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Algebraic Curves MA960 Module
Algebraic Curves MA4L7 Module
Algebraic Curves MA6L7 Module
Algebraic Geometry MA970 Module
Algebraic Geometry MA6A5 Module
Analysis 1 MA141 Module
Analysis 2 MA139 Module
Analytic Number Theory MA6L6 Module
Analytic Number Theory MA4L6 Module
Analytic Number Theory MA977 Module
Analytical Fluid Dynamics MA4G5 Module
Applied and Numerical Analysis for Linear PDEs MA949 Module
Applied Dynamical Systems MA6H0 Module
Applied Dynamical Systems MA4H0 Module
Applied Scheme Theory MA948 Module
Approximation Theory and Applications MA3J8 Module
Asymptotics and Integral Transforms MA269 Module
Brownian Motion MA9F7 Module
C++ for Quantitative Finance MA936 Module
Calculus of Variations MA6G6 Module
Calculus of Variations MA965 Module
Category Theory MA4M6 Module
Circle Diffeomorphisms MA950 Module
Coherent sheaves and cohomology MA940 Module
Cohomology and Poincare Duality MA6J7 Module
Commutative Algebra II MA4JB Module
Complex Geometry MA954 Module
Consolidation MA3K3 Module
Consolidation MA2K3 Module
CY905:Computational PDE's CY905 Module
Differential Equations: Modelling and Numerics MA261 Module
Differential Geometry MA6C0 Module
Dynamical Systems MA976 Module
Dynamical Systems MA624 Module
Elliptic Curves MA974 Module
Elliptic Curves MA626 Module
Epidemiology by Example MA4M1 Module
Epidemiology by Example MA6M1 Module
Epidemiology by Example MA9M1 Module
Ergodic Theory MA627 Module
Ergodic Theory MA973 Module
Fourier Analysis MA972 Module
Fourier Analysis MA633 Module
Frontiers in Mathematics and its Applications MA935 Module
Fundamental Tools MA901 Module
Graduate Algebra MA951 Module
Graduate Real Analysis MA947 Module
Graph Theory MA963 Module
Graph Theory MA6J3 Module
Group Theory MA442 Module
Group Theory MA642 Module
High-Dimensional Probability MA3K0 Module
Historical Challenges in Mathematics MA3J9 Module
Introduction to graduate probability theory MA946 Module
Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification MA9K0 Module
Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification MA6K0 Module
Lie Groups MA6E0 Module
Local Fields MA4M3 Module
MA106:Linear Algebra MA106 Module
MA112:Experimental Mathematics MA112 Module
MA113:Differential Equations A MA113 Module
MA117:Programming for Scientists MA117 Module
MA124:Mathematics by Computer MA124 Module
MA125:Introduction to Geometry MA125 Module
MA131:Analysis MA131 Module
MA132:Foundations MA132 Module
MA133:Differential Equations MA133 Module
MA134:Geometry and Motion MA134 Module
MA136:Introduction to Abstract Algebra MA136 Module
MA137:Mathematical Analysis MA137 Module
MA138:Sets and Numbers MA138 Module
MA209:Variational Principles MA209 Module
MA213:Second Year Essay MA213 Module
MA222:Metric Spaces MA222 Module
MA225:Differentiation MA225 Module
MA228:Numerical Analysis MA228 Module
MA231:Vector Analysis MA231 Module
MA235:Introduction to Mathematical Biology MA235 Module
MA240:Modelling Nature's Nonlinearity MA240 Module
MA241:Combinatorics MA241 Module
MA243:Geometry MA243 Module
MA244:Analysis III MA244 Module
MA246:Number Theory MA246 Module
MA249:Algebra II: Groups and Rings MA249 Module
MA250:PDE MA250 Module
MA251:Algebra I: Advanced Linear Algebra MA251 Module
MA252:Combinatorial Optimisation MA252 Module
MA253:Probability & Discrete Mathematics MA253 Module
MA254:Theory of ODEs MA254 Module
MA255:Virtual Mathematics MA255 Module
MA256:Introduction to Systems Biology MA256 Module
