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Academic Writing Support Modules IBWPSL Module
Academic Writing Support Modules IBWPS Module
Accounting & Financial Management IB714 Module
Accounting & Financial Management IB713 Module
Accounting for Business IB146 Module
Accounting Information & Markets IB9AH Module
Acquiring Research Skills IB259 Module
Acting Responsibly IB3M2 Module
Acting Responsibly IB3M3 Module
Acting Responsibly IB3M20 Module
Advanced Analytics: Models and Applications IB919 Module
Advanced Corporate Reporting IB9HJ Module
Advanced Mathematics IB009 Module
Advanced Monetary Policy IB9Z0 Module
Advanced Quantitative Methods for Finance IB9CH Module
Advanced Risk Management IB98J Module
Advanced Topics in Finance 2 IB9BG Module
Agile Programming IB270 Module
Applied Project IB9ZT Module
Asset Pricing IB9L3 Module
Asset Pricing IB911 Module
Asset Pricing I IB9CJ Module
Asset Pricing II IB9CK Module
Auditing and Accountability IB3N3 Module
Auditing and Assurance IB9FT Module
Behavioural Ethics IB9ZC Module
Behavioural Finance IB9P0 Module
Behavioural Finance and Big Data IB9JN Module
Behavioural Research in Decision Making and Entrepreneurship IB9HH Module
Behavioural Science of Decision Making IB9FE Module
Behavioural Sciences for the Manager IB9LW Module
Big Data Analytics IB9KW Module
Big Data Analytics IB9N0 Module
Branding, Marketing Communication and Design IB9G0 Module
Building a Customer-Centric Culture IB9EX Module
Building a Venture IB3L4 Module
Building Organisational Capability IB9FH Module
Business & Sustainability IB918 Module
Business Analytics for Executives IB9HE Module
Business Analytics for Managers IB9JU Module
Business Consulting/Research Methods IB260 Module
Business Data Analytics IB3K5 Module
Business Economics 1 IB140 Module
Business Immersion and Critical Thinking IB9JF Module
Business Impacts of Artificial Intelligence IB9GW Module
Business in Practice IB9FB Module
Business Law 2 IB2C3 Module
Business Modelling: Strategy and Analysis IB987 Module
C++ for Quantitative Finance IB9JH Module
Case Studies in Data Science and Economics IB9HI Module
Coaching in Practice IB9J9 Module
Cognition and Decision-Making in Entrepreneurship IB267 Module
Comparative Central Banking IB9JL Module
Consumer Behaviour IB269 Module
CORE: Entrepreneurial Mindset IB2B1 Module
Corporate Entrepreneurship IB2B7 Module
Corporate Finance IB9L2 Module
Corporate Finance IB9LL Module
Corporate Finance I IB9CL Module
Corporate Finance II IB9CM Module
Creating Strategic Advantage IB9GA Module
Creating Sustainable Organisations IB9ZY Module
Creating Value with Marketing Experience IB94I Module
Creating Value with Marketing Experiences IB941 Module
Critical Issues in Law and Management IB2C2 Module
Critical Issues in Management IB381 Module
Critical Issues in Marketing IB9HT Module
Critical Perspectives of Accounting IB3L0 Module
Customer Experience IB3L1 Module
Customer Value Management IB9FW Module
Cybersecurity in Business IB9JD Module
Cybersecurity in Business IB9HG Module
Data Collection and Dissertation IB947 Module
Data Management IB9HP Module
Decision Making under Uncertainty IB411 Module
Design Thinking for Digital Innovation IB263 Module
Developing Management Research IB9K3 Module
Digital Business Services IB9ZE Module
Digital Finance, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencie IB9JX Module
Digital Healthcare Strategy IB9GL Module
Digital Innovation Analytics for Leadership IB9A0 Module
Digital Innovation Analytics for Leadership IB9LC Module
Digital Innovation Analytics for Leadership IB9LB Module
Digital Innovation in the Healthcare Industry IB913 Module
Digital Innovation Project 1 IB141 Module
Digital Innovation Project 2 IB3L6 Module
Digital Leadership IB9KP Module
Digital Leadership IB9JS Module
Digital Marketing Technology and Management IB9LG Module
Digital Ventures IB143 Module
Digital Working and Organisational Transformation IB9ZS Module
Digital Working and Organisational Transformation IB986 Module
Dissertation IB9FR Module
Dissertation IB9HR Module
Dissertation IB9L1 Module
Dissertation IB9JC Module
Dissertation UGISMI IB3K4 Module
Diversity and Inclusion IB9ZL Module
Doing Business in Brazil IB9H3 Module
Doing Business in China IB9GV Module
Doing Business in India IB9GU Module
Doing Business in Mexico IB9HB Module
Driving Innovation & Entrepreneurship through Marketing & Strategy IB98G Module
Econometrics 2 IB9CN Module
Econometrics I IB9GH Module
Econometrics II IB9GG Module
Economics IB9L0 Module
Economics in a Global Environment IB9FA Module
Economics of the Business Environment IB9LH Module
Economics of the Business Environment IB9LJ Module
Enhancing Business Performance through Governance IB9LT Module
Enterprise Information Systems IB261 Module
Enterprise Information Systems IB9K1 Module
Entrepreneurial Finance IB9KZ Module
Entrepreneurial Finance IB268 Module
Entrepreneurial Finance IB9ZG Module
Entrepreneurship & New Venture Capital IB9KX Module
Entrepreneurship and Innovation IB9HL Module
Ethics, Financial Regulation and Corporate Governance IB9KB Module
Finance Theory IB9K7 Module
Financial Accounting: Theory and Context IB9FQ Module
Financial Analysis IB9LX Module
Financial Aspects of Marketing and Strategy IB9EV Module
Financial Conduct, Leadership and Ethics IB9JP Module
Financial Econometrics IB9K5 Module
