module
CH950:Doctoral Skills 1 CH950 Module
CH951:Doctoral Skills 2 CH951 Module
CH952:Doctoral Skills 3 CH952 Module
CH953:Team Development in a Research Environment CH953 Module
CH954:Science Communication CH954 Module
CH955:Decision-Making and Leadership CH955 Module
CH956:Scientific Research Skills I CH956 Module
CH957:Envisioning & Enabling Innovation CH957 Module
CH958:Research Management Project CH958 Module
CH959:Advanced Research Skills 1: Developing as an Effective Researcher CH959 Module
CH960:Advanced Researcher Skills 2: Developing as an Effective Research Leader CH960 Module
CH961:Introduction to Teaching for Postgraduates in the Sciences CH961 Module
CH973:Research Ethics and Practice CH973 Module

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