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Africa and the Making of Classical Literature CX273 Module
Africa and the Making of Classical Literature CX373 Module
Applications of Counselling Theory CE344 Module
Approaches to Coaching CE965 Module
AS916:Dissertation AS916 Module
AS917:Diversity in Society AS917 Module
AS918:Legal, Policy and Organisational Frameworks of Social Work AS918 Module
AS919:Social Work Intervention AS919 Module
AS920:Research for Practice AS920 Module
AS921:Social Work with Children and Families including with Disabled Children and Families AS921 Module
AS922:Community Care AS922 Module
AS923:Practice-Related Professional Study AS923 Module
AS926:Global Health Issues and Human Rights AS926 Module
Career Coaching CE952 Module
Career Coaching (Information, Advice and Guidance) 10 Credit Top-Up CE994 Module
Career Information (Certificate) CE967 Module
Careers in Organisations CE944 Module
Careers Leadership CE9A7 Module
Careers Management CE278 Module
CE10A: Health, Welfare and Social Policy CE10A Module
CE10B: Health, Welfare and Social Policy CE10B Module
CE11A: Sociological Perspectives CE11A Module
CE11B: Sociological Perspectives CE11B Module
CE12A: Researching Society and Culture CE12A Module
CE12B: Researching Society and Culture CE12B Module
CE13A: Political Ideas & World Politics CE13A Module
CE13B: Political Ideas & World Politics CE13B Module
CE142:Prior Learning Course CE142 Module
CE190:Introduction to Mentoring CE190 Module
CE191:Developing Mentoring Skills and Understanding CE191 Module
CE192:Advanced Mentoring Practice CE192 Module
CE194:Diploma in Education and Training CE194 Module
CE195:Cognitive Behavioural Practice for Person-centred Therapists CE195 Module
CE196:E-Learning for Teachers and Trainers in the Lifelong Learning Sector CE196 Module
CE197:Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (I) (English ESOL) CE197 Module
CE198:Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (I) (English Literacy) CE198 Module
CE199:Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (I) (Mathematics Numeracy) CE199 Module
CE1A4:Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (II) CE1A4 Module
CE1A6:Professional & Personal Development in Counselling & Psychotherapy CE1A6 Module
CE1A7:Theories of Counselling & Psychotherapy CE1A7 Module
CE1A8:Integrating Theory, Practice & Personal Development in Counselling & Psychotherapy CE1A8 Module
CE1B0:Accreditation of Prior Learning (Counselling) CE1B0 Module
CE1B1:Essential Study Skills & ICT CE1B1 Module
CE1B2:How Children Learn and Develop CE1B2 Module
CE1B3:Supporting Children's Learning in the Foundation Stage CE1B3 Module
CE1B4:Special Educational Needs and Inclusion CE1B4 Module
CE1B5:Stories and Storytelling CE1B5 Module
CE1B6:Engaging with Parents and Other Professionals CE1B6 Module
CE1B7:Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector CE1B7 Module
CE1B8:Supporting Functional Mathematics in the Vocational Curriculum CE1B8 Module
CE1B9:Supporting Functional English in the Vocational Curriculum CE1B9 Module
CE1C2:Introductory Award in Governance for Clerks CE1C2 Module
CE1C3:Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion CE1C3 Module
CE1D0:Health, Welfare and Social Policy CE1D0 Module
CE1D1: Foundation in Social Studies CE1D1 Module
CE1D4:Learning, Development and Special Educational Needs CE1D4 Module
CE1D5:Understanding Counselling and Psychotherapy CE1D5 Module
CE1D6:Creativity: myth, madness and play CE1D6 Module
CE1D7:Foundations for Learning CE1D7 Module
CE1D8:Learning and Development from Birth CE1D8 Module
CE1D9:Contemporary Perspectives in Early Childhood CE1D9 Module
CE1E1:Policy into Practice in Early Childhood CE1E1 Module
CE1E3:Work-Based Learning for Qualifying Social Work CE1E3 Module
CE1E4:Learning from Experts by Experience CE1E4 Module
CE1E5:The Professional Social Worker CE1E5 Module
CE1E6:Social Diversity and Social Work CE1E6 Module
CE1E7:Law for Social Workers A CE1E7 Module
CE204:Research Methods in the Social Sciences CE204 Module
CE217:Diploma in Education and Training (Year 2) CE217 Module
CE224:Coaching CE224 Module
CE225:Counselling and Psychotherapy: Theory, Practice, Personal and Professional Development 1 CE225 Module
CE226:Counselling & Psychotherapy: Theory, Practice, Personal & Professional Development 2 CE226 Module
CE227:Safeguarding Children and Protecting their Rights CE227 Module
CE229:Assessing Children's Learning and Development CE229 Module
CE230:Researching Practice CE230 Module
CE231:Using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to support Children's Learning and Development CE231 Module