Financial Econometrics IB9KC Module
Financial Econometrics IB2B2 Module
Financial Markets and Financial Risk Management IB9JR Module
Financial Markets: Organisations and Technology IB3K7 Module
Financial Modelling and Risk Management IB943 Module
Financial Optimisation IB3K2 Module
Financial Regulation and Supervision IB9JM Module
Financial Regulation and Supervision in Practice IB9R0 Module
Financial Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis IB9KD Module
Financial Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis IB9KE Module
Financial Risk Management IB9M9 Module
Fintech IB3M1 Module
Forecasting Economic and Financial Time Series IB9JE Module
Foundations of Data Analysis for Management IB150 Module
Foundations of Financial and Management Accounting IB9LA Module
Foundations of Financial and Management Accounting IB9AXM Module
Foundations of Marketing IB2C5 Module
Foundations of Marketing IB3L9 Module
Foundations, Skills and Debates IB145 Module
From Strategy to Organisational Performance IB9M5 Module
Fundamentals of Business Law IB2C1 Module
Fundamentals of Leadership and Performance IB9ZZ Module
Funding Your Digital Venure IB2B3 Module
Global Environment of Business (AISP) IB2C6 Module
Global Issues in Marketing IB3L7 Module
Global Sourcing & Innovation IB3K1 Module
Healthcare Improvement IB9FL Module
IB004:Business Mathematics and Statistics IB004 Module
IB005:Foundations of Business IB005 Module
IB006:Academic Practice IB006 Module
IB007:Creativity and Innovation IB007 Module
IB008:Individual Project IB008 Module
IB104:Mathematical Programming I IB104 Module
IB109:Foundations for Accounting and Finance IB109 Module
IB112:The Corporation in Society IB112 Module
IB113:Business Law IB113 Module
IB114:Financial Management IB114 Module
IB115:Integrative Project: Business Planning IB115 Module
IB116:Foundations of Management Accounting IB116 Module
IB117:Markets, Marketing & Strategy IB117 Module
IB118:Management, Organisation & Society I IB118 Module
IB119:Management, Organisation & Society II IB119 Module
IB120:Operations Management IB120 Module
IB121:Quantitative Analysis for Management I IB121 Module
IB122:Quantitative Analysis for Management II IB122 Module
IB123:Foundations of Organisational Behaviour IB123 Module
IB124:Introduction to Financial Accounting IB124 Module
IB125:Foundations of Financial Management IB125 Module
IB126:Entrepreneurial Studies in Leadership & Management 1 IB126 Module
IB127:Entrepreneurial Studies in Leadership & Management 2 IB127 Module
IB128:Preparing for Employment in the Small & Medium Sized Enterprise Sector IB128 Module
IB129:Business Life: Business Planning IB129 Module
IB130:Business Life: Financial Planning IB130 Module
IB131:Business Life: Marketing IB131 Module
IB132:Foundations of Finance IB132 Module
IB133:Foundations of Accounting IB133 Module
IB134:Digital Business in Modern Organisations IB134 Module
IB1350:Business Systems Analysis IB1350 Module
IB136:Data Modelling and Analysis IB136 Module
IB137:Programming Solutions 1 IB137 Module
IB138:Management, Organisation and Society (MOS) IB138 Module
IB139:CORE Practice: Shaping your Future Self IB139 Module
IB142:Agile Programming IB142 Module
IB1450: Foundations Skills and Debates IB1450 Module
IB190:Strategic Advantage IB190 Module
IB198:Accounting and Finance : Issues in Accounting IB198 Module
IB206:Introduction to Business Studies IB206 Module
IB207:Mathematical Programming II IB207 Module
IB209:Marketing Analysis IB209 Module
IB211:Simulation IB211 Module
IB219:Quantitative Methods for Multivariate Analysis IB219 Module
IB220:Quantitative Methods for Resource Management IB220 Module
IB230:Accounting in Context IB230 Module
IB231:Introduction to Management Accounting IB231 Module
IB232:Issues in Management Accounting IB232 Module
IB233:Financial Reporting 1 IB233 Module
IB234:Financial Reporting 2 IB234 Module
IB2350: Finance 1 IB2350 Module
IB235:Finance 1: Financial Markets IB235 Module
IB236:Finance 2: Corporate Finance IB236 Module
IB237:Business Law 2 IB237 Module
IB238:Organisational Analysis IB238 Module
IB2390: Changing Organizations IB2390 Module
IB239:Changing Organisations IB239 Module
IB240:Understanding Industrial Relations IB240 Module
IB241:Managing Industrial Relations IB241 Module
IB243:Business Systems Development IB243 Module
IB244:Managing Customer Service IB244 Module
IB245:Service Excellence IB245 Module
IB246:Operations Excellence IB246 Module
IB247:Improving Process Performance IB247 Module
IB248:Governance & the Social Environment of Business IB248 Module
IB249:Global Environment of Business IB249 Module
IB250:Global Integrative Project IB250 Module
IB251:International Persepctives on Enterprise and Small Business IB251 Module
IB252:Small Business Growth & Development IB252 Module
IB253:Principles of Finance 1 IB253 Module
IB254:Principles of Finance 2 IB254 Module
IB255:Entrepreneurship & New Business IB255 Module
IB2560 Accounting & Finance in Context IB2560 Module
IB256:UPP Accounting & Finance in Context IB256 Module
IB257:UPP Employment Year Portfolio IB257 Module
IB258:Foundations of Human Sociality and Cooperation IB258 Module
IB264:Acting Responsibly IB264 Module
IB265:Service Marketing IB265 Module
IB266:Foundations of Finance IB266 Module
IB2A5:Web Applications Development IB2A5 Module
IB2B4:Digital Business in Modern Organisations IB2B4 Module
