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IT101:Italian for Beginners IT101 Module
IT103:Italian for Literature Students IT103 Module
IT105:Working Italian IT105 Module
IT107:Modern Italian Language I (Advanced) IT107 Module
IT108:Modern Italian Language I (Intermediate) IT108 Module
IT109:Italian for Historians IT109 Module
IT110:Representations of Modern Italy IT110 Module
IT113:Introduction to Italian Culture IT113 Module
IT114:Italy and the Myth of Rome IT114 Module
IT115:The History of Modern Italy IT115 Module
IT116: Introducing Italy: Local and Global Perspectives IT116 Module
IT201:Modern Italian Language II IT201 Module
IT211:Italian Language and Institutions IT211 Module
IT212:Italian for Historians II IT212 Module
IT213:Italian for Art Historians II IT213 Module
IT301:Modern Italian Language II IT301 Module
IT302:Italian Women's Writing (I): Voices of Protest IT302 Module
IT304:Beyond Reality: Literary Experiences in the Italian fin de si├Ęcle IT304 Module
IT305:Culture and Identities in Nineteenth-Century Italy IT305 Module
IT309:Comparative Literature: Italian and English Short Fiction IT309 Module
IT313:Italian Cinema I: Envisioning the Nation IT313 Module
IT314:Italian Cinema II: Individual Perspectives IT314 Module
IT315:Experiments in Narrative I: Telling the Past IT315 Module
IT317:Introducing Dante's Hell IT317 Module
IT318:Introducing Dante's Purgatorio and Paradiso IT318 Module
IT319:Introduction to Applied Linguistics: Approaches & Methods IT319 Module
IT320:Foreign Language Teaching: From Method to Practice IT320 Module
IT321:Renaissance Rivalries: Power Magic & Language IT321 Module
IT322:Renaissance Rivalries: Courts and Learning IT322 Module
IT323:Magic and Marvels in Renaissance Italy IT323 Module
IT324:Topics in Renaissance Culture and Thought IT324 Module
IT325:Italy Out of Italy: A History of Italian Migrations IT325 Module
IT327:Love, Desire and Poetry in Dante and the Italian Middle Ages IT327 Module
IT328:Multilingualism in Italy and in Italian Communities Abroad IT328 Module
IT329:The Making of the Italian Language: From Dante to the Present IT329 Module
IT331:Transnational Stories in Italy IT331 Module
IT333:Medieval and Renaissance Short Fiction in Italy and England IT333 Module
IT334:Modern Italian Culture in Dialogue with Europe IT334 Module
IT336 Destination Italy: the ethics of travel and travel writing IT336 Module
IT337: Within and Beyond Books: Theory, History and Practice IT337 Module
IT339: Legends, Conspiracies and Fake News in Italian Contemporary Culture IT339 Module
IT401:Modern Italian Language IV IT401 Module
IT411:L'Italia nel '900 (20th Century Italy) IT411 Module
IT412:Dissertation IT412 Module
IT902:Reading and the Book IT902 Module
IT904:The Shapes of Knowledge in Early Modern Italy IT904 Module
IT905:Emigrants, Migrants, Immigrants IT905 Module
IT907:Dissertation IT907 Module
IT908:Translation and Communication Skills IT908 Module
IT909:Research and Critical Reading Skills IT909 Module
IT910:Italian Dissertation IT910 Module
IT911:Italian Advanced Study Option 1 IT911 Module
IT912:Italian Advanced Study Option 2 IT912 Module
IT913:Research Skills in Modern Languages IT913 Module
IT914:Critical Theory in Modern Languages IT914 Module
IT915:Walking, Watching and Awakening in Venice IT915 Module
IT916:The Ethics of Translating IT916 Module
L'Italia nel '900 (20th Century Italy) IT332 Module
Present Futures: questions of marginality in contemporary Italy IT316 Module
Renaissance Imitation and Parody IT326 Module
Risorgimento IT330 Module

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