MA257:Introduction to Number Theory MA257 Module
MA258:Mathematical Analysis III MA258 Module
MA359:Measure Theory MA359 Module
MA371:Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations MA371 Module
MA372:Reading Module MA372 Module
MA377:Rings and Modules MA377 Module
MA390:Topics in Mathematical Biology MA390 Module
MA395:Essay MA395 Module
MA397:Consolidation MA397 Module
MA398:Matrix Analysis & Algorithms MA398 Module
MA3A6:Algebraic Number Theory MA3A6 Module
MA3B8:Complex Analysis MA3B8 Module
MA3D1:Fluid Dynamics MA3D1 Module
MA3D4:Fractal Geometry MA3D4 Module
MA3D5:Galois Theory MA3D5 Module
MA3D9:Geometry of Curves & Surfaces MA3D9 Module
MA3E1:Groups & Representations MA3E1 Module
MA3E5:History of Mathematics MA3E5 Module
MA3F1:Introduction to Topology MA3F1 Module
MA3F2:Knot Theory MA3F2 Module
MA3G0:Modern Control Theory MA3G0 Module
MA3G1:Theory of Partial Differential Equations MA3G1 Module
MA3G6:Commutative Algebra MA3G6 Module
MA3G7:Functional Analysis I MA3G7 Module
MA3G8:Functional Analysis II MA3G8 Module
MA3H0:Numerical Analysis & PDE's MA3H0 Module
MA3H1:Topics in Number Theory MA3H1 Module
MA3H2:Markov Processes and Percolation Theory MA3H2 Module
MA3H3:Set Theory MA3H3 Module
MA3H4:Random Discrete Structures MA3H4 Module
MA3H5:Manifolds MA3H5 Module
MA3H6:Algebraic Topology MA3H6 Module
MA3H7:Control Theory MA3H7 Module
MA3H8:Equivariant Bifurcation Theory MA3H8 Module
MA3J1:Tensors, Spinors and Rotations MA3J1 Module
MA3J2:Combinatorics II MA3J2 Module
MA3J3:Bifurcations, Catastophes and Symmetries MA3J3 Module
MA408:Algebraic Topology MA408 Module
MA424:Dynamical Systems MA424 Module
MA426:Elliptic Curves MA426 Module
MA427:Ergodic Theory MA427 Module
MA433:Fourier Analysis MA433 Module
MA448:Hyperbolic Geometry MA448 Module
MA453:Lie Algebras MA453 Module
MA455:Manifolds MA455 Module
MA467:Presentations of Groups MA467 Module
MA469:Project MA469 Module
MA472:Reading Course MA472 Module
MA474:Representation Theory MA474 Module
MA475:Riemann Surfaces MA475 Module
MA482:Stochastic Analysis MA482 Module
MA4A2:Advanced PDEs MA4A2 Module
MA4A5:Algebraic Geometry MA4A5 Module
MA4A7:Quantum Mechanics: Basic Principles & Probabilistic Methods MA4A7 Module
MA4C0:Differential Geometry MA4C0 Module
MA4E0:Lie Groups MA4E0 Module
MA4E3:Asymptopic Methods MA4E3 Module
MA4E7:Population Dynamics: Ecology & Epidemiology MA4E7 Module
MA4F7:Brownian Motion MA4F7 Module
MA4G4:Introduction to Theoretical Neuroscience MA4G4 Module
MA4G6:Calculus of Variations MA4G6 Module
MA4G7:Computational Linear Algebra and Optimisation MA4G7 Module
MA4H4:Geometric Group Theory MA4H4 Module
MA4H7:Atmospheric Dynamics MA4H7 Module
MA4H8:Ring Theory MA4H8 Module
MA4H9:Modular Forms MA4H9 Module
MA4J0:Advanced Real Analysis MA4J0 Module
MA4J1:Continuum Mechanics MA4J1 Module
MA4J3:Graph Theory MA4J3 Module
MA4J4:Quadratic Forms MA4J4 Module
MA4J5:Structures of Complex Systems MA4J5 Module
MA4J6:Mathematics & Biophysics of Cell Dynamics MA4J6 Module
MA4J7:Cohomology and Poincare Duality MA4J7 Module
MA4J8:Commutative Algebra II MA4J8 Module
MA4K0:Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification MA4K0 Module
MA4K2:Optimisation and Fixed Point Theory MA4K2 Module
MA4K3:Complex Function Theory MA4K3 Module
MA4K4:Topics in Interacting Particle Systems MA4K4 Module
MA4K5:Introduction to Mathematical Relativity MA4K5 Module
MA4K6:Data Assimilation MA4K6 Module
MA4L0:Topics in Advanced Fluids MA4L0 Module