IB2C7: The Transformed Workplace: Managing in the Digital Era IB2C7 Module
IB2D10: Engaging with International Business - Strategic Luxury Leadership (WIISP) IB2D10 Module
IB312:Project IB312 Module
IB313:Business Studies I: Value-Based Management IB313 Module
IB3140:Business Studies II: Management of Change IB3140 Module
IB320:Simulation IB320 Module
IB326:Consumer Behaviour IB326 Module
IB327:Personnel Management IB327 Module
IB337:Business Taxation IB337 Module
IB349:Operational Research for Strategic Planning IB349 Module
IB352:Applied Optimization Methods IB352 Module
IB357:Investment Management IB357 Module
IB359:Derivatives and Financial Risk Management IB359 Module
IB361:Equality and Diversity IB361 Module
IB362:Managing Human Resources IB362 Module
IB365:Marketing Communications IB365 Module
IB368:International Business Strategy IB368 Module
IB370:Strategic Information Management IB370 Module
IB3730: Advanced Management Accounting IB3730 Module
IB373:Advanced Management Accounting IB373 Module
IB375:Strategy and Accounting IB375 Module
IB377:Advanced Financial Reporting IB377 Module
IB381:Critical Issues in Management IB3810 Module
IB382:Project Management IB382 Module
IB384:Supply Chain Management IB384 Module
IB385:Marketing Analysis IB385 Module
IB386:International Business in Context IB386 Module
IB3870:Marketing Strategy IB3870 Module
IB387:Marketing Strategy IB387 Module
IB390:Year Abroad Portfolio IB390 Module
IB391:Decision Analysis IB391 Module
IB394:International Financial Management IB394 Module
IB395:Finance in New Ventures IB395 Module
IB396:Financial Statement Analysis and Security Valuation IB396 Module
IB3A2:Critical Issues in Law and Management IB3A2 Module
IB3A5:Marketing Management IB3A5 Module
IB3A7:The Practice of Operational Research IB3A7 Module
IB3A9:Design in Business IB3A9 Module
IB3B0:E-Business and Value Chains IB3B0 Module
IB3B2:Strategy and Planning in a Growing Business IB3B2 Module
IB3B4:Applying Marketing Theory IB3B4 Module
IB3B7:Managing Customer Processes IB3B7 Module
IB3B8:Financial Control and Decision-Making IB3B8 Module
IB3B9:Customer Relations Management IB3B9 Module
IB3C1:Work-Based Project IB3C1 Module
IB3C2:Personal Learning Portfolio IB3C2 Module
IB3C3:Personal Development, Effectiveness and Leadership IB3C3 Module
IB3C4:Business Strategy and Planning IB3C4 Module
IB3C5:Change Management IB3C5 Module
IB3C6:Services Marketing for the Diploma in Service Leadership IB3C6 Module
IB3C7:Service Performance through People IB3C7 Module
IB3C8:Customer Service IB3C8 Module
IB3C9:Service Operations Management IB3C9 Module
IB3D1:Service Excellence IB3D1 Module
IB3D2:Work-Based Project IB3D2 Module
IB3D3:Personal Learning Portfolio IB3D3 Module
IB3D4:Service Excellence IB3D4 Module
IB3D5:Personal Effectiveness and Leadership IB3D5 Module
IB3D6:Internal Diploma Project IB3D6 Module
IB3D7:Change Management and Innovation IB3D7 Module
IB3D8:Corporate Strategy Part A IB3D8 Module
IB3D9:Corporate Strategy Part B IB3D9 Module
IB3E0:Comparative European Employment Relations IB3E0 Module
IB3E1:International & European Employment Relations IB3E1 Module
IB3E3:Advanced Issues in Strategy IB3E3 Module
IB3E4:Business Systems Integration IB3E4 Module
IB3E5:Managing IT Enterprise Architecture IB3E5 Module
IB3E6:Ethical Issues & Social Responsibility in Contemporary Business IB3E6 Module
IB3E8:Managerial Work & Practice IB3E8 Module
IB3E9:Managing IT Solution Architecture IB3E9 Module
IB3F0:Auditing, Governance & Accountability IB3F0 Module
IB3F1:International Corporate Tax Planning IB3F1 Module
IB3F2:Company Law IB3F2 Module
IB3F6:Understanding Enterprise IB3F60 Module
IB3F7:Understanding the Entrepreneur IB3F70 Module
IB3F8:Developing Learning Managers IB3F8 Module
IB3F9:Getting Organizations to Work IB3F9 Module
IB3G0:Getting Organizations to Respond IB3G0 Module
IB3G1:Getting Organizations to Deliver IB3G1 Module
IB3G2:Team Consulting Project IB3G2 Module
IB3G3:Work-Based Individual Project IB3G3 Module
IB3G4:Law for Entrepreneurs IB3G4 Module
IB3G5:Manging People & Personal Effectiveness IB3G5 Module
IB3G6:Operations & Project Management IB3G6 Module
IB3G7:Strategy & Finance IB3G7 Module
IB3G8:Marketing & Media IB3G8 Module
IB3G9:Final Presentation IB3G9 Module
IB3H0:International Management in Context IB3H0 Module
IB3H1:Accounting Enquiry IB3H1 Module
IB3H2:Advanced Issues in People Management IB3H2 Module
IB3H3:Forms of Identity: An Interdisciplinary Approach IB3H3 Module
IB3H4:Styles of Coaching & Team Leadership: An Interdisciplinary Approach IB3H4 Module
IB3H5:Images of Creativity: An Interdisciplinary Approach IB3H5 Module
IB3H6:Varieties of Decision Making: An Interdisciplinary Approach IB3H6 Module
IB3H7:Mergers and Acquisitions IB3H7 Module
IB3H8:Leadership IB3H8 Module
IB3H9:Strategic Games IB3H9 Module
IB3J0:Behavioural Economics IB3J0 Module
IB3J1:Public Services Management IB3J1 Module
IB3J2:Decision Making under Uncertainty IB3J2 Module
IB3J3:Mathematical Game Theory: Combinatorial and Search Games IB3J3 Module
IB3J5:Emotions in Business IB3J5 Module
IB3J6:Neuroscience for Business and Social Studies IB3J6 Module
IB3J7:The Changing Contours of the Accounting Profession IB3J7 Module
IB3J8:Banks and Financial Systems IB3J8 Module
IB3K8:The Economics of Well-Being IB3K8 Module
IB3L3: Innovation Management IB3L3 Module
IB3L70: Global Issues in Marketing IB3L70 Module
