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Fictions of Femininity: Concepts of Gender in German Culture (1775-1848) GE213 Module
GE101:Modern German Language I GE101 Module
GE102:Modern German Language (International Business) I GE102 Module
GE108:The Changing Face of Germany in Film and Text GE108 Module
GE109:Aspects of German Culture in the Age of Enlightenment GE109 Module
GE112: Province - Pariah - Powerhouse GE112 Module
GE201:Modern German Language II GE201 Module
GE202:Modern German Language (International Business) II GE202 Module
GE207:German Culture in the Age of Revolution 1789-1848 GE207 Module
GE208:Naturalism GE208 Module
GE209:Culture and Politics in the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich GE209 Module
GE212:Bertolt Brecht Theatre as Revolution GE212 Module
GE214:The Strange World of Franz Kafka's Short Stories GE214 Module
GE215:Reading Weimar: Prose Fiction 1919-1933 GE215 Module
GE217:Film in the Weimar Republic and under National Socialism GE217 Module
GE218:Pathologies of the Modern Self GE218 Module
GE220:Violent Women GE220 Module
GE302:German terror and Cultural Memory GE302 Module
GE312:The Writer and Imperial Germany, 1871-1918 GE312 Module
GE324: Reflections on National Socialism in Post-War German Culture GE324 Module
GE331:German Memories of the War - from Perpetration to Suffering GE331 Module
GE332:The Self & Others Identity Gender & Ethnicity in German Culture around 1800 GE332 Module
GE333:Germany & the Holocaust: Interpretations & Debates GE333 Module
GE338: Gender Trouble in Contemporary German Culture GE338 Module
GE339: Exploring Zeitgeist: Politics, Culture and Society in Germany Today GE339 Module
GE401:Modern German Language III GE401 Module
GE421:Post-War German Political Cinema GE421 Module
GE424:Reflection of National Socialism in Post-War German Writing GE424 Module
GE429:Berlin from 1900 to the Present-day. Society, Politics and Culture GE429 Module
GE430:Reading Contemporary German Diasporic Writing GE430 Module
GE434:The Self and the Others II : Contemporary German Travel Narratives GE434 Module
GE436:German Studies Dissertation GE436 Module
GE438:Boredom in the Literature and Film of the Berlin Republic GE438 Module
GE900:German Cultural Studies GE900 Module
GE903:Love, Eros and the Family in Post 1945 German Culture (MA Variant) GE903 Module
GE904:Translation and Cultural Difference between German and English GE904 Module
GE905:Reading Contemporary German Diasporic Writing GE905 Module
GE906:Dissertation GE906 Module
GE908:The Self & the Others: Identity Gender & Ethnicity in German Culture around 1800 GE908 Module
GE909:German Memories of the War - From Perpetration to Suffering (MA variant) GE909 Module
GE910:German Cultural Studies: Guided Study Option 1 GE910 Module
GE911:German Cultural Studies: Guided Study Option 2 GE911 Module
GE912:Dissertation in German Studies GE912 Module
German Expressionism: Literature, Art and Music GE210 Module
German Romanticism GE913 Module
Kafka's Modernism GE337 Module
Modernity and its Discontents GE211 Module
No place like Heimat? German Narratives of Belonging in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century GE219 Module
Reading Contemporary German Diasporic Writing GE330 Module
The Self and the Others II : Contemporary German Travel Narratives GE334 Module
Unstable Worlds: The Narrator in Modern German Prose, 1800-1900 GE216 Module

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