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Books and Barricades: Culture and Society in 19th-century France FR263 Module
Books, Subversion and the Republic of Letters FR916 Module
Eros & Reason: The Rise of the Libertine FR342 Module
FR101:Modern French Language I FR101 Module
FR105:Approaches to Reading in English and French FR105 Module
FR109:Aspects of Modern French and German Literature FR109 Module
FR113:Modern and Contemporary France: Culture and Society FR113 Module
FR115:French Culture & Society from the Middle Ages to the Revolution FR115 Module
FR116:The French Imagination FR116 Module
FR117:English & French Translation (for Erasmus Students) FR117 Module
FR118:Strategies for Reading French Texts FR118 Module
FR119:Society and Business in Modern France FR119 Module
FR120:Defining France: an Introduction to French History and Culture FR120 Module
FR121:The Story of Modern France FR121 Module
FR122:French Cultural Landmarks: Love, Language and Power FR122 Module
FR201:Modern French Language II FR201 Module
FR207:French Cinema FR207 Module
FR218:Modern French Thinkers FR218 Module
FR224:Postcolonial Literatures in French FR224 Module
FR227:Prelude to Revolution: 18th Century Literature and the Call for Social Change FR227 Module
FR229:Collaboration & Resistance in French Fiction & Film FR229 Module
FR230:French Women Writers from 1968 to the Present FR230 Module
FR231:Modern Masterpieces FR231 Module
FR233:Bestsellers of the 19th Century FR233 Module
FR243:Paris Hollywood: French Cinema remade in USA FR243 Module
FR244:The Uses of the Past: Medieval to Modern FR244 Module
FR245:In the Family Way: Birth Sex & Death in French 17thc Culture & Text FR245 Module
FR246:Travel and Discovery in modern and contemporary writing in French FR246 Module
FR247:Intellectual Interventions: Politics, Literature and the Left during and after the Algerian War FR247 Module
FR248:Colonial Memory FR248 Module
FR251:France & the World since 1945 FR251 Module
FR252:Representations of the Holocaust FR252 Module
FR253:Mutants, Cyborgs and Clones: Science Fiction in France FR253 Module
FR254:Balzac and the Triumph of Realism FR254 Module
FR255:The Crowd in French Politics and Imagination FR255 Module
FR256:The Right in France FR256 Module
FR257:The Medieval Arthurian Romances of Chretien de Troyes FR257 Module
FR258:Three French Realists: Balzac FR258 Module
FR259:Government & the Shaping of Culture in Contemporary France FR259 Module
FR260:Women and Madness in Nineteenth-Century French Writing FR260 Module
FR261:Introduction to Early Modern Political Thought in France FR261 Module
FR262:Symbolism and Decadence in Fin-de-si├Ęcle Paris FR262 Module
FR264:French Presidents and the Media FR264 Module
FR266:Introduction to French Linguistics FR266 Module
FR268:French Cinema and Society from the First to the Second World War FR268 Module
FR301:Modern French Language III FR301 Module
FR307:The New Wave in French Cinema 1958-68 FR307 Module
FR309:Modern Sexualities FR309 Module
FR316:Media in France FR316 Module
FR322:Special Subject: Revolution and Empire FR322 Module
FR323:Paris & Modernity FR323 Module
FR324:French Contemporary Writing from 2000 to the Present FR324 Module
FR325:Policing, Pacification and Prisons: Coercive Governance in French Culture, History and Thought from 1925 to the Present FR325 Module
FR326:Literatures of the Great War FR326 Module
FR327:Deviant Bodies, Unruly Minds: Disability and 'Madness' in Contemporary French Culture FR327 Module
FR328:Politics on Stage: Tragedy in the 20th Century FR328 Module
FR329:Slavery and After: Writing the Francophone Caribbean FR329 Module
FR330:Dissertation in French Studies FR330 Module
FR331:Violence, Religion and Revolt in Renaissance France FR331 Module
FR332: Politics and Violence in Modern France FR332 Module
FR334:Animals in Medieval Culture FR334 Module
FR335:Gender and Representation in French Media since 1970 FR335 Module
FR336:The Left & Trade Unions in France FR336 Module
FR339:The Transformation of Bodies and Identities In Medieval French Literature FR339 Module
FR340:States of the Nation: French Cinema and Society from 1990 to the present FR340 Module
FR341:Stars and Stardom in French Cinema FR341 Module
FR343:Anarchist Culture in Belle Epoque Paris 1880-1914 FR343 Module
FR344:French Cinema FR344 Module
FR345:Modern French Thinkers FR345 Module
FR346:Occupation: Everyday Life in Vichy France FR346 Module
FR349:Education Debates in Modern France FR349 Module
FR350:The French Revolution FR350 Module
FR352:French Soft Power FR352 Module
FR353: Napolean Lessons in Leadership FR353 Module
FR355:France and the Orient: The Politics of Difference FR355 Module
FR361: Crises of Identity in the French Novel FR361 Module
FR362: The City of Paris and the Modern Imagination FR362 Module
FR363: Reframing history: French popular revolt in the graphic novel FR363 Module
FR404:Surrealism Between the World Wars: Changing Life, Transforming the World FR404 Module
FR405:French Crime Fiction 1945 - Present FR405 Module
FR407:The New Wave in French Cinema 1958-68 FR407 Module
FR413:Passion and Society in Medieval Romance (for Finalists) FR413 Module
FR420:Popular Music in Contemporary France FR420 Module
FR421:Politics & Violence in Modern France FR421 Module
FR424:Eros & Reason: The Rise of the Libertine FR424 Module
FR429:Intercultural Encounters in Early Modern French Thought FR429 Module
FR430:Medieval Marvels: The Exotic, The East and the Other in Medieval French Literature FR430 Module
FR431:France and Globalization FR431 Module
FR917:Reason and Revolution in Eighteenth-Century France FR917 Module
FR923:Intellectual Contexts I: Intercultural Transactions FR923 Module
FR924:Intellectual Contexts II: Critical Theory in French Studies FR924 Module
FR926:Image, Identity, Exchange: French Cinema at Home & Abroad FR926 Module
FR928:Research Skills in French & Francophone Studies FR928 Module
FR929:Advanced Study Options I FR929 Module
FR930:Advanced Study Option II FR930 Module
FR931:Dissertation in French & Francophone Studies FR931 Module
FR932:Introduction to Pan-Romanticisms FR932 Module
French Crime Fiction 1945 - Present FR305 Module
Popular Theatre & Political Utopia in France 1890-1940 FR426 Module

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