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Applied Macroeconomics EC339 Module
EC104:The World Economy: History & Theory EC104 Module
EC106:Introduction to Quantitative Economics EC106 Module
EC107:Economics 1 EC107 Module
EC108:Macroeconomics 1 EC108 Module
EC109:Microeconomics 1 EC109 Module
EC112:The Industrial Economy: Its Global Shift EC112 Module
EC119:Mathematical Analysis EC119 Module
EC121:Mathematical Techniques A EC121 Module
EC122:Statistical Techniques A EC122 Module
EC123:Mathematical Techniques B EC123 Module
EC124:Statistical Techniques B EC124 Module
EC125:Computing and Data Analysis EC125 Module
EC131:Economics for Business EC131 Module
EC132:The Industrial Economy: Strategy EC132 Module
EC133:Linear Algebra EC133 Module
EC134:Topics in Applied Economics EC134 Module
EC135:Topics in Applied Economics (1b) EC135 Module
EC138: Introduction to Environmental Economics EC138 Module
EC139: Mathematical Techniques A EC139 Module
EC140: Mathematical Techniques B EC140 Module
EC201:Macroeconomics 2 EC201 Module
EC202:Microeconomics 2 EC202 Module
EC203:Economic and Social Statistics EC203 Module
EC204:Economics 2 EC204 Module
EC205:Development Economics (Macroeconomics) EC205 Module
EC206:The Industrial Revolution: Growth & Living Standards EC206 Module
EC208:Industrial Economics 1: Market Structure EC208 Module
EC220:Mathematical Economics 1A EC220 Module
EC221:Mathematical Economics 1B EC221 Module
EC224:War & Economy in the Twentieth Century EC224 Module
EC226:Econometrics 1 EC226 Module
EC228:Collective Decisions EC228 Module
EC229:Economics of Strategy EC229 Module
EC230:Economics of Money & Banking EC230 Module
EC231:Industrial Economics 1: Strategic Behaviour EC231 Module
EC232:The Industrial Revolution: Society & Economy EC232 Module
EC233:Development Economics (Microeconomics) EC233 Module
EC234:Industrialisation & Modern Economic Growth in India & China EC234 Module
EC235:Topics in Applied Economics (2a) EC235 Module
EC236:Topics in Applied Economics (2b) EC236 Module
EC237:The Political Economy of Conflict EC237 Module
EC242: Environmental and Resource Economics EC242 Module
EC301:Mathematical Economics EC301 Module
EC303:The British Economy in the Twentieth Century EC303 Module
EC304:Making of Economic Policy EC304 Module
EC306:Econometrics 2: Time Series EC306 Module
EC307:Macroeconomic Policy in the EU EC307 Module
EC310:Topics in Development Economics EC310 Module
EC312:International Economics EC312 Module
EC313:The International Economic System Since 1918 EC313 Module
EC314:Topics in Economic Theory EC314 Module
EC320:Economics of Public Policy EC320 Module
EC326:Industrial Economics 2: Strategy & Planning EC326 Module
EC331:Research in Applied Economics EC331 Module
EC333:Topics in Financial Economics: Theories and International Finance EC333 Module
EC334:Topics in Financial Economics: Corporate Finance and Markets EC334 Module
EC335:Managerial Economics EC335 Module
EC336:International Trade EC336 Module
EC337:Industrial Economics 2: Market Economics, Competition & Regulation EC337 Module
EC338:Econometrics 2: Microeconometrics EC338 Module
EC340:Topics in Applied Economics (3a) EC340 Module
EC341:Mathematical Economics 2: Auctions, Mechanism Design & Network Games EC341 Module
EC342: Topics in Economic History EC342 Module
EC343:Topics in Applied Economics (3b) EC343 Module
EC345:Behavioural Economics EC345 Module
EC400:Statistics Masters Dissertation in Economics EC400 Module
EC901: Microeconomics A EC901 Module
EC902:Quantitative Methods I: Econometrics A EC902 Module
