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Critical Reflection for Professional Education EP932 Module
CTE Digital Education Strategy Project EP-DES Module
Dissertation EP933 Module
Effective Leadership and Mentoring in Professional Practice EP945 Module
EP1XX: Online learning EP1XX Module
EP901:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Art and Design EP901 Module
EP902:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Biology EP902 Module
EP903:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Chemistry EP903 Module
EP904:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Citizenship EP904 Module
EP905:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Computer Science EP905 Module
EP906:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Design and Technology EP906 Module
EP907:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Drama EP907 Module
EP908:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: English EP908 Module
EP909:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Geography EP909 Module
EP910:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: History EP910 Module
EP911:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Mathematics EP911 Module
EP912:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Modern Foreign Languages EP912 Module
EP913:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Physical Education EP913 Module
EP914:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Physics EP914 Module
EP915:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Physics with Mathematics EP915 Module
EP916:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Psychology EP916 Module
EP917:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Religious Education EP917 Module
EP918:PGCE Secondary Professional Practice EP918 Module
EP919:Primary PGCE (School Direct): Subject Studies EP919 Module
EP920:Primary PGCE (School Direct): Professional Studies EP920 Module
EP921:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Dance EP921 Module
EP922:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Health and Social Care EP922 Module
EP923:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Media EP923 Module
EP924:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Music EP924 Module
EP925:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Social Sciences EP925 Module
EP926:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Business Studies EP926 Module
EP927:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Combined Science EP927 Module
EP929:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies EP929 Module
EP935:PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Economics EP935 Module
EP936:PGCE School Direct Early Years: Subject Studies EP936 Module
EP937:PGCE School Direct Early Years: Professional Studies EP937 Module
EP951: PG Cert in Education Inspection Module 2 - Inspection EP951 Module
EP952: PG Cert in Education Inspection Module 3 – Post-Inspection EP952 Module
EP953: Postgraduate Certificate in Education Inspection EP953 Module
EPX31:PGCE Early Years Science EPX31 Module
EPX32:PGCE Primary Science EPX32 Module
EPxxx: Primary & EY Science EPXXX Module
Ethics Portfolio EP946 Module
IE0xx: Primary English IE0XX Module
IE3D5:PGCE Early Years Professional Practice IE3D5 Module
IE3E1:Introduction to Secondary School Teaching (Mathematics) IE3E1 Module
IE918:A-Level Mathematics Pedagogy IE918 Module
IE957:PGCE Early Years Core Curriculum Studies IE957 Module
IE959:PGCE Early Years Whole Curriculum Studies IE959 Module
IE960:PGCE Early Years Professional Experience IE960 Module
IE963:PGCE Primary Whole Curriculum Studies IE963 Module
IE964:PGCE Primary Professional Experience IE964 Module
IE9H7:PGCE Early Years Professional Studies IE9H7 Module
IE9H8:PGCE Early Years Subject Studies IE9H8 Module
IE9H9:PGCE Primary Professional Studies IE9H9 Module
IE9J0:PGCE Primary Subject Studies IE9J0 Module
IE9J1: PGCE Secondary Professional Enquiry IE9J1 Module
IE9xx: PGCE Primary & Early Years Whole Curriculum Studies IE9XX Module
International PGCE (Secondary) Professional Practice IE9M5 Module
International PGCE (Secondary) Professional studies IE9M4 Module
International PGCE (Secondary) Subject Studies: English IE9N8 Module
International PGCE (Secondary) Subject Studies: Mathematics IE9M6 Module
International PGCE: Primary Professional Practice IE3D9 Module
International PGCE: Primary Professional Studies IE9K4 Module
International PGCE: Primary Subject Studies IE9K5 Module
Introduction to Language Teaching LN209 Module
Introduction to Primary Education EP309 Module
Introduction to Primary Teaching EP306 Module
Introduction to Primary Teaching IE3F2 Module
Introduction to Secondary Biology Education EP311 Module
Introduction to Secondary Biology Teaching EP310 Module
Introduction to Secondary Chemistry Education EP307 Module
Introduction to Secondary Chemistry Teaching EP312 Module
Introduction to Secondary Drama Education EP314 Module
Introduction to Secondary Drama Teaching EP313 Module
Introduction to Secondary Mathematics Teaching EP304 Module
Introduction to Secondary MFL Education EP308 Module
Introduction to Secondary Physics Teaching EP305 Module
Introduction to Secondary Teaching in Biology EP303 Module
Introduction to Teaching Computer Science EP201 Module
Introduction to Teaching in Languages IE3F4 Module
Introduction to Teaching Languages LN308 Module
PCE Early Years Core Curriculum Studies IE3C8 Module
PCE Early Years Core Professional Studies IE3C9 Module
PCE Primary Core Curriculum Studies IE3C6 Module
PCE Primary Core Professional Studies IE3C7 Module
PCE Secondary Drama with English 1 IE3B6 Module
PCE Secondary English with Drama 1 IE3B7 Module
PCE Secondary History 1 IE3B8 Module
PCE Secondary Mathematics 1 IE3C0 Module
PCE Secondary Modern Foreign Languages 1 IE3C3 Module
PCE Secondary Science 1 IE3C2 Module
PGCE International - Primary Reflective Practice EP938 Module
PGCE International - Secondary Reflective Practice EP939 Module
PGCE Primary (School Direct) Subject Studies 5-11 EP942 Module
PGCE Primary Professional Practice IE3D6 Module
PGCE Primary Subject Studies Core (ages 2-7) EP943 Module
PGCE Primary Subject Studies Core 5-11 EP941 Module
PGCE Primary Subject Studies School Direct (ages 2-7 ) EP944 Module
PGCE School Direct Early Years Professional Practice EP300 Module
PGCE School Direct Primary Professional Practice EP301 Module
PGCE Secondary SCITT Professional Enquiry EP949 Module
PGCE Secondary Subject Studies SCITT EP950 Module
PGCE Secondary Subject Studies- EP929 EP940 Module
PGCE Secondary Subject Studies: Drama with English EP302 Module
Professional Collaborative Module One: Developing the Skills of the Specialist Practitioner EP930 Module
Professional Collaborative Module Two: Developing Leadership Capacity EP931 Module
Research in Professional Practice EP948 Module
Strategic Research in Educational Practice EP947 Module

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