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Advanced Analytical Chemistry (MChem) CH3G5 Module
Advanced Biophysical Chemistry CH412 Module
Advanced Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic and Physical) Industrial Placement CH3G3 Module
Advanced Colloidal Materials CH975 Module
Advanced Computational Chemistry CH413 Module
Advanced Molecular Pharmacology CH414 Module
Advanced Polymer Synthesis CH974 Module
AISP - Computational Chemistry CH3G6 Module
AISP - Computational Chemistry CH418 Module
AISP URSS - Computational Chemistry CH3G7 Module
CH155:Chemistry Laboratory and Assessed Work CH155 Module
CH159:Mathematics & Physics for Chemists CH159 Module
CH160:Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry CH160 Module
CH161:Introduction to Organic Chemistry CH161 Module
CH162:Introduction to Physical Chemistry CH162 Module
CH222:Chemistry Laboratory CH222 Module
CH242:Introduction to Polymer Chemistry CH242 Module
CH248:Organic Synthesis CH248 Module
CH249:Foundations of Electrochemistry and Properties of Solutions CH249 Module
CH264:Organic Chemistry II CH264 Module
CH265:Statistical Mechanics CH265 Module
CH266:Symmetry & Group Theory in Chemistry CH266 Module
CH267:Transition Metal Chemistry: Structure, Reactivity & Organometalic Chemistry CH267 Module
CH268:Solid State Materials CH268 Module
CH269:Introduction to Biological & Medicinal Chemistry CH269 Module
CH2A5:Key Skills CH2A5 Module
CH3A2:Organometallic Reactions and Catalysis CH3A2 Module
CH3A3:Metal Ions in Biological Systems: Bio-Inorganic Chemistry CH3A3 Module
CH3A4:Polymer Chemistry CH3A4 Module
CH3A8:Structure Elucidation by NMR & MS CH3A8 Module
CH3A9:Surface and Interfacial Chemistry CH3A9 Module
CH3B0:Understanding Organic Chemistry CH3B0 Module
CH3B1:Selectivity in Organic Synthesis CH3B1 Module
CH3B5:Molecular Pharmacology CH3B5 Module
CH3C3:MChem Professional Experience Placement Project CH3C3 Module
CH3C4:Laboratory Work CH3C4 Module
CH3C5:MChem Professional Experience Placement Presentation CH3C5 Module
CH3C6:Extended Laboratory Work CH3C6 Module
CH3C8:MChem Industrial Training Placement Project CH3C8 Module
CH3D1:Materials CH3D1 Module
CH3D2:Enzymes and Natural Product Biosynthesis CH3D2 Module
CH3D3:Molecular Interactions in Chemistry and Biology CH3D3 Module
CH3D4:Basic Molecular Modelling CH3D4 Module
CH3D5:Applications of Theoretical Chemistry CH3D5 Module
CH3D7:Placement Project (BSc) CH3D7 Module
CH3D8:Molecular Quantum Mechanics CH3D8 Module
CH3D9:Statistical Mechanics CH3D9 Module
CH3E0:Reactions of Transition Metals CH3E0 Module
CH3E1:Solid-State Materials Chemistry CH3E1 Module
CH3E2:Research Project for Visiting Students CH3E2 Module
CH3E3:Frontiers in Chemistry CH3E3 Module
CH3E4:Stereoselective Synthesis CH3E4 Module
CH3E5:Reactive Intermediates CH3E5 Module
CH3E6:Introduction to Renewable Energy CH3E6 Module
CH3E7:Colloidal Materials: Bubbles, Droplets, and Particles CH3E7 Module
CH3E8:Structures & Properties of Advanced Inorganic Materials CH3E8 Module
CH3E9:Advanced Organic Chemistry and Laboratory CH3E9 Module
CH3F0:Advanced Inorganic Chemistry and Laboratory CH3F0 Module
CH3F1:Advanced Physical Chemistry and Laboratory CH3F1 Module
CH3F2:Advanced Analytical Chemistry CH3F2 Module
CH3F3:Advanced Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic and Physical) CH3F3 Module
CH3F4:Molecular Structure and Dynamics CH3F4 Module
CH3F5:Bioorganic Chemistry CH3F5 Module
CH3F6:Polymer and Colloid Science CH3F6 Module
CH3F7:Energy CH3F7 Module
CH3F8:Advanced Coordination and Bio-Inorganic Chemistry CH3F8 Module
CH3F9:Molecular Pharmacology CH3F9 Module
