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Accounting and Financial Management LF911 Module
Animal Anatomy and Histology LF105 Module
Assessments for Biological Sciences/Microbiology/Virology/Biomedical Science LF241 Module
Assessments for GSD LF107 Module
Biological Oceanography LF216 Module
Blood and Circulation for Neuroscience LF266 Module
BS110:Animal & Plant Biology BS110 Module
BS116:Quantitative Biology BS116 Module
BS120:Biochemistry Laboratories and Assessed Work BS120 Module
BS121:Biological Sciences/Microbiology/Virology Laboratories & Assessed Work BS121 Module
BS122:Chemistry for Biological Sciences BS122 Module
BS125:Proteins, Genes and Genetics BS125 Module
BS127:Agents of Infectious Disease BS127 Module
BS128:Biostatistics BS128 Module
BS129:Physiology and Metabolism BS129 Module
BS130:Assessments for Outside Students BS130 Module
BS131:Health & the Community BS131 Module
BS204:Neurobiology BS204 Module
BS207:Medical Microbiology BS207 Module
BS211:Immunology BS211 Module
BS212:Evolution BS212 Module
BS215:Biological Sciences/Micro/Virol Laboratories BS215 Module
BS239:Bioenergetics BS239 Module
BS240:Biochemistry Laboratories BS240 Module
BS241:Assessments for Biological Sciences/Microbiology/Virology/Biomedical Science BS241 Module
BS242:Biochemistry Assessments BS242 Module
BS243:Enzymology for Biochemists BS243 Module
BS244:Protein Structure and Function BS244 Module
BS248:Molecular Plant Development BS248 Module
BS252:Molecular Endocrinology BS252 Module
BS255:Clinical Microbiology BS255 Module
BS256:Eukaryotic Microbial Pathogens BS256 Module
BS257:Ecology and its Applications BS257 Module
BS258:Biological Spectroscopy BS258 Module
BS260:Blood & Circulation BS260 Module
BS261:Neuropharmacology BS261 Module
BS262:Epidemiology & Public Health BS262 Module
BS263:Viruses & Disease BS263 Module
BS266:Laboratories for Biomedical Science BS266 Module
BS267:Ecological Principles & Processes BS267 Module
BS270:Virology BS270 Module
BS271:Molecular Biology BS271 Module
BS272:Cell Biology 1 BS272 Module
BS273:Cell Biology 2 BS273 Module
BS317:Advanced Immunology BS317 Module
BS318:Protein Targeting BS318 Module
BS341:Research Project BS341 Module
BS343:Bacterial Pathogenicity BS343 Module
BS347:Oncology BS347 Module
BS348:Structural Molecular Biology BS348 Module
BS349:Science Communication BS349 Module
BS353:Biophysical Chemistry BS353 Module
BS354:Assessments for Biological Sciences BS354 Module
BS355:Laboratories and Assessments for Microbiology/Virology BS355 Module
BS356:Laboratories and Assessments for Biochemists BS356 Module
BS358:Biological Clocks BS358 Module
BS362:Integrative Neuroscience BS362 Module
BS364:Post-Genomic Research BS364 Module
BS365:Exploiting Innovation in Biology BS365 Module
BS366:Molecular Microbiology BS366 Module
BS368:Viral Pathogenesis BS368 Module
BS369:Vaccination and Gene Therapy for Disease Control BS369 Module
BS370:Cellular Microbiology BS370 Module
BS371:Environmental Science and Management BS371 Module
BS372:Infectious Diseases and Health BS372 Module
BS373:Principles of Development BS373 Module
BS374:Modern Approaches to Human Disease BS374 Module
BS376:Assessments for Biomedical Science BS376 Module
BS377:Assessments for Outside Students BS377 Module
BS907:Cardiovascular Risk BS907 Module
BS909:Population Dynamics of Infectious Disease BS909 Module
BS910:Biotechnology, Bio-processing and Pharmaceutical Manufacture BS910 Module
BS911:Clinical Oncology BS911 Module
BS912:Management of Chronic Kidney Disease BS912 Module
BS913:Assisted Reproduction Technology BS913 Module