IB3M8: Accounting for Sustainability, People, Planet IB3M8 Module
IB403:Dissertation (MMORSE) IB403 Module
IB405:Business and Society in Contemporary Europe IB405 Module
IB407:Decision Analysis IB407 Module
IB408:Operational Research for Strategic Planning with Advanced Topics IB408 Module
IB409:Business and Society in Contemporary Germany IB409 Module
IB7000:Organisational Behaviour IB7000 Module
IB700:Organisational Behaviour IB700 Module
IB700L: Organisational Behaviour IB700L Module
IB701:Accounting & Financial Management IB701 Module
IB702:Modelling & Analysis for Management IB702 Module
IB703:Marketing (MOD MBA) IB703 Module
IB801:Accounting & Financial Management IB801 Module
IB802:Organisational Behaviour IB802 Module
IB803:Marketing IB803 Module
IB805:Strategic Marketing IB805 Module
IB806:Management Accounting IB806 Module
IB810:Corporate Finance IB810 Module
IB811:Human Resource Management IB811 Module
IB812:Operations Strategy IB812 Module
IB814:Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation IB814 Module
IB816:Operations Management IB816 Module
IB817:Strategic Advantage IB817 Module
IB818:International Business IB818 Module
IB819:Strategy and Practice IB819 Module
IB820:Modelling and Analysis for Management IB820 Module
IB821:Project Management IB821 Module
IB822:Management of Change IB822 Module
IB826:International Marketing IB826 Module
IB827:Economics of the Business Environment IB827 Module
IB829:Innovation & Creativity in Organisations IB829 Module
IB830:Global Sourcing of Strategic Information Technology & Business Processes IB830 Module
IB831:Mergers and Acquisitions IB831 Module
IB832:Management in the Global Energy Industry IB832 Module
IB833:Business Policy & Regulation in the Global Energy Industry IB833 Module
IB834:Sustainability & the Low Carbon Economy IB834 Module
IB835:Energy Trading & Risk Management IB835 Module
IB836:Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Social Responsibility IB836 Module
IB837:Energy in Global Politics IB837 Module
IB838:Innovation & Alternative Energy Technologies IB838 Module
IB839:Financing of Energy Assets IB839 Module
IB840:Economics of the Business Environment IB840 Module
IB841:Project and Dissertation IB841 Module
IB842:Manging the Digital Workplace (MDW) IB842 Module
IB844:Psychology of Investing & Financial Decisions IB844 Module
IB845:Marketing through Social Media IB845 Module
IB846:Global Branding IB846 Module
IB847:Service Marketing IB847 Module
IB848:Intrapreneurship IB848 Module
IB902:Issues in Marketing Theory and Practice IB902 Module
IB903:Accounting & Financial Management IB903 Module
IB904:Marketing IB904 Module
IB907:Organisational Behaviour IB907 Module
IB909:Improving Management Decision Making IB909 Module
IB910:Strategic Advantage IB910 Module
IB912:Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting IB912 Module
IB914:Economics in the Global Environment IB914 Module
IB9150: Forecasting for Decision Makers IB9150 Module
IB915:Forecasting for Decision Makers IB915 Module
IB917:Operations Management IB917 Module
IB9190:Advanced Analytics: Models and Applications IB9190 Module
IB91C:Strategic Thinking: The Practice of Management IB91C Module
IB91E:Strategic Brand Management IB91E Module
IB91L:Curing Illness and Creating Health: Health Care Systems in a Globalised World IB91L Module
IB91N:Business Environment and Strategy IB91N Module
IB91S:Strategy Analysis and Practice IB91S Module
IB91SF: Strategy Analysis and Practice IB91SF Module
IB91T:Economics for Management and Business IB91T Module
IB91U:Governance & Corporate Responsibility IB91U Module
IB91W:Operations Management IB91W Module
IB91X:Marketing IB91X Module
IB91Y:Foundations of Corporate Performance IB91Y Module
IB91Z:Financial Analysis for Management IB91Z Module
IB924:Modelling & Analysis for Management IB924 Module
IB925:Foundations of Information Systems IB925 Module
IB92A:People and Organisations IB92A Module
IB92C:Corporate Finance IB92C Module
IB92D:OR Modelling for Management IB92D Module
IB92E:Entrepreneurship and Business Venturing IB92E Module
IB92G:Digital Business and Workplace Technologies IB92G Module
IB92H:Organisational Analysis IB92H Module
IB92J:Technological Innovation and Change IB92J Module
IB92L:Digital Business Strategy and Social Media IB92L Module
IB92N:Global Business Strategy IB92N Module
IB92P:Strategic Brand Management IB92P Module
IB92T:Marketing Across Cultures IB92T Module
IB92U:Strategy in Practice IB92U Module
IB92V:The Dynamics of Strategy IB92V Module
IB92X:Business IT and Services IB92X Module
IB930:International Business IB930 Module
IB933:Marketing Strategy IB933 Module
IB937:Corporate Finance IB937 Module
IB938:Corporate Finance IB938 Module
IB939:Management of Change IB939 Module
IB93B:Environment of Business IB93B Module
IB93F:Research Methodology and Dissertation IB93F Module
IB93P0:International Business IB93P0 Module
IB93P:International Business IB93P Module
IB93PB:International Business IB93PB Module
IB93R:Economics of the Business Environment IB93R Module
IB93S:Governance of Public Management in Europe IB93S Module
IB93T:Project and Dissertation IB93T Module
IB93U:Project and Dissertation IB93U Module
IB93Y:Dissertation IB93Y Module
IB949:Investment Management IB949 Module
IB94A:Dissertation IB94A Module
IB94B:Project and Dissertation IB94B Module
IB94C:Dissertation IB94C Module
