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Management and Leadership in TESOL ET9C4 Module
Academic English for one-to-one customers ET541 Module
Advanced Seminar Skills ET501 Module
Analysing Spoken Discourse ET228 Module
Analysing written discourse ET231 Module
Crisis Communication ET9D9 Module
Dissertation ET9D5 Module
English Across Cultures ET316 Module
English and Intercultural Communication ET125 Module
English and Second Language Acquisition ET127 Module
English and Second Language Acquisition ET225 Module
English in International Development ET9D4 Module
English Language, Society and Context ET226 Module
English Language, Society, and Context ET126 Module
Essential Academic Writing ET521 Module
ET116:Culture, Cognition and Society ET116 Module
ET117:Foreign Language Learning ET117 Module
ET118:Linguistics: Understanding Language ET118 Module
ET119:Language in Society ET119 Module
ET120:Research, Academic and Professional Skills ET120 Module
ET121:Describing English Language ET121 Module
ET122:History and Spread of English ET122 Module
ET123:First Language Acquisition ET123 Module
ET207:Literacy (Reading and Writing in English as a Second Language) ET207 Module
ET208:Content in the Language Classroom: Literature Drama Science and Maths ET208 Module
ET209:The Learner and Classroom Practices ET209 Module
ET211:Culture and Interpersonal Relations ET211 Module
ET213:Linguistics: Acquisition and Use ET213 Module
ET214:Qualitative Research ET214 Module
ET215:Quantitative Research Methods ET215 Module
ET216:Sociolinguistics ET216 Module
ET217:Approaches to Analysing Discourse ET217 Module
ET224: English and Intercultural Communication ET224 Module
ET306:Sociolinguistics ET306 Module
ET308:The Design Development & Evaluation of English Language Teaching Materials (Including Multimedia) ET308 Module
ET309:Assessment & Evaluation of Learners & Learning ET309 Module
ET310:Drama Film & World Literatures in English ET310 Module
ET311:Culture & Language Teaching ET311 Module
ET312:ICT in ELT ET312 Module
ET313:Discourse Analysis for Language Education ET313 Module
ET314:Phonology & the Teaching of Pronunciation ET314 Module
ET315:Dissertation ET315 Module
ET318:Organisational communication in international business ET318 Module
ET319:Professional Communication ET319 Module
ET321: Issues in TESOL ET321 Module
ET322: Intercultural Pragmatics ET322 Module
ET324:Multilingualism and Culture ET324 Module
ET325:Communication Modes ET325 Module
ET327: Dialects ET327 Module
ET407:Linguistics: Language in Context ET407 Module
ET408:Teaching Practice (BEd. TESL) ET408 Module
ET409:Professional Development ET409 Module
ET410:Curriculum Studies ET410 Module
ET411:Linking Theory & Practice in the Language Classroom ET411 Module
ET902:ELT Methodology ET902 Module
ET907:Research Methodology for English Language Teaching ET907 Module
ET908:Understanding Culture ET908 Module
ET909:Intercultural Competence and Assessment ET909 Module
ET910:Exploring Professional Communication ET910 Module
ET912:Researching the Workplace ET912 Module
ET913:Culture, Identity and Adaptation ET913 Module
ET914:Globalisation, Culture Diversity & the Workplace ET914 Module
ET915:Leadership and Teamwork in Intercultural Contexts ET915 Module
ET916:Critical issues in Intercultural Politics ET916 Module
ET917:Language and Interaction in Context ET917 Module
ET918:International Business ET918 Module
ET919:Intercultural Coaching & Development ET919 Module
ET920:Management across Cultures ET920 Module
ET921:Marketing Across Cultures ET921 Module
ET922:Experiential Placement ET922 Module
ET923:Major Project ET923 Module
ET924:Dissertation ET924 Module
ET925:Understanding Culture and Communication ET925 Module
ET960:Professional Practice: ICT & Multimedia ET960 Module
ET963:Professional Practice: English for Young Learners ET963 Module
ET964:Professional Practice: English Language Teaching Studies & Methods ET964 Module
ET965:Issues & Research in ELT ET965 Module
ET966:ICT in English Language Teaching ET966 Module
ET967:English as an International Language ET967 Module
ET969:Literature and Drama in English Language Teaching ET969 Module
ET972:Professional Practice: English Language Teaching ET972 Module
ET973:Professional Practice: English for Specific Purposes ET973 Module
ET975:The Management of Educational Institutions ET975 Module
ET976:Language Testing ET976 Module
ET977:Teacher Education & Development ET977 Module
ET979:Dissertation ET979 Module
ET990:SLA and Classroom Language Learning ET990 Module
ET991:English for Young Learners ET991 Module
ET992:Professional and Academic Discourse ET992 Module
ET993:Professional Practice: Testing & Assessment ET993 Module
ET994:Syllabus, Materials & Task Design ET994 Module
ET995:Translation, Culture and Society ET995 Module
ET996:Introduction to Chinese ET996 Module
ET997:Language Learning for a Global Career I ET997 Module
ET998:Language Learning for a Global Career II ET998 Module
ET999:English in International Development ET999 Module
ET9A1:Teaching Language and Culture ET9A1 Module
ET9A2:Media and Intercultural Communication ET9A2 Module
ET9A3:Teaching Language and Culture ET9A3 Module
ET9A5:Spoken English ET9A5 Module
ET9A6:Text and Discourse Analysis ET9A6 Module
ET9A7:Public Relations Across Cultures ET9A7 Module
ET9B1: Approaches to Written Discourse ET9B1 Module