EC903:Mathematical Methods EC903 Module
EC905:Economic Analysis for Financial Mathematics PG EC905 Module
EC906:Econometrics EC906 Module
EC907:Econometrics A (for MSc Behavioural and Economic Science - Economics Track) EC907 Module
EC910:Quantitative Methods I: Econometrics B EC910 Module
EC916:Topics in Global Finance EC916 Module
EC920:International Monetary Economics EC920 Module
EC924:Monetary Economics EC924 Module
EC931:International Trade Theory EC931 Module
EC932:Economic History EC932 Module
EC941:Game Theory EC941 Module
EC943:Industrial Economic Analysis EC943 Module
EC956:Macroeconomics EC956 Module
EC957:Microeconomics EC957 Module
EC959:Dissertation (Economics MSc Programme) EC959 Module
EC961:Introductory Mathematics and Statistics EC961 Module
EC964:Economics of Finance Markets EC964 Module
EC966:Labour Economics EC966 Module
EC976:Econometrics EC976 Module
EC977:Panel Data Econometrics EC977 Module
EC978:Behavioural Economics: Theory and Applications EC978 Module
EC979:Health Economics EC979 Module
EC980:Contract Economics EC980 Module
EC981:Topics in Public Economics EC981 Module
EC982:Topics in Development & Transition EC982 Module
EC984:Experimental Economics EC984 Module
EC985:Law & Economics EC985 Module
EC986:The Economics of European Integration EC986 Module
EC987:Econometrics B (for MSc Behavioural and Economic Science - Economics Track) EC987 Module
EC989:Behavioural Economics EC989 Module
EC990:Topics in Applied Macroeconomics EC990 Module
EC994:Applications of Data Science EC994 Module
EC9A0: Pre-sessional Advanced Mathematics EC9A0 Module
EC9A1:Advanced Microeconomic Theory EC9A1 Module
EC9A2:Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis EC9A2 Module
EC9A3:Advanced Econometric Theory EC9A3 Module
EC9A4:Topics in Advanced Microeconomics EC9A4 Module
EC9A8:Empirical Microeconomics EC9A8 Module
EC9B0:Empirical Microeconomics: Developing a Research Question EC9B0 Module
EC9B1:Topics in Advanced Economic Theory EC9B1 Module
EC9B2:Topics in Applied Economics EC9B2 Module
EC9B3:Topics in Macroeconomics and International Economics EC9B3 Module
EC9B4:MRes Dissertation EC9B4 Module
EC9B5:Topics in History and Development EC9B5 Module
EC9B6:Topics in Public and Political Economics EC9B6 Module
EC9D3-22: Economic Analysis B: Microeconomics EC9D3-22 Module
Economic Analysis AB EC9D5 Module
Economic Analysis B: Microeconomics EC9D3 Module
Economic Analysis BA EC9D4 Module
Economic Analysis BA EC9D4-44 Module
Economic Analysis BB EC9D3-44 Module
Economic Analysis: Macroeconomics EC9C9 Module
Economics 1: Macro EC136 Module
Economics 1: Micro EC137 Module
Economics 2: Macroeconomics EC239 Module
Economics 2: Microeconomics EC238 Module
Labour Economics EC318 Module
Public Policy in Developing Countries EC993 Module
Study Year Abroad EC240 Module
The Economics of Financial Markets EC988 Module
The Practice of Economics Research EC9AA Module
Topics in Advanced Econometrics EC9C8 Module
Topics in Advanced Economic Theory I EC9B8 Module
Topics in Advanced Economic Theory II EC9B9 Module
Topics in Applied Microeconomics EC991 Module
Topics in Development Economics EC9C0 Module
Topics in Economic History EC9C1 Module
Topics in Empirical Political Economy EC9C2 Module
Topics in Industrial Organisation and Data Science EC9C3 Module
Topics in International Economics EC9C4 Module
Topics in Labour Economics EC9C5 Module
Topics in Macroeconomics and International Economics EC9C6 Module
Topics in Political Economy Theory EC9C7 Module

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