IB94E:Managing Complexity & Uncertainty IB94E Module
IB94G:Marketing Communications IB94G Module
IB94J:International Marketing IB94J Module
IB94K:Corporate Governance IB94K Module
IB94L:Derivative Securities IB94L Module
IB94P:Behavioural Science for the Manager IB94P Module
IB94R:Analytic Consulting IB94R Module
IB94S:Decision Analysis Consulting IB94S Module
IB94T:Soft Systems Analysis Consulting IB94T Module
IB94U:Strategy Analytics IB94U Module
IB94V:Data & Business Intelligence IB94V Module
IB94W:Spreadsheet Modelling IB94W Module
IB94X:Business Statistics IB94X Module
IB94Y:Supporting Strategy: Frameworks and Methods IB94Y Module
IB94Z:Management Science & Operational Research Techniques IB94Z Module
IB952:Research Methodology for Financial Management IB952 Module
IB955:Operations Strategy IB955 Module
IB959:Asset Pricing IB959 Module
IB95E:Setting the Pace IB95E Module
IB95F:Maximising Business Capability IB95F Module
IB95G:Building the High Performance Organisation IB95G Module
IB95H:Becoming the High Performance Leader IB95H Module
IB95J:Driving Organisational Success IB95J Module
IB95K:Improving Manager Performance IB95K Module
IB95L:Developing People IB95L Module
IB95M:Working in Teams IB95M Module
IB95N:Improving Business Performance IB95N Module
IB95R:Financial Risk Management IB95R Module
IB95S:Insurance Markets IB95S Module
IB95U:Leadership in the UK Public Sector IB95U Module
IB95V:Developing Organisational Effectiveness IB95V Module
IB95W:Leading Strategic Change IB95W Module
IB95X:Thinking about Leadership IB95X Module
IB95Y:Public Management Research Methods IB95Y Module
IB95Z:Public Services: Partnerships, Commissioning and the Third Sector IB95Z Module
IB961:Digital Marketing Technology and Management IB961 Module
IB967:International Financial Markets IB967 Module
IB96B:Dissertation IB96B Module
IB96C:Dissertation IB96C Module
IB96D:Enterprise Systems Development IB96D Module
IB96E:Digital Business Strategy IB96E Module
IB96F:Business Systems Integration & Consultancy IB96F Module
IB96G:Global Sourcing & Innovation IB96G Module
IB96H:Knowledge Work and Innovation IB96H Module
IB96J:Understanding & Researching Employment Relations IB96J Module
IB96K:Employment Relations in Britain IB96K Module
IB96L:Comparative Employment Relations IB96L Module
IB96M:International Context of Employment Relations IB96M Module
IB96N:Researching Industrial Relations & the Management of Human Resources IB96N Module
IB96P:Managing Human Resources IB96P Module
IB96Q:Dissertation IB96Q Module
IB96R:Transnational Employment Relations IB96R Module
IB96S:Employment Law & Employment Practice IB96S Module
IB96T:Equality & Diversity IB96T Module
IB96U:Foundation in Management & Organisational Analysis IB96U Module
IB96V:Organisational Behaviour IB96V Module
IB96W:Globalisation Governance & the Restructuring of Firms IB96W Module
IB96X:Leading the Knowledge Based Organisation IB96X Module
IB96Y:Organising Identity IB96Y Module
IB96Z:Researching Organisations IB96Z Module
IB971:The Economics of the Business Environment IB971 Module
IB97A:Managing in Multinationals IB97A Module
IB97B:Ethical Leadership IB97B Module
IB97C:Dissertation IB97C Module
IB97E:Global Sourcing of Strategic Information Technology & Business Processes IB97E Module
IB97F:Leadership and Public Value IB97F Module
IB97G:Managing People and Change IB97G Module
IB97H:Operations & Performance Management IB97H Module
IB97J:Partnership Working: Stakeholder Management & Community Engagement IB97J Module
IB97L:Managing & Using Resources IB97L Module
IB97M:Dissertation IB97M Module
IB97N:Advanced Leadership & Strategic Management IB97N Module
IB97P:Research & Evidence Based Policy Making IB97P Module
IB97R:Leadership and The Art of Judgement IB97R Module
IB97T:The Innovative Organisation IB97T Module
IB97U:Critical Integration in Management IB97U Module
IB97V:Dissertation IB97V Module
IB97W:The Future of the Economy IB97W Module
IB97X:Diversification & Growth IB97X Module
IB97Y:Managing Performance IB97Y Module
IB97Z:Customer Excellence IB97Z Module
IB983:Managerial Economics IB983 Module
IB985:Business in Society IB985 Module
IB98A:Design in Business IB98A Module
IB98B:Supply Chain Management IB98B Module
IB98C:Leadership with Political Astuteness IB98C Module
IB98D:Advanced Data Analysis IB98D Module
IB98E:Forecasting IB98E Module
IB98F:Clinical Systems Improvement IB98F Module
IB98L:Leadership in Outsourcing IB98L Module
IB98P:Advanced Marketing Management IB98P Module
IB98Q:Advanced Strategic Management IB98Q Module
IB98R0:Leading and Managing Change IB98R0 Module
IB98RB:Leading and Managing Change IB98RB Module
IB98RH: Leading and Managing Change IB98RH Module
IB98T:Managing Digital Organisations & Workplace Technologies (MDOWT) IB98T Module
IB98U:Corporate Governance IB98U Module
IB98W0: Management Accounting and Control IB98W0 Module
IB98W:Management Accounting & Control IB98W Module
IB98X:Issues in Acounting IB98X0 Module
IB98Y:Dissertation (MSc Accounting & Finance) IB98Y Module
IB9A2:International Business IB9A2 Module
IB9AC:Direct: Steering Operations & Processes IB9AC Module
IB9AD:Design: Shaping Processes, Products & Services IB9AD Module
IB9AE:Deliver: Planning & Controlling Ongoing Operations IB9AE Module
IB9AF:Dvelop: Improving the Operation's Capabilities IB9AF Module
IB9AG:Judgement & Decision Making IB9AG Module