BS914:Biological Systems BS914 Module
BS918:Large Scale Data Generation and Analysis BS918 Module
BS920:Research Project: Biological Sciences BS920 Module
BS921:Research Project: Mathematics BS921 Module
BS922:Research Project: Chemistry BS922 Module
BS923:Research Project: Physics BS923 Module
BS924:Research Project: Computer Science BS924 Module
BS925:Research Project: Engineering BS925 Module
BS926:Research Project: Horticultural Research BS926 Module
BS927:Research Project: Medical Education BS927 Module
BS928:Research Project: Systems Biology (Theoretical) BS928 Module
BS929:Research Project: Statistics BS929 Module
BS930:Cellular Systems & Biomolecules II BS930 Module
BS931:The Kidney: an Endocrine Organ BS931 Module
BS933:Techniques & Applications of Molecular Biology BS933 Module
BS934:The Fundamentals of Biotechnology BS934 Module
BS935:Biochemical Engineering - Bioreactor Engineering & Unit Operations BS935 Module
BS936:Bioproduct Development & Commercialisation BS936 Module
BS937:Bioproduct Plant Design & Economic Analysis BS937 Module
BS938:E-Business: Technology & Management BS938 Module
BS939:Impact of Biotechnology on the Use of Natural Resources BS939 Module
BS940:Microbial Contamination of Processes & Products BS940 Module
BS942:Project BS942 Module
BS945:Environmental Protection, Risk Assessment & Safety BS945 Module
BS946:Life Sciences (Mini Project 1) BS946 Module
BS947:Life Sciences (Mini Project 2) BS947 Module
BS948:Chemistry (Mini Project 1) BS948 Module
BS949:Chemistry (Mini Project 2) BS949 Module
BS950:Mathematics Mini Project 1 BS950 Module
BS951:Mathematics Mini Project 2 BS951 Module
BS952:Physics (Mini Project 1) BS952 Module
BS953:Physics (Mini Project 2) BS953 Module
BS954:Computer Science (Mini Project 1) BS954 Module
BS955:Computer Science (Mini Project 2) BS955 Module
BS956:Engineering (Mini Project 1) BS956 Module
BS957:Engineering (Mini Project 2) BS957 Module
BS960:Medical School (Mini Project 1) BS960 Module
BS961:Medical School (Mini Project 2) BS961 Module
BS962:Systems Biology (Mini Project 1) BS962 Module
BS963:Systems Biology (Mini Project 2) BS963 Module
BS964:Statistics (Mini Project 1) BS964 Module
BS965:Statistics (Mini Project 2) BS965 Module
BS966:Psychology (Mini Project 1) BS966 Module
BS967:Psychology (Mini Project 2) BS967 Module
BS968:Instrumentation in Life Sciences BS968 Module
BS969:Academic Critique BS969 Module
BS970:Research Project: Systems Biology (Experimental) BS970 Module
BS973:Regulation & Approval of Biopharmaceuticals BS973 Module
BS974:Advanced Food Microbiology BS974 Module
BS975:Principles of Sampling, Analysis & Reporting to ensure the Microbiological Safety & Quality of Food BS975 Module
BS976:Legislation & Legal Processing in Food & Environmental Safety BS976 Module
BS977:Essentials of Medical Genomics BS977 Module
BS978: Innovations to Prevent & Treat Infectious Disease BS978 Module
BS979: Drug Discovery and Biopharmaceutical Development BS979 Module
Cell Biology of Neurons LF108 Module
Clinical Microbiology LF255 Module
Ecological Principles and Processes LF265 Module
Ecology and its Applications LF257 Module
Environmental Biology Lab for GSD students LF224 Module
Environmental field trip for Global Sustainable Development LF106 Module
Evolution LF263 Module
HR103:Environmental Biology HR103 Module
HR203:Bioscience & Society HR203 Module
HR305:Bioenergy & Biorefining HR305 Module
HR306:Climate Change & Ecosystem Services HR306 Module
HR308:Extreme Environmental Biology HR308 Module
HR900:Crop Physiology and Production HR900 Module