MA4L1:Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Medecine MA4L1 Module
MA4L3:Large Deviation Theory MA4L3 Module
MA595:Topics in Stochastic Analysis MA595 Module
MA5P1:Dissertation MA5P1 Module
MA5Q3:Topics in Complexity Science MA5Q3 Module
MA5Q5:First Year MSc Project MA5Q5 Module
MA5Q6:Graduate Algebra MA5Q6 Module
MA902:Mathematical Tools for Finance MA902 Module
MA903:Numerical Methods for PDEs Part A MA903 Module
MA906:Numerical Methods for PDEs Part B MA906 Module
MA907:Simulation and Machine Learning for Finance MA907 Module
MA908:Partial Differential Equations in Finance MA908 Module
MA909:Mathematical Tools for Financial Risk Management MA909 Module
MA910:Dissertation MA910 Module
MA911:Probability: Theory & Examples MA911 Module
MA912:Analysis for Linear PDEs MA912 Module
MA913:Scientific Computing MA913 Module
MA914:Topics in PDEs MA914 Module
MA915:Advanced Topics in Numerical Analysis & PDEs MA915 Module
MA916:Research Study Group MA916 Module
MA917:MASDOC Dissertation (Mathematics) MA917 Module
MA921:MASDOC Dissertation (Mathematics & Statistics) MA921 Module
MA923:Advanced Topics in Analysis, Probability and Statistics MA923 Module
MA930:Data Analysis MA930 Module
MA931:Mathematics of Systems - MSc Project MA931 Module
MA932:Mathematics of Systems - MSc Study Groups MA932 Module
MA933:Networks and Random Processes MA933 Module
MA934:Numerical Methods MA934 Module
MA998:Applied Dynamical Systems MA998 Module
MA999:Modern Topics in Mathematical Modelling MA999 Module
Mathematical Acoustics MA4L4 Module
Mathematical Acoustics MA961 Module
Mathematical Acoustics MA6L4 Module
Mathematical Methods and Modelling 2 MA145 Module
Mathematical Modelling with PDE MA3J4 Module
Mathematics of Machine Learning MA3K1 Module
Methods of Mathematical Modelling MA146 Module
Methods of Mathematical Modelling 2 MA144 Module
Multivariable Calculus MA259 Module
Nonlinear Dynamics MA956 Module
Numerical Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs MA4L8 Module
Numerical Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs MA6L8 Module
Numerical Analysis and Nonlinear PDEs MA959 Module
Population Dynamics: Ecology & Epidemiology MA6E7 Module
Population Dynamics: Ecology & Epidemiology MA968 Module
Practical Application of Computational Techniques MA925 Module
Presentations of Groups MA967 Module
Presentations of Groups MA667 Module
Problem Solving MA3E7 Module
Problem Solving with Python MA3XX Module
Project (Maths in Action) MA4K8 Module
Project (Research) MA4K9 Module
Refresher Mathematics MA3K2 Module
Refresher Mathematics MA1K2 Module
Speaking with Style MA926 Module
Statistical Mechanics MA4L2 Module
Stochastic Analysis MA971 Module
Stochastic Analysis MA682 Module
Structures of Complex Systems MA6J5 Module
Structures of Complex Systems MA962 Module
Study in Europe MA3J6 Module
Study Year Abroad MA3J5 Module
Taught Course Centre TCC Module
The probabilistic method MA952 Module
Topics in Algebraic Topology MA938 Module
Topics in Complexity Science MA4M4 Module
Topics in Ergodic Theory MA9M8 Module
Topics in Number Theory MA939 Module
Topics in Optimal Transport MA957 Module
Topics in Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) MA953 Module
Topology of Data MA941 Module
Variational Analysis and Evolution Equations MA4L9 Module
Variational Analysis and Evolution Equations MA958 Module
Variational Analysis and Evolution Equations MA6L9 Module
Year in Industry MA3J7 Module

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