IB9AH0:Accounting Information & Markets IB9AH0 Module
IB9AJ:Strategic Management Accounting Systems IB9AJ Module
IB9AK:Behavioural Science Dissertation IB9AK Module
IB9AL:Financial Engineering & Structured Products IB9AL Module
IB9AM:Behaviour Microeconomics IB9AM Module
IB9AN:Principles of Cognition IB9AN Module
IB9AP:Behavioural Sciences for the Manager IB9AP Module
IB9AQ:Project Management IB9AQ Module
IB9AR:Teaching Shakespeare (Online) IB9AR Module
IB9AS:The Essentials of Teaching Shakespeare in the Classroom IB9AS Module
IB9AT:The Essentials of Staging and Performing Shakespeare with Children and Young People IB9AT Module
IB9AV:Global Finance and IT IB9AV Module
IB9AW:Principles of Cognition IB9AW Module
IB9AX:Foundations of Financial and Management Accounting IB9AX Module
IB9AY:Marketing IB9AY Module
IB9AZ:Fundamentals of Economic Behaviour IB9AZ Module
IB9B2:Complexity, Management and Network Thinking IB9B2 Module
IB9B3:Service Management: Transforming Service Organisations IB9B3 Module
IB9B4:Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation IB9B4 Module
IB9B6:Entrepreneurial Finance IB9B6 Module
IB9BA:Quantitative Methods for Business IB9BA Module
IB9BB:Business Analysis and Valuation IB9BB Module
IB9BC:Strategic Management Accounting IB9BC Module
IB9BD:Behavioural Economics IB9BD Module
IB9BE:Strategic Marketing IB9BE Module
IB9BF:Dissertation IB9BF Module
IB9BH:Sustainability and Business Ethics IB9BH Module
IB9BJ:Strategic Thinking: Strategic Evaluation and Analysis IB9BJ Module
IB9BK:Empirical Finance IB9BK Module
IB9BL:Advanced Topics in Finance IB9BL Module
IB9BM:Econometrics IB9BM Module
IB9BN:Advanced Leadership IB9BN Module
IB9BQ:Pricing and Revenue Management IB9BQ Module
IB9BR:The Psychological Foundations of Strategic Management IB9BR Module
IB9BS0: Supply Chain Analytics IB9BS0 Module
IB9BS:Supply Chain Analytics IB9BS Module
IB9BT:Managing in a New World IB9BT Module
IB9BV:Developing Learning Leaders IB9BV Module
IB9BW:Analytics in Practice IB9BW Module
IB9BY:Managing Organisational Performance IB9BY Module
IB9C1:Managing Complexity IB9C1 Module
IB9C2:Strategic Development: Methods & Models IB9C2 Module
IB9C3:Entrepreneurship & New Venture Capital IB9C3 Module
IB9C7:IS Consultancy IB9C7 Module
IB9C8:Dissertation IB9C8 Module
IB9CB0: Developing Consulting Expertise IB9CB0 Module
IB9CB:Developing Consulting Expertise IB9CB Module
IB9CC:Introduction to Consulting IB9CC Module
IB9CE:Perspectives on Business IB9CE Module
IB9CF:Research Methodology IB9CF Module
IB9CFM: Research Methods IB9CFM Module
IB9CR:Alternative Investments IB9CR Module
IB9CS:Big Data Analytics IB9CS Module
IB9CU:Research Methods in Accounting IB9CU Module
IB9CV:Leading for Innovation IB9CV Module
IB9CW:Text Analytics IB9CW Module
IB9CY:Teaching Shakespeare: Building Relationships for Learning IB9CY Module
IB9CZ:Teaching Shakespeare: Classroom Application IB9CZ Module
IB9D8:Leadership and Networks IB9D8 Module
IB9DA:Teaching Shakespeare: Dialogue as Inquiry IB9DA Module
IB9DB:Teaching Shakespeare: Reflection on Application IB9DB Module
IB9DC:Teaching Shakespeare (online) bridge IB9DC Module
IB9DD:Special Project - Applying Active Approaches in Teaching and Learning IB9DD Module
IB9DE:Dissertation (Teaching of Shakespeare) IB9DE Module
IB9DF:Direct: Understanding the Service Concept IB9DF Module
IB9DG:Deliver: Control for Customer Centricity IB9DG Module
IB9DH:Develop: Embedding a Service Culture IB9DH Module
IB9DJ:Design: Designing the Customer Journey IB9DJ Module
IB9DK:Service Excellence: Implementation IB9DK Module
IB9DL:Managing Open and Collaborative Innovation in the Digital Age IB9DL Module
IB9DM:Introduction to Human Resource Management IB9DM Module
IB9DN:Human Resource Management Professional Practice IB9DN Module
IB9DP:Global and European Governance of Employment Relations IB9DP Module
IB9DQ:Employment Relations in Global Context IB9DQ Module
IB9DQT: Work and Human Resources in Global Context IB9DQT Module
IB9DR:Coaching Skills IB9DR Module
IB9DS:LeadershipPlus IB9DS Module
IB9DT:Market Microstructure IB9DT Module
IB9DU:Applied Multiple Regression Analysis IB9DU Module
IB9DV:Collecting and Analysing Qualitative Data IB9DV Module
IB9DW:Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods IB9DW Module
IB9DX:Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods IB9DX Module
IB9DY:Multivariate Statistics IB9DY Module
IB9DZ:Theorising and Publishing Qualitative Research IB9DZ Module
IB9E0:Service Delivery: Improvement and Performance IB9E0 Module
IB9E4:Advanced Corporate Finance IB9E4 Module
IB9E6:Community Engagement and User and Citizen Involvement IB9E6 Module
IB9E7:Dissertation IB9E7 Module
IB9EA:Strategic Human Resource Management IB9EA Module
IB9EE:Innovation in the Digital Age IB9EE Module
IB9EF:Advanced Topics in Accounting IB9EF Module
IB9EG:Recent Advances in Operational Research IB9EG Module
IB9EH:Recent Advances in Operations Management IB9EH Module
IB9EI:Theories of Organizations and Organizing in Management Research IB9EI Module
IB9EJ:Advanced Issues in Entrepreneurship IB9EJ Module
IB9EK:Advanced Issues in Strategy and International Business IB9EK Module
IB9EL:Practice of Investment Management IB9EL Module
IB9EM:Corporate Financial Management IB9EM Module
IB9EN:Asset Pricing and Investments IB9EN Module
IB9EP:Contemporary Issues in Employment Relations IB9EP Module