CE232:Supporting Transitions and Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) CE232 Module
CE234:Advanced Study Skills CE234 Module
CE235:Developing Leadership and Reflective Practice CE235 Module
CE236:Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector 2A CE236 Module
CE237:Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector 2B CE237 Module
CE244: Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring CE244 Module
CE245:Diploma in Governance for Clerks CE245 Module
CE246:Research Project in Counselling & Psychotherapy CE246 Module
CE263:Research Project in Counselling and Psychotherapy CE263 Module
CE264:Introduction to Coaching, Mentoring and Career Development CE264 Module
CE265:Teaching, Learning and Assessment in LIfelong Learning CE265 Module
CE266:Mindfulness in Lifelong Learning CE266 Module
CE274:Safety and Risk in Early Learning Spaces CE274 Module
CE275:Researching Early Childhood CE275 Module
CE283: Teaching Learning and Assessment in Early Childhood CE283 Module
CE289: Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy 1 CE289 Module
CE302:Dissertation (part-time degree) CE302 Module
CE303:Adult Learning and Teaching CE303 Module
CE308:Developing Management and Leadership in the Lifelong Learning Sector CE308 Module
CE309:Theory and Skills for Person Centred Supervision of Counsellors and Psychotherapists CE309 Module
CE310:Personal and Professional Development for the Person Centred Supervision of Counsellors and Psychotherapists CE310 Module
CE313:Counselling & Psychotherapy with Clients who Misuse Drugs & Alcohol CE313 Module
CE314:Counselling & Psychotherapy with Clients who have been Sexually, Physically or Emotionally Abused CE314 Module
CE315:Research Project in Counselling & Psychotherapy CE315 Module
CE316:Contemporary Person-centred Counselling & Psychotherapy & Practice CE316 Module
CE317:Counselling & Psychotherapy with Clients who have Psychological Disorders CE317 Module
CE318:Creative Approaches to working with Clients in Person-centred Counselling & Psychotherapy CE318 Module
CE319:Group Work Theory & Practice for Counselling & Psychotherapy CE319 Module
CE320:International Perspectives on Early Childhood Curricula CE320 Module
CE326:Research Appraisal CE326 Module
CE327:Ethics in Research CE327 Module
CE328:Independent Research Project CE328 Module
CE333:Critical Issues in Social Work CE333 Module
CE335:Widening Participation in Higher Education CE335 Module
CE339:Early Childhood Investigations CE339 Module
CE408:Equal Opportunities: Policy & Practice CE408 Module
CE923:Career Development Theories: Integrating Theory & Practice CE923 Module
CE925:Working in Information (Certificate) CE925 Module
CE926:Advice & Guidance Skills (Certificate) CE926 Module
CE927:Special Study CE927 Module
CE928:Employer Engagement and Labour Markets (10 Credit Module) CE928 Module
CE930: Employability and Career Development Learning CE930 Module
CE931:Group Work CE931 Module
CE932:Guidance Skills (Advanced) CE932 Module
CE933:Marketing the Service CE933 Module
CE934:Employer Engagement and Labour Markets (10 Credit Top Up) CE934 Module
CE936:Training & Coaching CE936 Module
CE937:Enhancing the Effectiveness of the Service CE937 Module
CE938:Career Information CE938 Module
CE939:Psychometric Assessment CE939 Module
CE940:Working with Higher Education Students in Further Education CE940 Module
CE941:Dissertation (A) CE941 Module
CE942:Dissertation (B) CE942 Module
CE943:The Recruitment Process CE943 Module
CE945:Employer Relations CE945 Module
CE946:Challenges of Careers Work in Higher Education CE946 Module
CE947:Theories of Career Development (Reading module code CDMF51) CE947 Module
CE951:Career Development Theories CE951 Module
CE953:Career-related Learning CE953 Module
CE954:Organisations and Labour Markets CE954 Module
CE955:Career, Vocation and Calling CE955 Module
CE956:Research Project CE956 Module
CE957:Research Methods CE957 Module
CE958:Dissertation CE958 Module
CE959:Working Therapeutically with Children and Young People CE959 Module
CE960:Use of the Self in Creating Effective Coaching Relationships CE960 Module
CE961:Applications of Coaching CE961 Module
CE966:Coaching Dissertation CE966 Module
CE968:Work Experience in Higher Education CE968 Module
CE969:Human Growth and Diversity CE969 Module
CE971:Engaging and Working with Service Users CE971 Module
CE973:Social Work with Children and Families CE973 Module
CE974:Social Work with Adults CE974 Module
CE976:Law for Practice CE976 Module
CE993:Career Coaching (Information, Advice and Guidance) CE993 Module
CE995:Career Coaching (Information, Advice and Guidance) CE995 Module
Coaching for Work Experience CE978 Module
Coaching Research Project CE964 Module
