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Architectural Utopias: Eighteenth to Twentieth Century HA2E0 Module
Art and Architecture of the Gothic Cathedral HA2F5 Module
Art Histories from Africa HA2G1 Module
Art in Global Britain HA2F4 Module
Art in Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia HA972 Module
Art in Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia HA3D4 Module
Art of the Baroque HA2D8 Module
Art of the Dutch Golden Age HA2F6 Module
Bronze in Renaissance Venice HA959 Module
Deconstructing Medieval and Early Modern Buildings HA960 Module
Disease and Representation in the Nineteenth Century HA3D1 Module
East meets West: The Visual Arts in Colonial and Postcolonial India HA961 Module
Exhibiting the Contemporary HA963 Module
Exhibiting the Contemporary (taught in Venice) HA2E7 Module
Fakes and Forgeries HA1B6 Module
Globalisation and Contemporary Art HA965 Module
HA110: Drawing HA110 Module
HA1A1:Introduction to Art History: The Natural World and the Arts of Modernity HA1A1 Module
HA1A2:Introduction to Art History: Classicism and the Arts of Christianity HA1A2 Module
HA1A3:Architecture HA1A3 Module
HA1A4:Landscape HA1A4 Module
HA1A5:Portraiture HA1A5 Module
HA1A6:Prints HA1A6 Module
HA1A7:Sacred Art HA1A7 Module
HA1A8:Sculpture HA1A8 Module
HA1B0:The Art & Architecture of Medieval Devotion HA1B0 Module
HA1B1:Photography HA1B1 Module
HA1B2:Contemporary Art HA1B2 Module
HA1B3:Altarpieces HA1B3 Module
HA1B4:Painting Techniques HA1B4 Module
HA1B5:History of Art and Interpretation HA1B5 Module
HA250: Islamic Art and Architecture HA250 Module
HA2A1:Methods of Art History HA2A1 Module
HA2A2:Art & Society in Renaissance Florence HA2A2 Module
HA2A5:Art Since the 1960's HA2A5 Module
HA2A6:The City & its Images: The Making of Modern London HA2A6 Module
HA2A8:The Architecture of the Age of Chivalry HA2A8 Module
HA2A9:The Italian City States in the Age of Dante & Petrarch HA2A9 Module
HA2B1:The Spaces of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Painting HA2B1 Module
HA2B5:Art and Visual Perception HA2B5 Module
HA2B8:Art in an Age of Revolution HA2B8 Module
HA2B9:The Aesthetic Movement in Britain 1860-1900 HA2B9 Module
HA2C0:From Fortress to Country House: The Architecture of the Nobility from 1300-1600 HA2C0 Module
HA2C2:Pilgrimage: Art Culture & Travel in the Medieval World HA2C2 Module
HA2C4:Practical Art: Drawing and Painting HA2C4 Module
HA2C5:A Fine Tomorrow: British Art & Culture in the 1950's HA2C5 Module
HA2C7: Italian Renaissance Sculpture HA2C7 Module
HA2D1:Spanish Painting of the Golden Age HA2D1 Module
HA2D5:Modernism and Cultural Politics in England 1900-1925 HA2D5 Module
HA2D6:Italian Baroque: The Reform of Art 1580-1630 HA2D6 Module
HA2D7:Modern Art and Modernism HA2D7 Module
HA2D9:'Golden Age' to 'Modern Breakthrough': Danish Art in the Nineteenth Century HA2D9 Module
HA2E5: Contemporaneities HA2E5 Module
HA2F1:The Renaissance: North and South HA2F1 Module
HA2F2:Venice, Rise and Myth: Art and Architecture in the Veneto (1100-1600) HA2F2 Module
HA2G4: The Arts of India's Royal Courts HA2G4 Module
HA316:Pass Degree Essay HA316 Module
HA3340: The Making of Art and Self in Early Modern China HA3340 Module
HA339:Setting the Scene: Architecture and the Visual Arts in Renaissance Italy HA339 Module