IB9EQ:Imagining Your Career IB9EQ Module
IB9ER:Designing and Managing Data Science Research IB9ER Module
IB9ES:Advanced Communication Skills for Data Science Research IB9ES Module
IB9ET:International Business Strategy IB9ET Module
IB9EU:Research in International Business IB9EU Module
IB9EY:Design in Business IB9EY Module
IB9EZ0:Leading and Managing People IB9EZ0 Module
IB9FC:Current Issues in Leadership IB9FC Module
IB9FJ:Leadership IB9FJ Module
IB9FK:Strategic Leadership for the Healthcare Industry IB9FK Module
IB9FP:Portfolio Management IB9FP Module
IB9FQ0:Financial Accounting: Theory and Context IB9FQ0 Module
IB9FT0:Auditing and Assurance IB9FT0 Module
IB9HN0: Research Methodology IB9HN0 Module
IB9HP0: Data Management IB9HP0 Module
IB9HU0: Market Research IB9HU0 Module
IB9HW: Project Skills IB9HW Module
IB9J6:Marketing Management IB9J6 Module
IB9J8:Accounting and Financial Management IB9J8 Module
IB9JA0: Strategic Management IB9JA0 Module
IB9JB0: Marketing and Strategy Analytics IB9JB0 Module
IB9JF0:Business Immersion & Critical Thinking IB9JF0 Module
IB9K6:Performance Measurement & Management in the Public Sector IB9K6 Module
IB9K8:Public Policy in the European Union IB9K8 Module
IB9LM: Corporate Finance IB9LM Module
IB9N7:C++ for Quantitiative Finance IB9N7 Module
IB9Q0:Financial Stability & Approaches to Financial Regulation & Supervision IB9Q0 Module
IB9Q2:Modelling and Analysis for Management IB9Q2 Module
IB9R0:Financial Regulation and Supervision in Practice IB9R0L Module
IB9R3:Financial Analysis IB9R3 Module
IB9R4:Investments and Risk Management IB9R4 Module
IB9R5:Marketing Communications IB9R5 Module
IB9R7:Financial Analysis IB9R7 Module
IB9R8:Human Resource Management IB9R8 Module
IB9S0:Central Banks, Financial Systems & Systemic Risks IB9S0 Module
IB9S1:International Business IB9S1 Module
IB9S2:Management Accounting IB9S2 Module
IB9S30: Management of Change IB9S30 Module
IB9S3:Management of Change IB9S3 Module
IB9S4:Marketing Strategy IB9S4 Module
IB9S5:Operations Management IB9S5 Module
IB9S6:Operations Strategy IB9S6 Module
IB9S7:Project Management IB9S7 Module
IB9S7I: Project Management IB9S7I Module
IB9S8:Service Management: Transforming Service Organisations IB9S8 Module
IB9S9:Strategic Advantage IB9S9 Module
IB9T0:Empirical applications in macro, financial and energy economics IB9T0 Module
IB9T1:Strategy and Practice IB9T1 Module
IB9T1L: Strategy and Practice IB9T1L Module
IB9T9:Analysis of Economic Behaviour IB9T9 Module
IB9U0:Financial Management IB9U0 Module
IB9U4:Business Strategy IB9U4 Module
IB9V0:Corporate Finance IB9V0 Module
IB9V4:Foundations of Management IB9V4 Module
IB9V5:Mathematical Programming and Heuristics IB9V5 Module
IB9V6:Discrete Event Simulation IB9V6 Module
IB9V8:Organisational Performance Analysis IB9V8 Module
IB9W0:Quantitative Methods for Financial Management IB9W0 Module
IB9W6:Strategy and Practice in the Public Services IB9W6 Module
IB9W7:Issues in Strategy: Theory and Practice IB9W7 Module
IB9W9:The Diffusion of New Products and Technologies IB9W9 Module
IB9X0:Derivatives and Corporate Risk Management IB9X0 Module
IB9X3:Research Methods for Marketing and Strategy IB9X3 Module
IB9X4:Economics of Financial Markets IB9X4 Module
IB9X5:International Finance IB9X5 Module
IB9X6:Quantitative Methods for Finance IB9X6 Module
IB9X7:Derivative Securities IB9X7 Module
IB9X8:Fixed Income and Credit Risk IB9X8 Module
IB9X9:Advanced Corporate Finance IB9X9 Module
IB9Y0:Financial Markets and Instruments IB9Y0 Module
IB9Y1:Banking and Financial Institutions IB9Y1 Module
IB9Y2:Behavioural Finance IB9Y2 Module
IB9Y3:Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Control IB9Y3 Module
IB9Y4:International Financial Management IB9Y4 Module
IB9Y6:Empirical Finance IB9Y6 Module
IB9Y7:Corporate Finance IB9Y7 Module
IB9Y8:Asset Pricing IB9Y8 Module
IB9Y9:Financial Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis IB9Y9 Module
IB9Z9:Project and Dissertation for Marketing and Strategy IB9Z9 Module
Implementing Organisational Change IB9HD Module
Innovating to Create Value IB9A5 Module
Innovation & Creativity in Organisations IB854 Module
Innovation & Creativity in Organisations IB853 Module
Innovation & Creativity in Organisations IB855 Module
Innovation & Creativity in Organisations IB852 Module
Intermediate Mathematics IB010 Module
International Business IB9KN Module
International Business IB9ZI Module
International Business IB9LK Module
International Business Strategy IB9ET0 Module
International Economics & Unconventional Monetary Policy IB9M4 Module
International Financial Management IB9M0 Module
International Marketing IB388 Module
International MBA elective IB9FU Module
International Perspectives in Business, Management and Society IB3M9 Module
International perspectives in business, management, and society IB3M90 Module
Introducing Accounting and Finance IB011 Module
Introduction to Employment Relations IB9JT Module
Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship IB144 Module
Introduction to Organisational Change IB9HF Module
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods IB953 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods IB944 Module
Introduction to Statistics IB149 Module
IT and the Financial Securities Trading Lifecycle IB262 Module
Knowledge and Knowledge Translation in Healthcare Systems IB9GN Module