HR901:Advances in Crop Protection HR901 Module
HR902: Soil sustainability and the environment HR902 Module
HR903:BioScience, Politics & Social Acceptability HR903 Module
HR905:Biometry: The Application of Statistics & Mathematics in BioScience HR905 Module
HR909:Project/Work Placement HR909 Module
HR919: Environmental Accounting HR919 Module
HR920:Climate Change HR920 Module
HR922:Organic & Other Low Input Production Systems HR922 Module
HR923:Biological Invasions in Changing Environments HR923 Module
HR924: Biodiversity, Conservation and Ecosystem Services HR924 Module
HR926: Microbiomics and Metagenomics HR926 Module
HR929:Cereal, Oilseed & Root Crop Agronomy HR929 Module
HR930:BASIS - Crop Protection HR930 Module
HR931: Plant Breeding and Trial Design for Registration HR931 Module
HR932:Trial Design & Analysis for Breeding & Registration HR932 Module
HR933:Challenges of Global Food Security HR933 Module
Immunology LF914 Module
Immunology LF264 Module
Laboratory Skills LF908 Module
LF101:Physical Chemistry for Biochemists LF101 Module
LF102:Cells, Tissues and Organisms LF102 Module
LF103:Quantitative Skills for Biology LF103 Module
LF201:Biological Oceanography LF201 Module
LF202:Quantifying Environmental Impacts LF202 Module
LF204:Microbial Pathogens LF204 Module
LF205:Genetics and Genomics LF205 Module
LF206:Molecular Cell Biology LF206 Module
LF207:Bioenergetics and Spectroscopy LF207 Module
LF208:Protein Biochemistry LF208 Module
LF209:Human and Animal Physiology LF209 Module
LF210:Signalling and Integration in Health and Disease LF210 Module
LF211:Immunology and Epidemiology LF211 Module
LF212:Viruses and Viral Infections LF212 Module
LF213:Infection LF213 Module
LF214:Medical Microbiology LF214 Module
LF215:Genetics and Evolution LF215 Module
LF217:Multicellular Systems LF217 Module
LF218:Cell Biology LF218 Module
LF301:Bacteria: Genes to Behaviour LF301 Module
LF302:Pathogenicity & Pathogenesis of Infection LF302 Module
LF303:Medical Virology LF303 Module
LF304:Assessments for Environmental Biology LF304 Module
LF305:Dynamics of Biological Systems LF305 Module
LF900:Physiology of food, water & environmental borne pathogens LF900 Module
LF901:Food & waterborne human infections: ecology, reservoirs & control in primary production LF901 Module
LF902:Food, Water & Environmental borne disease diagnosis, surveillance and outbreak investigation LF902 Module
LF912: Business Strategy LF912 Module
Marketing Management LF913 Module
MBio Research Project LF905 Module
MBio Research Project (Industrial Placement) LF907 Module
MBio Research Skills LF904 Module
MBio Research Skills (Industrial Placement) LF906 Module
Medical Diagnostics LF909 Module
Microbial Pathogens LF223 Module
Molecular Endocrinology LF252 Module
Molecules, Cells and Organisms LF104 Module
Neurobiology LF262 Module
Neurobiology of Disease LF267 Module
Neuropharmacology LF261 Module
One World Health and Neglected Tropical Diseases LF307 Module
Placement Year LF308 Module
Plant Molecular Development LF248 Module
Protein Structure and Function LF244 Module
Quantitative Skills for System Biology LF903 Module
Regenerative Medicine LF910 Module
Research Project BS378 Module
Science Communication for GSD LF222 Module
Study Year Abroad LF220 Module
Study Year Abroad LF309 Module
Synthetic Biology LF306 Module
Tools for Biochemical Discovery LF219 Module
Work Placement Year LF221 Module
Work Placement Year LF310 Module
Y3 Tutorials (for ERASMUS and GSD SLS students) BS379 Module

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