HA340: The Making and meaning of Art in Early Modern China HA340 Module
HA3A1:Dissertation (History of Art) HA3A1 Module
HA3A2:Art in Venice & Northern Italy 1100-1600 HA3A2 Module
HA3A4:Giotto & Assisi HA3A4 Module
HA3A5:Globalisation and Contemporary Art HA3A5 Module
HA3A8: The Thirties: The Arts & Society in Inter-War Britain HA3A8 Module
HA3B1:English Perceptions of Venice HA3B1 Module
HA3B2:Deconstructing Medieval & Early-Modern Buildings HA3B2 Module
HA3C0:Young Curators HA3C0 Module
HA3C2:Colour and its Meanings HA3C2 Module
HA3C3:Mannerism: Painting, Sculpture and Architecture HA3C3 Module
HA3C4:East meets West: The Visual Arts in Colonial and Post Colonial India HA3C4 Module
HA3C5:Art in Venice & Northern Italy 1100-1600 - visiting students HA3C5 Module
HA3C6:Victorian Sculpture HA3C6 Module
HA3C7:Exhibiting the Contemporary HA3C7 Module
HA3C8:Exhibiting the Contemporary - Visiting Students HA3C8 Module
HA3C9:Visual Art and Poetry HA3C9 Module
HA3D7: Latin American Modernism HA3D7 Module
HA3F1: Nordic Design 1900-1960 HA3F1 Module
HA923:Diploma Dissertation HA923 Module
HA931:Venetian Art and its Histories HA931 Module
HA932:Venetian Luxury and Display: Urban Fabric, Material Culture and Social Practice 1200 - 1600 HA932 Module
HA936:Art History and its Methods HA936 Module
HA937:The Aesthetic Legacy of Venice, 1700-Present HA937 Module
HA940:Dissertation HA940 Module
HA943:Dissertation HA943 Module
HA947:Then and Now: Displaying the Renaissance HA947 Module
HA949:Designing Modern Life: The British City 1900-1939 HA949 Module
HA950:History of Contemporary Art and Design HA950 Module
HA951:History of the Twentieth Century Art Market HA951 Module
HA952:The Theory and Practice of the Contemporary Art Market HA952 Module
HA953:The Business of the Art Market HA953 Module
HA954:Issues in the Contemporary Art Market HA954 Module
HA955:Dissertation HA955 Module
HA956:Making Art in Venice, 1200-1600 HA956 Module
HA964: Giotto and Assisi HA964 Module
HA975: The Making and meaning of Art in Early Modern China HA975 Module
HA979: Latin American Modernism HA979 Module
Independent Research Project HA967 Module
Independent Study Module HA2E8 Module
Independent Study Module HA3B4 Module
Latin American Art and Racial Politics HA2F8 Module
Leonardo: Art and Science HA3D5 Module
Leonardo: Art and Science HA966 Module
Mannerism: Art and Artistry in Sixteenth Century Europe HA2F9 Module
Mannerism: Painting, Sculpture and Architecture HA968 Module
Modern Architecture and the Historic City HA2F7 Module
Nature and Society in Early Modern Chinese Painting HA2G2 Module
Nordic Design 1900-1960 HA2XX Module
Objects and Institutions HA969 Module
Practices of Art History HA3D3 Module
Practices of Art History HA3E2 Module
Reality after Film HA978 Module
Reality after Film HA3D6 Module
Setting the Scene: Architecture and the Visual Arts in Renaissance Italy HA973 Module
The Arts in a Commercial Society 1730-1800 HA3B9 Module
The Arts in a Commercial Society, 1730-1800 HA974 Module
The Faculty of Arts Graduate Training Course HA921 Module
The Lure of the Object HA3C1 Module
The Thirties: The Arts and Society in inter-war Britain HA976 Module
Visual Art and Poetry HA977 Module

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