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Advanced Training A (Midlands Graduate School) IM935 Module
Advanced Training B (Midlands Graduate School) IM936 Module
Adventures in Interdisciplinary Research: Knowledge, Practice, Values (30 CATS) IM941 Module
Data Science Across Disciplines: Principles, Practice and Critique IM939 Module
Data Science Across Disciplines: Principles, Practice and Critique IM940 Module
Digital Cities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Urban Science IM927 Module
Ecological Futures: Transdisciplinary approaches IM934 Module
Foundations in Qualitative Research IM925 Module
Futures Past: the Sixties Counterculture and the Origins of the Digital Revolution IM930 Module
Game Theory for Social Scientists IM932 Module
IM901:Cultures of the Digital Economy IM901 Module
IM902: Approaches to the Digital IM902 Module
IM903:Complexity in the Social Sciences IM903 Module
IM904:Digital Objects, Digital Methods IM904 Module
IM906:Dissertation IM906 Module
IM908:Qualitative Research Methods IM908 Module
IM909:Philosophies of Social Science IM909 Module
IM910:The Practice of Social Research IM910 Module
IM911:Quantitative Research Methods IM911 Module
IM912:Media and Social Theory IM912 Module
IM913:Spatial Methods and Practice in Urban Science IM913 Module
IM914:Big Data Research: Hype or Revolution? IM914 Module
IM915:Post-Digital Books IM915 Module
IM916:Digital Aesthetics IM916 Module
IM917:Go Go Gozo: multidisciplinary mobile mapping methods IM917 Module
IM918:Independent Study Essay IM918 Module
IM919:Urban Data: Theory and Methodology IM919 Module
IM920:Digital Sociology IM920 Module
IM921:Visualisation IM921 Module
IM922:Playful Media: Ludification in the Digital Age IM922 Module
IM929:Ethnography, Knowledge and Practice IM929 Module
IM933: Media Activism IM933 Module
IM937: Listening to Urban Waters IM937 Module
IM938: Transparency, security and trust—Something to Hide? IM938 Module
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Machine Learning IM931 Module
Philosophy of Social Science Research IM924 Module
Platform Economy, Society & Culture IM948 Module
QS101:Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Social Science QS101 Module
QS102:Digital Data - Data Collection QS102 Module
QS103:Introduction to Qualitative Methods QS103 Module
QS201:Intermediate Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences QS201 Module
QS301:Advanced Quantitative Methods QS301 Module
QS303:Numbers in the Workplace (Placement) QS303 Module
QS304:Dissertation QS304 Module
Research Design, Practice and Ethics IM926 Module
Urban Resilience, Disasters and Data IL913 Module
User Interface Cultures: Design, Method and Critique IM923 Module

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