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Cultural Connections, Digital Histories: Britain and the 19th-century Hispanic World HP313 Module
Deviance and Criminality in Spanish Film HP318 Module
HP101:Modern Spanish Language I (Advanced) HP101 Module
HP102:Modern Spanish Language for Beginners HP102 Module
HP103:Language, Text and Identity in the Hispanic World HP103 Module
HP104:Images and Representations of the Hispanic World HP104 Module
HP201:Modern Spanish Language II (Advanced) HP201 Module
HP202:Modern Spanish Language II (post-beginners) HP202 Module
HP205:Images and Representations of the Hispanic World HP205 Module
HP206:Foundations of the Hispanic World I, Building Nation. Building Empire HP206 Module
HP207:Foundations of the Hispanic World 2: Reality, Magic and Desire in the Baroque Era HP207 Module
HP208:Cultural Connections, Digital Histories: Britain and the 19th-century Hispanic World HP208 Module
HP212: Knowing Women: Gender, Education and Power in Hispanic Writing HP212 Module
HP301:Modern Spanish Language III (Advanced) HP301 Module
HP302:Hispanic Studies Dissertation HP302 Module
HP303:Postmodernism and Popular Culture in Latin America HP303 Module
HP304:Memory’s Migrations: Cultural Exchange in the Hispanic World HP304 Module
HP305:Galician Connections: Culture and Identity on the Atlantic Rim HP305 Module
HP307:Subverting Dictatorship HP307 Module
HP308:Contemporary Spanish Cinema HP308 Module
HP309:From Dictatorship to Democracy: Comparative Perspectives on Contemporary Spain and Portugal HP309 Module
HP310:Spain and the Philippines at Empire's End HP310 Module
HP312:(Re) Foundational Fictions: Writing Nature into the Latin American Nation HP312 Module
HP314:Latin American Counterpoints: Cultural Representations of Slavery in the 20th Century HP314 Module
HP317:Love, Death, and Desire in the Golden Age HP317 Module
HP319:Journeys and Cityscapes in Latin American Film HP319 Module
HP320:Screening Spain: Spanish Film in Context HP320 Module
HP323: Climate Fictions in the Hispanic World HP323 Module
HP325: Memory and the Spanish Civil War: Virtual Approaches to a Contested Past HP325 Module
HP326: Gender and Translation in the Hispanic World: Translating Women Writers HP326 Module
HP327: Knowing Women: Gender, Education and Power in Hispanic Writing HP327 Module
HP900:Dissertation in Hispanic Studies HP900 Module
HP901:Hispanic Studies Advanced Study Option I HP901 Module
HP902:Hispanic Studies Advanced Study Option II HP902 Module
HP903:Caliban's Legacy in the Caribbean HP903 Module
Ilusion and Reality, Doubt and Deceit: The Baroque Obsession with Uncertainty HP316 Module

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