ET9B6:Research Methods in TESOL ET9B6 Module
ET9B7: SLA Insights for TESOL Practice ET9B7 Module
ET9C1: Assessment in TESOL ET9C1 Module
ET9C6: Specialism in Classroom Motivation ET9C6 Module
ET9C7: Specialism in English for Academic and Professional Purposes ET9C7 Module
Exploring British Culture ET551 Module
Foundations of TESOL Methodology ET9B2 Module
Global Public Relations ET326 Module
HKOU Intercultural Pragmatics ET855 Module
In-sessional Advanced English for Erasmus students ET562 Module
In-sessional Dissertation Writing ET523 Module
In-sessional English for CES MA students ET528 Module
In-sessional English for Economics BSc students ET524 Module
In-sessional English for Economics MSc students ET525 Module
In-sessional English for Life Sciences MSc students ET526 Module
In-sessional English for Sociology MA students ET527 Module
Information and Communication Technology in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ICT in TESOL) ET9C2 Module
Innovations in TESOL Methodology ET9B3 Module
Intercultural Business Communication ET212 Module
Intercultural Business Communication ET329 Module
Introduction to British Culture through the Media ET223 Module
Introduction to British Culture through the Media ET124 Module
JYASupp ET692 Module
JYATea ET691 Module
Key Pronounciation Skills ET511 Module
Language in the Media ET320 Module
Language Teaching Methodologies ET218 Module
Language, Gender and Power ET323 Module
Literature and Drama in TESOL ET9C3 Module
Morphology and Syntax ET230 Module
Multilingualism and Diversity Final Year ET330 Module
Multilingualism and Diversity Masters Level ET9D8 Module
Partners Class ET561 Module
Phonetics and Phonology ET229 Module
Practical Teaching Methodology ET9C5 Module
PREP - Academic Writing Skills ET603 Module
PREP - Computer Assisted Language Learning ET606 Module
PREP - Grammar in Context ET604 Module
PREP - Integrated Academic Skills ET601 Module
PREP - Integrated Skills ET602 Module
PREP - Lexical Development ET605 Module
PREP - Project Work ET690 Module
PREP - Supplementary IELTS ET651 Module
PREP - Supplementary Ladies Only ET653 Module
PREP - Supplementary Pronunciation ET654 Module
PREP - Supplementary Writing ET652 Module
PREP - Tutorials ET600 Module
Professional Practice in Teacher Education ET9A4 Module
Professional Practice in TESOL (Post Experience) ET9B4 Module
Professional Practice in TESOL (Pre-Experience) ET9B5 Module
PS1 - Academic Writing ET713 Module
PS1 - IELTS Preparation ET714 Module
PS1 - Integrated Academic Skills ET712 Module
PS1 - Integrated Skills ET711 Module
PS1 - Reading ET716 Module
PS1 - Self Study ET700 Module
PS1 - Use of English ET715 Module
PS2 - Academic Writing ET722 Module
PS2 - Extended Reading ET726 Module
PS2 - IELTS Preparation ET724 Module
PS2 - Integrated Academic Skills ET721 Module
PS2 - Project Work ET725 Module
PS2 - Self Study ET701 Module
PS2 - Use of English ET723 Module
PS3 - Academic Writing ET732 Module
PS3 - Extended Reading ET736 Module
PS3 - IELTS Preparation ET734 Module
PS3 - Integrated Academic Skills ET731 Module
PS3 - Project Work ET735 Module
PS3 - Self Study ET703 Module
PS3 - Use of English ET733 Module
PS4 - Listening and Speaking ET741 Module
PS4 - Living in the UK ET745 Module
PS4 - Text Based Studies ET743 Module
PS5 - Listening and Speaking ET751 Module
PS5 - Living in the UK ET755 Module
PS5 - Text Based Studies ET753 Module
Research Methods ET9D7 Module
Short Course; Austrian Teachers Short Course ET813 Module
Short Course; Beijing 2+2 ET816 Module
Short Course; Beijing Normal ET820 Module
Short Course; Beijing Univ of Tech (Engineers) ET839 Module
Short Course; Beijing Univ of Tech (Managers) ET838 Module
Short Course; Beijing University of Tech (Teachers) ET833 Module
Short Course; Chilean Teachers ET822 Module
Short Course; Chinese University Hong Kong ET824 Module
Short Course; Chonbuk ET814 Module
Short Course; City University Hong kong ET832 Module
Short Course; Dijon Business School ET802 Module
Short Course; Hiroshima Shudo ET808 Module
Short Course; Hiroshima University ET806 Module
Short Course; Hong Kong OLD ET835 Module
Short Course; Hong Kong PELIP ET818 Module
Short Course; Hong Kong Student Teachers ET807 Module
Short Course; Kansai ET837 Module
Short Course; Open University Hong Kong ET805 Module
Short Course; Qatar Supervisors ET827 Module
Short Course; Ritsumeikan ET804 Module
Short Course; Russian Teachers ET819 Module
Short Course; Seoul Nat Univ of Tech ET834 Module
Short Course; Shanghai Teachers ET815 Module
Short Course; Shenzen ET828 Module
Short Course; Toyo University ET821 Module
Short Course;Hong kong Poly U ET817 Module
Sociolinguistics ET328 Module
Sociolinguistics of English as a Global Language ET9B8 Module
Specialism in Intercultural Language Teaching and Learning ET9C8 Module
Specialism in Teacher Education and Development ET9C9 Module
Spoken Interaction ET9B9 Module
Study Abroad ET221 Module
Study Year Abroad ET219 Module
Teaching and Researching Young Language Learners ET9D2 Module
Teaching English for Academic and Professional Purposes ET9D6 Module
Using Corpora for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ET9D3 Module
Work Placement/Volunteer Work Placement ET222 Module
Work Placement/Volunteer Work Placement ET220 Module
Writing an Assignment ET522 Module

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