CH3FO:Advanced Inorganic Chemistry and Laboratory CH3FO Module
CH3GO:Extended Laboratory CH3GO Module
CH401:Research Project & Methodology CH401 Module
CH402:Synthetic Chemistry I (Organic) CH402 Module
CH403:Synthetic Chemistry II (Metallo-organic) CH403 Module
CH404:Synthetic Chemistry III (Macromolecular Chemistry) CH404 Module
CH405:Dynamics of Chemical Reactions CH405 Module
CH406:Electrochemistry and Nanotechnology CH406 Module
CH408:Advanced Medicinal and Biological Chemistry CH408 Module
CH409:Theoretical & Computational Chemistry CH409 Module
CH410:Research Project for MChem Industrial Training Students CH410 Module
CH411:Advanced Chemical Biology CH411 Module
CH415: Colloids II/Advanced Colloidal Materials CH415 Module
CH908:Mass Spectrometry CH908 Module
CH911:Chromatography and Separation Science CH911 Module
CH913:Team Research Project: Real World Analysis CH913 Module
CH914:Electrochemistry and Sensors CH914 Module
CH915:Principles and Techniques in Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis CH915 Module
CH916:Magnetic Resonance CH916 Module
CH920:Cellular Systems and Biomolecules I CH920 Module
CH921:Techniques for the Characterisation of Biomolecules CH921 Module
CH922:Microscopy and Imaging CH922 Module
CH923:Statistics for Data Analysis CH923 Module
CH924:Mathematical Models of Biological Systems CH924 Module
CH925:Numerical Methods in Biological Modelling CH925 Module
CH926:Molecular Modelling CH926 Module
CH927:Quantitative Biology CH927 Module
CH932:Introduction to Chemical Aspects of Biological Systems CH932 Module
CH933:Writing Extended Scientific Articles and Reports CH933 Module
CH934:Writing Focused Scientific Articles and Reports CH934 Module
CH935:Communicating Science to Different Audiences CH935 Module
CH948:Warwick Interdisciplinary Transferable Skills CH948 Module
CH962:Research Project (Chemistry) CH962 Module
CH963:Research Project (Physics) CH963 Module
CH964:Research Project (Statistics) CH964 Module
CH965:Research Project (Biological Science) CH965 Module
CH966:Research Project (Engineering) CH966 Module
CH967:Polymer Synthesis CH967 Module
CH968:Molecular Characterization of Polymers CH968 Module
CH969:Physical Properties of Polymers CH969 Module
CH970:Polymers in the Real World CH970 Module
CH971:Polymer Laboratories CH971 Module
CH972:Group Research Project CH972 Module
Chemistry Laboratory and Assessed Work CH999 Module
DST Module 11: Mini Research Project 1 and 2 CH981 Module
DST Module 1: Novel and Efficient Methods of Material Synthesis CH976 Module
DST Module 4: Theory and Modelling of Materials CH977 Module
DST Module 6: Surfaces, Interfaces and Coatings CH978 Module
DST Module 7: Devices and Fabrication CH979 Module
DST Module 9: Applications of High Performance Materials CH980 Module
Energy CH416 Module
Extended Laboratory CH3G0 Module
Innovation 101 CH3G4 Module
Innovation 101 (MChem) CH417 Module
Intercalated Year Report (BSc) CH3G2 Module
Intercalated Year Report (MChem) CH3G1 Module
Introductory Laboratory for Biochemistry Students CH163 Module
Materials and Polymers CH272 Module
Mechanistic and Biological Chemistry CH271 Module
MSc Research Project CH985 Module
Physical Chemistry II ? Electrons in Molecules and Solids CH274 Module
Polymer Processing and Nanocomposites CH982 Module
Research Dissertation CH983 Module
Research Project (WMG) CH984 Module
Selective Organic Synthesis CH270 Module
Statistical Mechanics & Properties of Solutions and Foundations of Electrochemistry CH273 Module
X-ray and Neutron Techniques CH986 Module

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