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Advanced Computer Security CS435 Module
Advanced Topics in Algorithms CS418 Module
Agent Based Systems CS924 Module
Algorithmic Game Theory CS929 Module
Approximation and Randomised Algorithms CS356 Module
Artificial Intelligence CS2D3 Module
Business Strategy CS3D3 Module
Computational Biology CS424 Module
Computational Social Choice CS3XX Module
Computer Systems Engineering Project CS351 Module
CS118:Programming for Computer Scientists CS118 Module
CS126:Design of Information Structures CS126 Module
CS130:Mathematics for Computer Scientists 1 CS130 Module
CS131:Mathematics for Computer Scientists 2 CS131 Module
CS132:Computer Organisation & Architecture CS132 Module
CS133:Professional Skills CS133 Module
CS134:Introduction to Computer Security CS134 Module
CS135:Principles of Concurrency CS135 Module
CS136:Discrete Mathematics & its Applications 1 CS136 Module
CS137:Discrete Mathematics & its Applications 2 CS137 Module
CS138:Mathematics for Computer & Business Studies CS138 Module
CS139:Web Development Technologies CS139 Module
CS140:Computer Security CS140 Module
CS1D1: Programming and Data Structures CS1D1 Module
CS240:Software Engineering Principles CS240 Module
CS241:Operating Systems and Computer Networks CS241 Module
CS242:Formal Specification and Verification CS242 Module
CS243:Data Structures and Algorithms CS243 Module
CS244:Algorithm Design CS244 Module
CS245:Automata and Formal Languages CS245 Module
CS246:Further Automata and Formal Languages CS246 Module
CS247:Group Software Development Project CS247 Module
CS248:Declarative Programming CS248 Module
CS249:Digital Communications and Signal Processing CS249 Module
CS250:Reliability and Fault Tolerance CS250 Module
CS253:Topics in Relational Databases CS253 Module
CS254:Algorithmic Graph Theory CS254 Module
CS255:Artificial Intelligence CS255 Module
CS256:Functional Programming CS256 Module
CS257:Advanced Computer Architecture CS257 Module
CS258:Database Systems CS258 Module
CS259:Formal Languages CS259 Module
CS260:Algorithms CS260 Module
CS261:Software Engineering CS261 Module
CS262:Logic and Verification CS262 Module
CS301:Complexity of Algorithms CS301 Module
CS310:Project CS310 Module
CS313:Mobile Robotics CS313 Module
CS319:Theory of Databases CS319 Module
CS321:The Current Use of Computers in Business and Industry CS321 Module
CS324:Computer Graphics CS324 Module
CS325:Compiler Design CS325 Module
CS328:Artificial intelligence CS328 Module
CS330:History of Computing CS330 Module
CS331:Neural Computing CS331 Module
CS332:Programming Language Design & Semantics CS332 Module
CS333:Design of Dependable Systems CS333 Module
CS341:Advanced Topics in Algorithms CS341 Module
CS342:Machine Learning CS342 Module
CS343:Computer & Business Studies Project CS343 Module
CS344:Discrete Mathematics Project CS344 Module
CS345:Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Communications CS345 Module
CS346:Advanced Databases CS346 Module
CS347: Fault Tolerant Systems CS347 Module
CS348:Social Informatics CS348 Module
CS349:Principles of Programming Languages CS349 Module
CS352:Project Management for Computer Scientists CS352 Module
CS400:Advanced Specification Method CS400 Module
CS402:High Performance Computing CS402 Module
CS403:Multimedia Processing, Communications and Storage CS403 Module
CS404:Agent Based Systems CS404 Module
CS405:An Introduction to Empirical Modelling CS405 Module
CS406:Research Directions in Computing CS406 Module
CS407:Group Project CS407 Module
CS409:Algorithmic Game Theory CS409 Module
CS410:Modelling and Algorithmic Analysis of Systems CS410 Module
CS411:Dynamic Web-based Systems CS411 Module
CS412:Formal Systems Development CS412 Module
CS413:Image and Video Analysis CS413 Module
CS414:Semantic Web CS414 Module
CS415:Decision Procedures CS415 Module
CS419: Quantum Computing CS419 Module
CS904:Computational Biology CS904 Module
CS906:Computing Security CS906 Module
CS907:Dissertation CS907 Module
CS908:Research Methods for MSc Computer Science and Applications CS908 Module
CS909:Data Mining CS909 Module
CS910:Foundations of Data Analytics CS910 Module
CS911:Operational Research and Optimisation CS911 Module
CS912:Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Communications CS912 Module
CS913:Dissertation Project for Data Analytics CS913 Module
CS914:City Challenge Programme CS914 Module
CS915:Advanced Computer Security CS915 Module
CS916:Social Informatics CS916 Module
CS917:Foundations of Computing CS917 Module
CS918:Natural Language Processing CS918 Module
Cyber Security CS263 Module
Cyber Security (DA) CS2D6 Module
Data Mining CS429 Module
Data Science Project CS350 Module
Database Systems (DBS) CS1D4 Module
Digital Forensics CS355 Module
Enterprise IT Architecture CS3D4 Module
Formal Systems Development CS932 Module
Foundations of Data Analytics CS430 Module
Functional Programming CS141 Module
Functional Programming II CS264 Module
High Performance Computing CS922 Module
Image and Video Analysis CS933 Module
Introduction to data and statistics CS1D6 Module
Machine Learning and Data Mining (DA) CS3D2 Module
Management and Business Organisation CS1D7 Module
Mathematics for Computer Science 1 (DA) CS1D3 Module
Mathematics for Computer Science 2 (DA) CS2D4 Module
Networks and Distributed Systems CS1D5 Module
Optimisation Methods and their Applications CS416 Module
Parallel Algorithms CS417 Module
Professional Skills (DA) CS1D2 Module
Programming paradigms CS2D2 Module
Project Management (DA) CS2D5 Module
Quantum Computing CS939 Module
Software Engineering CS2D1 Module
Software Reliability and Testing CS9D2 Module
Study Year Abroad CS354 Module
Visualisation CS142 Module
Visualising data CS2D7 Module
Work based project (DA) CS3D1 Module
Work Placement Year CS353 Module

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