Knowledge, Work and Innovation IB9ZJ Module
Leadership IB9KV Module
Leadership IB9P5 Module
Leadership IB9KU Module
Leadership IB9KT Module
Leadership and the Art of Judgement IB9LF Module
Leadership Essentials IB9GB Module
Leading and Managing Change IB98R Module
Leading and Managing Change IB9LD Module
Leading and Managing People IB9EZ Module
Leading Digital Transformation IB9GX Module
Leading for Innovation IB98H Module
Leading Strategic Change and Innovation IB9GC Module
Leading Strategy Implementation in Practice IB9FI Module
Macroeconomics IB9GK Module
Macroeconomics IB9CP Module
Management of Change IB9LY Module
Management of Global Risks IB147 Module
Managerial Economics IB916 Module
Managing Human Resources IB2C4 Module
Managing human resources in contemporary organisations IB9ZK Module
Managing Organisational Performance IB98K Module
Managing Patient Safety and Involvement IB9GP Module
Managing Performance and Rewards IB9ZP Module
Managing Sustainable Energy Transitions IB9ZM Module
Managing Sustainable Energy Transitions IB9ZN Module
Managing the Employment Relationship IB9ZX Module
Market Research IB9HU Module
Marketing IB711 Module
Marketing IB712 Module
Marketing IB857 Module
Marketing Analytics IB964 Module
Marketing and Strategy Analytics IB9JB Module
Marketing in an International Environment IB9FV Module
Marketing of Luxury Products and Services IB9MS Module
Marketing Research IB2B6 Module
Marketing Strategy IB2B5 Module
Marketing with Digital Disruption and Transformation IB9JW Module
Mathematical Game Theory: Combinatorial and Search Games IB410 Module
Maths for Management IB012 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions IB850 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions IB9D1 Module
Mergers and Acquisitions IB851 Module
Microeconomics IB9JG Module
Microeconomics IB9CQ Module
Mobilising Resources and Initiatives for Healthcare Innovation IB9GQ Module
Modelling for Banks and Insurers IB9L4 Module
Monetary Policy and Monetary Analysis IB9JK Module
Money, Banks and Macroeconomics IB9JJ Module
Negotiation IB9HX Module
Negotiation Theory and Practice IB9KR Module
Negotiation Theory and Practice IB9GE Module
New Perspectives on Organisational Change IB9HC Module
Norms, Metrics and Topologies MA260 Module
Open Innovation in the Digital Economy IB3J9 Module
Operations Advantage IB9GJ Module
Operations Advantage IB9ZQ Module
Operations Advantage IB9KQ Module
Operations Analytics IB9HS Module
Operations Management IB2B8 Module
Operations Management IB9HQ Module
Operations Management IB9KL Module
Operations Management IB9KK Module
Organisational Analysis IB3K6 Module
Organisational Behaviour IB716 Module
Organisational Behaviour IB858 Module
Organisational Behaviour IB9ZV Module
Organisational Behaviour IB715 Module
Organisational Innovations in Healthcare IB9GR Module
Organization and Strategy IB9GY Module
People Analytics IB9ZW Module
People and Organisations IB9LQ Module
Platform Strategy IB9GZ Module
Practice of FinTech IB9ZD Module
Preparing for Strategic Leadership IB9JY Module
Pricing Analytics IB9EO Module
Pricing Analytics IB9EO0 Module
Principles of Marketing IB148 Module
Problem Solving in Organisations IB950 Module
Programming for Data Analytics IB9JV Module
Project IB9FZ Module
Project & Dissertation IB9ZA Module
Project & Dissertation IB9ZB Module
Project & Dissertation IB9H0 Module
Project and Dissertation IB9G5 Module
Project Management IB9ZH Module
Project Management IB9KJ Module
Project Management IB988 Module
Qualitative Research Methods IB93K Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance IB9K4 Module
Recent Advances in Operational Research and Operations Management IB9GF Module
Research Appraisal and Project Planning IB9GS Module
Research Methodology IB9HN Module
Research Methods IB9HY Module
Research Portfolio and Dissertation IB984 Module
Research Portfolio and Dissertation IB954 Module
Selling Value IB9C6 Module
Simulation Optimisation IB9FF Module
Starting a Business IB2C9 Module
Strategic Advantage IB9KG Module
Strategic Advantage IB9KH Module
Strategic and International Human Resource Management IB9ZR Module
Strategic Choices IB9HM Module
Strategic Leadership and Ethics IB9HZ Module
Strategic Leadership Development IB9FY Module
Strategic Leadership Development IB9GD Module
Strategic Leadership for Healthcare Innovation IB9GT Module
Strategic Leadership for the Healthcare Industry IB9KS Module
Strategic Management IB9JA Module
Strategic Management Accounting IB9KY Module
Strategic Marketing IB9KM Module
Strategic Value Creation IB9EW Module
Strategy Analysis and Practice IB9LP Module
Strategy Analysis and Practice IB9LN Module
Strategy Analytics IP94P Module
Strategy and Practice IB9KF Module
Strategy Execution IB9HK Module
Study Abroad Part-Year IB2A7 Module
Study Year Abroad IB2A8 Module
Supply Chain Management IB9HV Module
Talent Management IB9ZU Module
Teaching Practice in Higher Education IB920 Module
The Dynamics of Organisational Change IB9HA Module
The Economics of Wellbeing IB921 Module
Understanding Enterprise IB3F6 Module
Understanding the Entrepreneur IB3F7 Module
WBDB22: Systematic Literature Review WBDB22 Module
WBS Teaching Academy WB521 Module
WBS Teaching Academy WB5210 Programme
Work Placement Part-Year IB2A9 Module
Work Placement Year IB2B0 Module

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