Contentious Issue in Contemporary Society CE288 Module
Contextualising the Person-Centred Approach CE345 Module
Counselling Approaches and the Reflective Practitioner CE290 Module
Counselling: concepts and skills CE332 Module
Crime, Justice and Prevention CE295 Module
Cultural & Social Awareness in Counselling & Psychotherapy CE270 Module
Curriculum Design and Planning for Inclusivity CE988 Module
Early Childhood in Global Contexts CE340 Module
Education and Training (Teaching Disabled Learners) CE329 Module
Establishing Trust and Building Relationships CE9A8 Module
Ethical and Organisational Issues in Coaching CE963 Module
Ethics and Standards in Coaching CE9B2 Module
Ethics of Helping and the Therapeutic Relationship CE292 Module
Evidence-informed Practice CE341 Module
Food: Critical Perspectives CE334 Module
Foundational Theories for Integrative Practice CE1E8 Module
Foundations of Professional Practice in Career Development Work CE9B4 Module
Health in Society CE352 Module
Human Life-Course Development CE284 Module
IE922:Drama for Creative Learning IE922 Module
IE9H5:Foundation Research Methods in Education IE9H5 Module
Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disability in Early Childhood CE282 Module
Informing the Person Centred Approach 1: Post-Rogerian approaches CE337 Module
Informing the Person Centred Approach 2: Complementary approaches to the Psychotherapeutic relationship CE336 Module
Key Issues in Professional Social Work CE342 Module
Key Issues in Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults CE285 Module
Language and Society ? An Introduction CE279 Module
Leadership in Early Childhood Contexts CE276 Module
Leadership in Educational Settings: Principles and Practice CE321 Module
Legal Policy and Organisational Frameworks CE970 Module
Listening, questioning and direct communication CE9B3 Module
Management of Career and Employability Services in Higher Education CE935 Module
Policy, Welfare and Social Security CE331 Module
Practice Based Inquiry CE989 Module
Practice Related Professional Study CE975 Module
Preparing for Qualified Social Work Practice CE343 Module
Principles of Teaching, Learning and Assessment CE990 Module
Professional Practice in the FE and Skills Sector CE991 Module
Psychotherapy and Counselling Research Dissertation CE9A1 Module
Race, Power and Community CE267 Module
Research Appraisal CE273 Module
Research for Practice CE972 Module
Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy 2 CE346 Module
Research Methodologies in Early Childhood CE277 Module
Research Methods in Social Studies (online) CE992 Module
Researching Qualitatively in the Social Sciences CE312 Module
Researching Self CE1F2 Module
Setting the Therapeutic Relationship CE1F1 Module
Skills B - The Interpersonal Social Worker CE286 Module
Social Work Law B CE287A2 Module
Social Work Law B CE287 Module
Supporting Teachers to Deliver GCSE English CE268 Module
Supporting Teachers to Deliver GCSE Mathematics CE269 Module
Teaching and Learning in Higher Education AP902 Module
Teaching College Based Higher Education CE979 Module
Teaching Disabled Learners CE248 Module
Teaching Functional English CE330 Module
Technology, E-learning and the Web (10 Credit Top Up Version) CE996 Module
The Coaching Process CE9A9 Module
The Practice of Coaching CE962 Module
The Psychotherapeutic Relationship 1: Introduction to Individual Development CE9A2 Module
The Psychotherapeutic Relationship 1: Introduction to Practice CE9A3 Module
The Psychotherapeutic Relationship 1: Introduction to Theory CE9A4 Module
The Psychotherapeutic Relationship 2: Development of Theory, Practice and Individual Development CE9A5 Module
The Psychotherapeutic Relationship 3: Integration of Theory, Practice and Individual Development CE9A6 Module
Theories, Themes and Approaches 2: Self/Other and Working with Difference CE291 Module
Theories, Themes and Approaches 3: Integrating and Applying Theory CE349 Module
Therapeutic Practice 1 CE281 Module
Therapeutic Practice 1 (Year 2) CE271 Module
Therapeutic Practice 2 CE347 Module
Therapeutic Practice 2 (Year 3) CE272 Module
Therapeutic Practice 3 CE348 Module
Therapeutic Practice 3 (Year 4) CE338 Module
Use of self and coaching presence CE9B1 Module
Working Alliance and the Reflective Practitioner CE1E9 Module
Working at Depth and the Reflective Practitioner CE350 Module
Working with Clients to Support Career-related Learning CE9B5 Module
Working with Higher Education Students in Further Education (Certificate) CE929 Module
Working with Mental Health and Different Client Groups CE351 Module
Writing and the Self CE280 Module

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